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  • 04/04/2014
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I’m surprised that there haven’t been any challenges to the age requirement recently since the court found they couldn’t use it as a reason to not hire vets. Of course that was in a LE case, but they are all connected. I know of three temps that actually hired lawyers in the past and were victorious in getting appointments. Posting on Theysaid will get you sympathy, but not much else.

I lost my fire job at least twice when I was a temp and they went perm. The last time was in 2000 and the next month I worked with a contract crew we brought from New Hampshire that had a crewmember that was 76! Then a week later on the front cover of Wildfire magazine there was a picture of an 82 year old lady on a contract crew!

I was a GS 5 temp. that was a Division sup. a C certifier, a T 1 Burn Boss, but was to old for an appointment. There’s a GS 5 temp that lives in Missoula, MT. that takes a GS 5 temp job in Priest Lake, ID every year so he can fight fire. From the first fire of the year he gets calls from both T1 IMTs and T2 IMTs begging him to take assignments with them. He’s 65 and has 29 years as a temp.

There are two non fire temps on the IPNF that work in trails that have 37 years in and are 65 years old. NFFE sent one of them to speak to Congress about it. Didn’t help.

Back to age requirements, they have never made any sense and are just a way to limit the applicant pool. Hiring is subjective and they are not following the Merit system. If those of you that are being cheated don’t challenge it then it will never change. It doesn’t affect me anymore. I retired.

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