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Forum: Southwest Continuing Fires/Incidents Posted By: Mod-Obsidian Post Time: 04-25-2017 at 19:20 [...]
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  • R5 Fire Hire Breaking the Law. - Watching behind the scenes I’ve seen Forest Supervisors, with little regard to hiring the most qualified employees to hire women. I have nothing against the hiring of woman or minorities but you CAN NOT bypass qualified candidates (category 1) and go all the way to (category 3) poorly qualified people just to fill your hiring […]
  • Which Online Training - I am applying to wildland firefighting agencies for the summer season for the first time and I am trying to get a jump on the online training. I have started s 130. I am also planning on doing s 110, s 190, and L 180. Is that correct? should I be doing more? Less? Is […]
  • Pump specifications - I am looking for the specifications for a Hale 25FB-842 pump with 18 hp motor. Gallons per minute at what pressure? or where I could find a manual or spec chart? Thanks
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