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Fire Name

Size (acres)



BLM Alaska Fire Service Alaska Fires go to News button in header
Situation Report with Fire Notes pdf scroll to bottom


Arizona/ New Mexico/ W Texas Region 3, Large Fire Reports Current Fire News
News and Notes
Large Fires Stats
Large Fires Map
AZ/NM/TX Fires

Gila National Forest Fires

17 mi SE of Sonoita, AZ A-Bar Fire Photos 487 5/12-5/16/03
10 mi S of Sonoita & 5 mi E of Patagonia, AZ Redrock Fire Photos 2,763 5/15-5/18/03
14 miles SE of Sonoita, AZ Cimarron Fire Photos 191 5/28-5/29/03
Grand Canyon National Park, Powell Plateau on the North Rim Powell Fire Use
including photos
3,100 6/15-8/20/03
N of Cherry AZ Cherry Fire Photos
Map (pdf format)
926 6/17-6/21/03
Santa Catalina Mountains (20 miles north of Tucson AZ) Aspen Fire
Maps and photos
More Photos
More Aspen 
84,750 6/17-7/15/03
Tonto National Forest (N of Roosevelt Lake AZ) Picture Fire
Map link on the website
12,529 6/17- 6/26/03
Saguaro National Park (near Tucson AZ) Helen's 2 Fire
Maps on the website.
More Helen 2
3,498 6/17-6/30/03
1/2 mi E of Taos Pueblo in the Blue Lake Wilderness area & moved into the Pueblo Grant Area. Encebado
press releases, photos & map
5,382 7/4-7/16/03
Fort Apache Agency, BIA (3 mi W of Whiteriver, AZ) Kinishba Fire  
more Kinishba
with AT slideshow
White Mt Online
Fire Photos
24,714 7/14-7/22/03
Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim Poplar Complex 
& photos2
Poplar &
Corral Fires




Southern CA Fire Information CA South Ops
Current Fire News
National Park Service Fire News including fires managed for Fire Use NPS Fire News  
Yosemite National Park near El Portal, also on the Stanislaus NF Woodlot Fire
with photos
458 7/8-7/11/03
Kern Co., South of Fort Tejon, CA Tejon 1,155 6/29-7/1/03
Coyote Canyon at the Riverside/San Diego County line

live cam at camp, every 2 min
18,705 7/16-7/23/03
Yosemite National Park near Tioga Road Duncan Complex (Whiskey Fire) Fire Use 955 7/19-10/19
Hwy 58 and Huer Huero Road/5 miles est of Santa Margarita
Parkhill 1,200 7/20-7/22/03
Del Puerto Canyon Road/MP 16
Del Puerto 5,909 7/20-7/24/03
Chilcoot Area between Independence Lake and Stampede reservoir north of Truckee CA Chilcoot Lightning Complex & Mart Fire
5,693 7/20-7/23/03
Stanislaus NF, 5 miles SE of Bear Valley, CA  Mud Complex


32 Miles NE of Susanville
Smoke Complex
8,010 7/21-7/28/03
Sequoia NF, Thompson Canyon area and near Walker Basin, near Lake Isabella Basin Fire 1,002 7/23-7/28/03
Riverside, 5 mi W of San Jacinto Canyon 4,300 7/25-7/29/03
Modoc National Forest - 8 miles South of Tulelake California (Doublehead Ranger District) Ackley  9,960 7/26-7/31/03
NW corner of Yosemite National Park, CA Kibbie Complex with a few photos 6,300 7/26-10/12/03
Stanislaus NF, Groveland RD Merced Fire 30 7/28-8/2/03
SW section of Kings Canyon National Park near Comanche Meadow Williams Fire 
Fire Use
3,079 7/28-10/23/03
Inyo National Forest Wildland Fire Use Fires & photos
including the Summit Fire
SE portion of Sequoia National Park and adjoining lands on Sequoia NF and Inyo NF West Kern Fire
Fire Use
7,840 8/23-10/23/03
Stanislaus NF, 
Pine Valley, Chain Lakes, and Lily Creek area
Mountain Complex

Sequoia NF Wildland Fire Use Fires 
including the Cooney Fire
Mt. Diablo Range between Gilroy and Brentwood, CDF Santa Clara Complex
including Devil & Annie
30,170 8/25-9/3/03
southwestern section of Sequoia National Park Homer's Nose 2 205 9/3-9/23/03
Mendocino NF, 15 mi NE of Potter Valley CA Smokehouse Complex (many lightning fires)
1,210 9/3-9/10/03
Mendocino NF, Covelo Ranger District Covelo Complex (many lightning fires) 240 9/3-9/12/03
East Half Mendocino NF Grindstone Complex
photos (many lightning fires)
8,019 9/3-9/24/03
San Bernardino NF, 3.5 mi S of Lake Arrowhead Bridge Fire 
1,352 9/5-9/10/03
Sierra NF, Cargyle Creek Drainage near 77 Corral within the Ansel Adams Wilderness on the Bass Lake Ranger District Cargyle Complex


