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Fire Name

Size (acres)




BLM Alaska Fire Service Alaska Fires go to News button  in header    
50 mi E of Fairbanks, AK West Fork Chena Fire
Chena Fire photos
22,092 05/23- 06/10/02
7 mi E of Livengood, AK Milepost 78 Fire
Milepost78 photos
96,284 05/23-06/07/02
15 mi south of McGrath (AK pipeline) Vinasale Fire, Alaska Fire Website 92,000+ 05/22-06/10/02
Kenai Peninsula AK Kenai Lake Fire photos from 2001, escaped Rx burn   06/25/01


Arizona/ New Mexico/ W Texas Region 3, Large Fire Reports Large Fires Statistics
Large Fires Map
Current Fire News
Gila National Forest, AZ Middle Fire 37,600 03/29-04/14/02
Coronado National Forest (near Tucson, AZ) Bullock Fire
Bullock Fire photos
30,563 05/21-06/06/02
White Mt. Apache Tribe & Apache Sitgreaves NF (3 mi N of Cibeque, AZ) Rodeo/ Chediski Fire

more photos
468,638 06/18-07/09/02


  CA South Ops News & Notes    

CDF Fire - San Diego Unit (N of Fallbrook)

Gavilan Fire 5,763 02/10-02/14/02
City of Riverside River Fire photos   4/09/-04/11/02
San Bernardino National Forest Arrowhead Fire Arrowhead photos 2,688 06/01-06/07/02
Los Padres National Forest (Ventura County, 9 mi N of Ojai) Wolf Fire
Wolf Fire photos
21,645 06/01-06/14/02
Angeles National Forest (started in Sangus) Copper Fire
Copper Fire photos
23,407 06/06-06/12/02
CDF Fire - Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit (W of Smartville) Field Fire 945 06/09-06/11/02
Klamath National Forest (near Forks of the Salmon) Fork Fire
Fork Fire photos
1,400 06/09-6/17/02
CDF Fire - Santa Barbaara Unit (6 mi W of Lompoc) Sudden Ranch Fire 7,782 06/15-06/20/02
CDF Fire - San Diego Unit (2 mi N of Thing Valley Rd. / Fred Canyon Rd) Troy Fire 1,188 06/19-06/23/02
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (near Coleville and Walker CA but under the R4 jurisdiction) Cannon Fire
C-130 Memorial Service photos
22,750 06/19-06/25/02
San Bernardino National Forest Blue Cut Fire 7,750 06/16-06/21/02
Inyo National Forest (North of Bishop and South of Toms Place between the small community of Swall Meadow and Hwy 395. Birch Fire 2,500 07/01-07/03/02
California/Nevada state line in South Lake Tahoe Gondola Fire 672 07/03-07/15/02
Modoc National Forest (24 mi N of Alturas) Muldoon Cplx
2388 lightning strikes
covering >117 ac. 07/12-07/18/02
Siskiyou Unit, CDF (3 mi SE of Gazelle) Mussolini Fire 3,260 07/13-07/16/02
Six Rivers National Forest (10 mi S of Happy Camp, just E of Sulpher Springs Campground) Stanza Fire
Stanza Fire photos
if you have trouble with the R5 web, try entering through the photos
Memorial Service
2,880 07/22-08/03/02
Six Rivers National Forest (10 mi E of Gasquet, North of Hwy 199, Del Norte County) Shelly Creek Fire
850 07/28-08/03/02
Monte Vista Unit, CDF (Julien in the hills E of San Diego) Pines Fire  
Pines Fire photos
more photos
61,690 07/29-08/13/02
Yosemite National Park Lightning Caused Fires Restore Health    
Sequoia NF (Tulare Co) near the giant sequoia groves McNally Fire
McNally Fire photos
150,969 07/21-08/28/02
The Sour Biscuit Fire merged with the Florence Fire on 8/7, first called the Florence and now the Biscuit Fire)

1) Siskiyou NF (17 mi SW of Cave Junction, OR)
3) Brookings OR
4) Gold Beach OR

2) Six Rivers NF, Smith River NRA (6 mi E of Smith River CA)
Biscuit Fire
formerly called Florence Fire
Joint Info Center

