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  • 05/19/2014
  • AJ
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From the Hotlist Discussion:

2014 CESRS Tone guard change

Hello all,

Just wanted to remind everyone that this year CESRS is RX tone guarded on tone 16.

We ran into a little problem this last week when one rig had already programmed this year and the others had not. Typically not a big deal when we do simplex channels as we do the TX one year and the RX the next, but CESRS being a duplex repeat channel and only programmed that way in the state load we ran into a small issue. In my local load for my agency we have always put in CESRS Direct and repeat because we typically use the direct version when we are in strike team formation instead of the duplex channel in Direct/Talk around. Just makes it easier for the end user.

In the state load its only put in duplex and most users will put it in Talk Around/Direct when traveling in strike team formation. We had intermix state and LG folks traveling with the team as we made our way from Santa Barbara to San Diego that had not been programmed this year and one that had actually that very morning before he got ordered to Santa Barbara.

This made for a bit of confusion since he had been programmed that morning and could not hear the rest of us. He thought there was a programming error at first but then realized that after every time he transmitted he could see the receive light come on and assumed someone was trying to call back.

So we got on our cell phones. We had the unit that had the new programming with the rx tone guard go to monitor mode and he could hear us again. When we got down to San Diego the one that was affected reported it to a comm guy. He came back to me and and said the comm tech said you guys could have just gone to tone 16 in talk around.

I had to break it to the comm guy that the kenwood mobiles have special firmware so that when in talk around/direct mode they grab the rx tone guard and transmit it. Since the rest of the rigs did not have CESRS direct programmed that would not work . Just wanted to throw this out there in case you run into it.

Anytime you think you’re missing radio traffic don’t forget to turn on monitor on your radio. Until everyone is programmed this year remember this little trick for CESRS.


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