King Range, Humboldt Co CA; 14 mi N, 15 mi W of Garberville
Canoe is near the communities of Salmon Creek & Myers Flat; Honeydew is near the town of Shelter Cove
Canoe Fire & Honeydew Fire



24,882 total

southwestern section of Sequoia National Park (CA) Paradise 2 Fire 1,186 9/27-10/22/03
Mendocino NF, W of Alder Springs Spanish Fire
6,050 9/28-10/5/03
San Gabriel Mountains - San Bernardino NF Lytle Fire 903 10/1-10/3/03
Yosemite National Park Tuolumne, 
Snow, and 
Starr Lake Fires
Los Padres NF, 25 mi NW of Cuyama Gillam Fire 460 10/16-10/18/03
Los Padres NF, 8 mi N of Lake Cachuma Happy Canyon Rd at Delaguerra Springs Happy Fire 287 10/24-10/25/03
San Bernardino NF, near Fontana, Claremont & Rancho Cucamonga Grand Prix Fire

CDF Grand Prix

Fire Column photo


Initial Attack photos

59,448 10/21-11/8/03
Los Angeles Co, Claremont, LA Co/Angeles National Forest Boundary Padua Fire working to protect Mt Baldy Village 10,446 10/21-10/31/03
Camp Pendleton / Fallbrook, San Diego Co. Roblar 2 Fire 8,592 10/21-10/28/03
Los Padres NF, W of Lake Piru, Ventura County Piru Fire


63,991 10/23-11/15/03
Los Padres NF, 8 mi N of Lake Cachuma Happy Canyon Rd at Delaguerra Springs Happy Fire 287 10/24-10/25/03
Los Angeles Co, 4 mi W of Santa Clarita, ValVerde community and Oil fields are threatened Verdale Fire (N of Hwy 126) 8,680 10/24-10/28/03
Ventura Co, 5 mi N of Simi Valley, also near Moorpark (this incident was split off from the Verdale Fire) Simi Incident (S of Hwy 126)

National Park Service Simi Fire website

107,568 10/25-11/1/03
San Bernardino NF, N end of the city of San Bernardino, began at Old Waterman Canyon Rd and Hwy 18; threatening many mountain communities Old Fire

Rim of the World
with current map & info on homes
91,281 10/25-11/5/03
Cleveland NF, San Diego Co, Cedar Creek & Boulder Creek Rds. Cedar Fire

Cedar Fire site (CDF)

Photos of the fire seige at Scripps Ranch

more Photos

Map of the Cedar Fire

280,278 10/25-11/5/03
RRU - CDF, Riverside Co, 13 mi NE of Temecula, Sage Area Mountain Fire 10,331 10/26-10/29/03
MVU - CDF, San Diego Co, Mine Canyon Rd., Otay Mtn Otay Fire 45,971 10/26-10/28/03
MVU - CDF, San Diego Co, Valley Center Paradise Fire

Paradise Fire Map in same frame as Cedar Fire

56,700 10/26-11/6/03


Colorado Wildfires Page from '02 Colorado Wildfires  
34 miles north of Grand Junction, CO and/or 17 miles NW of De Beque, CO Brush Mountain &
Carr Fires
S ridgetops in Mesa Verde National Park & Ute Mountain, Ute Indian Reservation. Balcony House Complex 
Moccasin, White, Balcony, & Park Fires
2,750 7/15-8/2/03
Columbine Ranger District (NE of Vallecito Reservoir, just inside the Weminuche Wilderness boundary) Bear Creek Fire 1,869
fire use


Idaho Panhandle fire info Northern Rockies Incident Information

Large Fire Summary 

List of Salmon Challis National Forest Fires SCNF Fires with fire picture page
Idaho Fire Maps Page Fire Maps  
Fires on the Salmon Challis NF more Fire Maps  
Boise Interagency Dispatch Center Boise Dispatch  
Clearwater/Nez Perce NF, 35 mi E of Grangeville ID, Meadow Creek drainage Slims 14,473 7/7-9/9/03
Bitterroot NF
34 mi S of Hamilton, MT, and 32 mi N of Salmon, ID
Black Frog Complex