--Zone 1 East, Lake Selmak OR
--Zone 3 Southwest
--Zone 4 Northwest

--Zone 2 South, Crescent City CA
more photos







contained in CA

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Showers Fire 294 08/19-08/24/02
Angeles National Forest (San Gabriel Mountains near Asuza) Curve Fire
Curve Fire photos
more Curve Fire photos (2 pages)
20,857 09/01-09/12/02
Angeles National Forest Leona Fire 5,124 09/03-09/06/02
Angeles National Forest Quarry Fire 60 09/04-09/05/02
CDF Fire - Shasta-Trinity Unit (just E of Whitmore) Squirrel Fire 575 09/03-09/06/02
Shasta Trinity National Forest (1 mi E of Coffee Creek Trailhead) Coffee Fire 68 09/10-09/13/00
Angeles National Forest (Eastfork Rd 25 mi. N of  Azusa) Williams Fire  News&Notes  maps  photos 37,240 09/22-10/03/02
CDF Fire -Santa Clara Unit (near Morgan Hill, E side of the Santa Cruz coastal mountains) Croy Fire 3,127 09/23-09/29/02
Lassen National Forest (Black's Mtn) Cone Fire
Cone Fire photos
2,006 09/26-09/30/02


  Colorado Wildfires page &
Colorado Fires Archives
Pike-San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron & Comanche National Grasslands (5 mi N of Florissant, CO) Cedar Mountain Fire  140 04/16-04/26/02
Pike/San Isabel National Forests, CO Topaz Mountain Fire
Topaz Mtn photos
350 04/18-04/26/02
Park County & Pike/San Isabel National Forests (3 mi W of Bailey, CO) Snaking Fire
Snaking Fire photos
2,590 04/23-05/02/02
Custer County (3 mi S of Westcliffe CO) CuernoVerde Fire
CuernoVerde Fire photos
388 04/29-05/03/02
Pike/San Isabel National Forests (6 mi SW of Evergreen, CO) Black Mountain Fire
Black Mountain Fire photos
200 05/05-05/10/02
Pike/San Isabel National Forests, Douglas County (2 miles S of Deckers, CO) Schoonover Fire
Schoonover Fire photos
3,860 05/21-05/29/02
Southern Ute Agency BIA (10 mi SW of Durango, CO) Cow Camp
Cow Camp photos
340 05/20-05/24/02
Freemont Co, W of Canon City (12 mi N of Westcliffe CO) Iron Mountain Fire
Iron Mt Fire photos
4,439 06/02/-06/08/02
Spring Fire is 8 mi S of Stonewall
James John Fire is 9 mi SE of Trinidad, CO
Trinidad Complex Trinidad photos 33,000 06/02-06/10/02
Rio Grande National Forest (Monte Vista & Saugauche, CO Rio Grande Complex
Findley, Westfork, Fourmile, Duckfoot, Fruitcake & Coolbroth fires.
Coolbroth Fire photos

Fruitcake Fire photos
195 06/06-06/10/02
Pike/San Isabel National Forests (10 mi W of Denver CO) Hayman Fire
Hayman Fire

Hayman Fire photos
137,760 06/08-07/18/02
Grand Junction BLM (Grand Junction, CO) Miracle Complex
Long Canyon Fire
Dierich Creek Fire
with photos
Long Cyn 1,100
Dierich Cr 300
Miracle 3,951

Garfield Co and White River National Forest (Glenwood Springs, CO) Coal Seam Fire (county)
Coal Seam photos
12,209 06/08-06/20/02
San Juan National Forest (15 mi N of Durango, CO) Missionary Ridge Fire
Missionary Ridge photos
70,485 06/09-07/16/02
Near South Fork, CO Million Fire 9,346 06/19-06/29/02
GrandMesa -Uncoompahgre - Gunnison NF (15 mi S of Norwood, CO) West Beaver Fire  580 06/21-07/03/02
Craig Distr BLM (28 mi NW of Meeker, CO) Pinion Ridge Fire 2,400 06/22-06/30/02
White River National Forest ( 8 mi N of New Castle,  CO) Spring Creek Fire
and photos
13,493 06/22-07/24/02
Dinosaur National Monument (20 mi NE of Dinosaur, CO) Bear Fire 4,800 06/27-07/04/02
GrandMesa -Uncoompahgre - Gunnison NF (10 mi W of Gunnison CO) Stuben Fire 693 07/10-07/17/02
GrandMesa -Uncoompahgre - Gunnison NF (5 mi SW of Norwood, CO) Burn Canyon Fire 31,300 07/09-07/28/02
Routt National Forest (23 mi N of Steamboat Springs) Hinman Fire (see Mt Zirkel Cplx) 1,426
now 9,326
-currently burning
Routt National Forest (40 mi SW of Steamboat Springs) Lost Lakes Fire
wildland fire use
contained at1,650
now 5,184+
- currently burning
Routt National Forest (15 mi SE of Steamboat Springs) Green Creek Fire 4,400 07/14-08/29/02
BIA Ute Mountain Agency (15 mi S of Cortez) East Marble Fire 70,485 07/14-07/24/02
Manti-La Sal National Forest Canyons Complex 9,800 07/14-07/24...
Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest (9 mi SE of Estes Park) Big Elk Fire
more Big Elk Fire
Big Elk photos
4,413 07/17-08/17/02
White River National Forest (34 mi SW of Steamboat Springs) Big Fish Fire
Big Fish photos
wildland fire use
17,056+ 07/19-
very little activity
Mesa Verde National Park (9 mi SE of Cortez) Long Mesa Fire 2,601 07/29-08/09/02
BIA Ute Mountain Agency Cherry Creek Fire 1,335 08/12-08/16/02
San Juan National Forest (4 miles north of Cascade CO) Shaff #2 Fire 556 08/16-08/23/02
Routt National Forest (25 mi N of Steamboat Springs) Mt Zirkel Complex 31,016+ 08/12-
very little activity
18 mi W of Maybell CO Halo Fire 525 08/21-
very little activity


Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Kupukupu Fire 3,660 05/18-06/16/02


List of Salmon Challis National Forest Fires SCNF Fires
Index of SCNF News Releases
Salmon Challis National Forest Horse Fire
Horse Fire photos
300 07/14-07/25/02
Salmon Challis National Forest Roaring Fire
Roaring Fire photos
384 07/20-07/25/02
Salmon Challis National Forest (35 mi NW of Salmon) Cathedral Rock Fire
Cathedral Rock photos
333 08/01-08/08/02
Boise National Forest (NE of Garden Valley) Garden Valley Complex (17 fires) 1,110 07/22-08/10/02
Eastern border of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness (30 mi W of North Fork ID) 
Little Horse Fire
Little Horse photos
4,371+ 08/04-
FCRONR wilderness (36 miles west of Challis ID) Little Soldier Fire
Little Soldier photos
303+ 08/04-
Salmon River Breaks (11 mi E of Riggins ID) Kelly Creek 3,329 08/18-08/28/02


Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (10 mi N of Bridgeville NV) Pan Fire 506 07/12-07/17/02
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
(mi NE of Gabbs)
Ellsworth Fire 4,454 07/13-07/17/02
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (27 mi W of Las Vegas NV) Lost Cabin 4,300 07/14-07/27/02
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest (5 mi N of Walker) Gate Complex Gate, Coleville and Slinkard fires with Gate Complex photos 9,866 07/12-07/20/02


Arizona/ New Mexico/ W Texas Region 3, Large Fire Reports Large Fires Statistics
Large Fires Map
Current Fire News
Cimarron, NM (partially on the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch) Ponil Complex, PNW Team 3
Ponil Complex photos

more photos

92,194 06/02-06/17/02
Carson National Forest and Chama State Forest (E of Canjilon NM) Montoya Fire photos 4,257 06/12-06/17/02
Santa Fe National Forest 
(Roybal is 4 mi NE of Pecos &
Trampas is 8 mi W of Rociada)
Roybal & Trampas Fires
Roybal & Trampas photos
5,666 06/13-06/22/02


Oregon Fire Updates Current Releases
This is now a table with links to all OR fires.
Oregon Dept Forestry Wildland/Urban Interface Fire News    
Klamath Falls Interagency Fire Center Current Fire Info    
Metolius River Canyon (15 mi NE of Camp Sherman) Eyerly Complex 
Eyerly photos
Eyerly & Geneva 2 Fires
23,573 07/08-07/27/02
Fremont National Forest (15 mi W of Lakeview) Grizzly Complex
Grizzly, Bare & Logan fires
also updates
6,050 07/12-07/24/02
Malheur National Forest (25 mi S of Prairie City OR)

Malheur National Forest (9 mi SW of Unity OR)
Flagtail/Malheur Complex
Malheur photos
PNW Team3 Archive

Monument Fire (see also Malheur)

historical with photos

combined Flagtail-Monument -Malheur
Klamath Lake Dist, OR Dept of Forestry (10 mi NW of Paisley)
Fremont National Forest (30 mi NW of Paisley)
Fremont National Forest (8 mi SW of Silver Lake)
Winter, Toolbox & Silver Fires with photos

120,085 07/12-08/02/02
Ochoco NF (near Daville OR) 747 Fire with photos -- also
photos from the team
16,856 07/18-08/01/02
Winema NF (7 mi N of Sprague River & 18 mi E of Chiloquin) Skunk Fire with photos 2,544 07/25-08/06/02
11 mi NW of Sisters, OR, 2 mi S of Suttle Lake Cache Mountain Fire   4,200 07/23-08/05/02
Umpqua NF (30 mi E of Canyonville and 25 mi E of Glide) Tiller Complex & N. Umpqua Complex (8 large & many small fires) with photos
Tiller Fire Cplx & Apple Fire




