California Fires, and some Washington & Oregon Fires, 2001

Ordered Alphabetically by State & then Chronologically
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Fire Name

Size (acres)


CALIFORNIA - Region 5 - Fed Fire Reports

Klamath National Forest Jones Fire
Jones with photos
1,670 05/09-05/15/01
encroaching on
Klamath National Forest, CA from
Rogue River & Siskiyou NFs, OR
Quartz Fire CA
Quartz Fire OR

6,170 08/11-09/07/01
Klamath National Forest Happy Camp Complex
Swillup, Crawford, Red Hill, Bear Mt. Fires
6,800 09/15-10/07/01
Six Rivers National Forest Bottom Fire
Bottom Fire Photos
250+ 09/17-09/23/01
Mendocino National Forest Trough Fire
Trough Fire Photos
24,970 08/08-08/20/01
Modoc National Forest Modoc Complex
Modoc Complex Photos
5,367 08/08-08/25/01
Modoc National Forest Blue Complex
Blue Complex Photos
37,880 08/09-09/14/01
Shasta-Trinity National Forest (14 mi w of Weaverville) Big Fire 800 06/02-06/06/01
Shasta-Trinity Forest (near Hayfork) Hyampom Fire 1,060 09/05-09/07/01
Lassen National Forest Devil Fire (CDF) with photos 4,460 05/31-06/04/01
Plumas National Forest Stream Fire
Stream Fire Photos
3,654 07/26-08/03/01
Tahoe Nationa1 Forest Rock Creek Fire
Rock Creek Fire Photos
400 05/10-05/14/01
Tahoe Nationa1 Forest Gap Fire
Gap Fire Photos
2,462 08/12-09/12/01
Tahoe National Forest Bear Fire 91 08/26-09/12/01
Tahoe & Eldorado
National Forests
Star Fire
Star Fire Photos
16,465 08/25-09/13/01
Tahoe National Forest Treasure Fire
Treasure Fire Photos
282 09/10-09/13/01
Humboldt-Toiyabe Nat. Forest, NV Martis Fire
Martis Fire Photos
CDF Martis Fire with photos
14,500 06/17-07/10/01
Stanislaus National Forest White Fire 432 08/19-08/21/01
Sierra National Forest Briceburg Fire
Briceburg Fire Photos
728 07/24-08/01/01
Sierra National Forest &
CDF & Madera Co. FD
near Bass Lake CA
North Fork Fire 4,132 <08/21-08/28/01
Inyo National Forest McLaughlin Fire 3,000 07/02-07/04/01
Inyo National Forest Crater Fire 5,600 start?end 08/15/01
Sequoia National Forest Democrat Fire 550 06/27-06/30/01
Sequoia National Forest Highway Fire 4,152 <08/21-08/30/01
Angeles National Forest Shinn Fire 300 06/16-06/21/01
San Bernardino National Forest Hemlock Fire 1074 06/15-06/21/01
San Bernardino NF Canyon Fire 263 06/17-06/21/01
Cleveland National Forest Orosco Fire
jurisdiction may be Cleveland NF
or CDF or County
near Alpine CA
Viejas Fire 10,353 01/03-01/08/01

CALIFORNIA - Region 5 - CDF  Fire Reports

Lassen Co., 36 mi. west of Susanville

Devil Fire with photos 4,460 05/27-06/04/01
Merced Co., Merced Falls Rd. Merced Falls Fire 400 06/13-06/15/01
Amador Co., NE side of Lake Camanche Jackson Fire 2,240 06/13-06/14/01
Mendocino Co., Poonkinney Ridge, 1.5 mi NE of Dos Rios Ridge Fire 610 06/23-06/27/01
Trinity Co., Weaverville Oregon Fire
Oregon Fire Photos
1,680 08/28-08/31/01
Calaveras Co., E of San Andreas Leonard Fire
Leonard Fire Photos
5,167 08/19-08/27/01
Placer Co, S. of Interstate 80 in the Weimar/Colfax area Ponderosa Fire 2,780 08/17-08/22/01
Mariposa Co., Hwy 49, two mi N of Coulterville Creek Fire
Creek Photos
11,095 08/18-08/27/01
Tuolumne-Calaveras Unit, Calaveras Co., 2 mi SW of Hathaway Pines Darby Fire
Darby Fire Photos
14,280 09/05-09/17/01
Butte Unit, Butte Co., 14 mi N of Oroville, Jarbo Gap/Yankee Hill area Poe Fire with photos 8,333 09/06-09/12/01
Butte Unit, Butte Co., 25 mi N of Oroville, along Hwy 70 70 Fire 1,711 10/24-10/29/01

OREGON/WASHINGTON - Region 6 - Fed Fire Reports

Okanogan Area of WA

National Forests?

Virginia Lake Complex
=St. Mary's, Virginia Lake & Goose Lake Fires;
Brewster Cplx =Indian Dan & Gambles Mill;
Tonasket Cplx =Bailey Mtn.
74,109 08/12-08/21/01
Colville National Forest
Republic, WA
Mt. Leona Complex
Mt Leona Fire with photos
6,144 08/23-09/02/01
Coleville National Forest, WA Sleepy Complex with photos
Buckhorn & Sleepy 91 Fires
1,410 08/13-08/28/01
Okanogan National Forest, WA Windy Peak/Long Swamp Complex
Windy Peak Fire Photos
1,000 08/12-08/30/01
Okanogan National Forest, WA Boundary Fire
Boundary Fire Photos
250 start 09/16/01
Okanogan & Wenatchee National Forests, WA ThirtyMile Fire & Libby South Fire with photos 9,300 07/09-07/24/01
Wenatchee National Forest, WA Dog Creek Fire
Dog Creek Photos
540 07/12-07/23/01
Wenatchee National Forest, WA Rex Creek, Glory Fire & 4 others with photos 54,298 08/12-09/30/01
Wenatchee National Forest, WA Icicle Fire
Icicle Complex Photos
7,697 08/12-09/12/01
Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA Salt Creek Complex with photos 402 end 09/25/01
Winema-Freemont National Forest &
Lakeview BLM District
Lakeview, OR
Lakeview Complex with photos
South Warner, Johnson Creek, Big Juniper, Mustang, Horsehead Fires
127,552 08/08-08/17/01
Rogue River & Siskiyou
National Forests, OR
Quartz Fire OR
Quartz Fire CA
6,170 08/11-09/07/01
Mt. Hood National Forest, OR Olallie Complex
17 fires including Power Line &  Olallie/Monan fires
2,719 08/12-09/02/01
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