The Sour Biscuit Fire merged with the Florence Fire on 8/7, first called the Florence and now the Biscuit Fire)

1) Siskiyou NF (17 mi SW of Cave Junction, OR)
3) Brookings OR
4) Gold Beach OR

2) Six Rivers NF, Smith River NRA (6 mi E of Smith River CA)
Biscuit Fire
formerly called Florence Fire
Joint Info Center

--Zone 1 East, Lake Selmak OR
--Zone 3 Southwest
--Zone 4 Northwest

--Zone 2 South, Crescent City CA
more photos







contained in CA

Mt Hood National Forest OR Bowl Fire
Bowl Fire photos
339 09/21-09/30/02


Outskirts of Deadwood (SD DoF) Grizzly Gulch Fire 10,771 06/29-07/07
Standing Rock Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs (Outskirts of Shields, ND) Kraft Fire 35,100 06/29-07/04


Utah Fire Management Website Current Fire Info
Daily Sit Report 
Utah Burning Bits More BLM Fire Info (News & Notes)    
UT Black Canyon Fire photos ? 7/02
UT Johnson Fire photos (great flames) ? 7/02
7 mi north of Zion National Park Big Wash Fire 5,250 05/05-06/14/02
Dixie National Forest (NE of Panguitch, UT) Sanford Fire 
(wildland fire use)
64,000  06/17-06/30/02
BLM & Uinta and Ouray Ute Tribe (20 mi NE of Green River UT) Black Canyon Fire 3,810+ 06/20-07/10/02?
Uinta & Grand Counties (20 mi NE of Green River UT) Rattle Complex (from CIIMT 1)
Rattle Fire photos
75,019 06/20-07/31/02
35 mi S of Evanston WY East Fork Fire 14,208 06/28-07/17/02
BLM Moab Field Office (5 mi S of Eastland) Horse Fire 300 07/14-07/24/02
BLM Cedar City Field Office Maple Springs Fire 2,460 07/13-07/16/02
Wasatch-Cache National Forest (on the Twin Peaks above Salt Lake City) West Twin Peaks Fire 190 07/13-07/19/02
Manti-LaSal National Forest Hang Dog Fire 500 07/14-07/15/02
Dixie National Forest (26 mi SW of Cedar City) Sequoia Fire (Internet Explorer)
Sequoia Fire Update
Sequoia Fire map
8,182 07/14-08/06/02
Upper Snake River District, Southern Idaho Area BLM Horse Butte Fire
Horse Butte Fire map
10,455 08/04-08/06/02
Payette National Forest King Hill Fire
King Hill Fire map
658 08/04-08/07/02


Okanogan National Forest (7 mi W of Chelan WA) Deer Point Fire
Deer Point photos
42,674 07/15-
very little activity
Okanogan National Forest (Pasayten Wilderness Area, NW of Winthrop) Quartz Mountain Complex fire use
Quartz Mountain photos
4,922 08/17-


  Bridger Teton NF Fire Info Divide, Woody, Mule Fires    
  Grand Teton National Park Press Releases    
Medicine Bow-Routt NF
Thunder Basin Nat. Grassland 
(20 mi NW Wheatland, WY)
Hensel Fire
Hensel Fire photos
14,630 06/07-07/08
(30 mi W Wheatland, WY) Reese Mountain

Reese Mountain photos
19,334 06/29-07/10/02
28 miles north of Gillette & 30 mi
NE of Buffalo WY (Casper Field Office, BLM)
Daley Complex
Daley Draw, Pownell, Watt and Hart Fires
Daley Fire photos
24,000 06/29-07/09/02
Big Horn NF (15 mi W of Sheridan WY) She Bear Mountain Fire 147 06/30-07/11/02
Wind River Agency, BIA (10 mi W of Fort Washakie WY) South Fork II Fire 15,000 06/30-07/12/02
Yellowstone National Park (20 mi SE of Mammoth WY) Broad Fire
(wildland fire use)
info on the NPS Yellowstone Fires
9,140 06/27-07/28/02
Black Hills National Forest (23 mi N of Sundance WY) Beaver Dam Complex
Beaver Dam, Harding & Stoney Point fires
261 07/09-07/16/02
Bridger Teton National Forest (12 mi W of Daniel) Mule Fire
Mule Fire photos (at bottom right)
3,930 07/12-07/25/02
Yellowstone National Park (25 mi SSE of Lake Junction) Phlox Fire (wildland fire use)
Yellowstone Fires
Info & Maps
3,600 08/10-08/28/02
rainfall ended it
Shoshone National Forest, (15 mi S of Lander on the Washakie Ranger District) Pass Creek Fire 13,433 08/24-09/04/02
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