Blackwall Fire
Frog Pond

photos of various fires
more photos 

7,000 7/12-8/6/03
Salmon Challis National Forest, 30 mi SE of Salmon, ID  Tobias Fire 13,845 7/14-7/22/03
18 mi NW of Stanley, ID Crystal Creek  1,319 7/20-8/4/03
20 mi W of North Fork, ID Cramer (photos, also of the Tobias & Blackwall) 5,614 7/20-8/2/03
Boise NF, 8 miles west of Atlanta, ID Hot Creek &
other fire photos


more photos
26,560 7/21-8/23/03
E of McCammon ID, runs along Hwy 30 to the E Harkness not current, not avail 
photos: Fire 17 page
4,500 7/21-7/23/03
On Sal Mountain seven mi S, and within sight, of Salmon, ID;
Falconberry Airstrip, 25 mi NW of Challis ID, in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness
Withington Fire & Falconberry Fire (became part of Middlefork Cplx) 10,500
Powell, ID, 41 mi SW of LoLo MT (Clearwater & Nez Perce NF) Clear/Nez Perce Fire Use Cplx & Cayuse Cplx 10,533


Montana fire info Northern Rockies Incident Information

Large Fire Summary
Fire Sites Gallatin NF Active Fire Site  
Northwest Area Fire Command Flathead NF & Glacier NP with links to Idaho Panhandle, Kootenai & Lewis & Clark NFs
Northwest MT Fires Flathead NF Fire Updates and photos
(scroll to bottom)
Gallatin National Forest and Yellowstone National Park, MT Bakers Hole Fire with photo of it burning into '88 Yellowstone Fire 506 7/5-7/11/03
Flathead NF, 47 mi SE of Kalispell, MT Little Salmon Creek Complex
44,385 fire use & suppression 7/16-9/15/03
Glacier National Park, W Flattop Mountain MT, 45 mi NE of Kalispell, MT Trapper Creek Complex  (old)

Incident Stats and Summary (new)
Wolf Gun & Paul Bunyan Fires (old)
with photos

70,406 7/16-9/18/03
Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF, in SW MT, 30 miles NW of Dillon MT Hidden Lake
Fire photos
more photos

Additional news
3,500 7/18-8/3/03
Flathead NF, 20 mi E of Eureka MT Wedge Canyon (old) & map
Incident Stats and Summary (new)


53,315 7/18-9/13/03
42 mi N of Columbia Falls MT & 6 mi S of international border Wedge Complex


53,315 7/18-9/13/03
Bitterroot NF, 4 mi NW of Victor, MT Big Creek 1,339 7/19-7/27/03
burning into Glacier National Park MT Robert
57,570 7/23-9/17/03
Robert Complex
8 mi N of Columbus Falls MT

Trapper Creek Complex
45 mi NE of Kalispell MT
Robert Complex
photos & video
camp tour
includes Trapper Ck Complex 
more photos of Tr Cr

more photos

photos of Robert Fire from Glacier NP

quicktime videos of Robert and Trapper Ck Fires from Glacier NP





Lolo NF, near Thompson Falls MT Cherry Creek with photos 4,088 8/4-9/17/03
near Powell ID, 25 mi SW Missoula MT (Clearwater & Nez Perce NF) Beaver Lakes Complex

Beaver Lakes, Hopeful 2, Wendover, Bear's Oil Fires

24,577 8/8-9/9/03
Lolo NF, 9 mi W of Missoula MT Black Mountain 2 7,061 8/8-9/14/03
Lolo NF, 25 mi NE of Missoula MT Boles Meadow 4,468 8/8-8/24/03
Southwest Land Office Montana DNRC, 11 mi E of Florence MT Cooney Ridge Complex  25,680 8/8-9/14/03
Gallatin National Forest, northern boundary of the Absaroka - Beartooth Wilderness, at the head of the Mission Creek Drainage Rough Draw Complex
Rough Draw
Slippery Rock Speculator #1
Speculator #2
2,148 8/9-9/6/03
Lolo NF, 35 mi W of Missoula MT Fish Creek Complex 39,956 8/9-9/18/03
Flathead NF, 8 mi S of Condon MT Crazy Horse 
more photos

more photos

11,300 8/10-9/12/03
Custer NF, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, 10 miles SW of Nye MT Cathedral Ridge Complex 
Cathedral Peak, Oliver Gulch & Saderbalm

Cathedral Ridge Complex

more fire info

3,000 8/13-9/1/03
Helena NF, 15 mi NE of Lincoln Lincoln Complex including photos
Moose-Wasson Fire
Snow-Talon Fire
Lewis and Clark NF, Bob Marshall Wilderness High Fire photos 120 8/15-8/28/03
15 mi SE of West Glacier, MT Rampage Complex 24,488 8/19-9/12/03
19 mi E of Kalispell MT Blackfoot Lake Complex includes
Ball Creek Fire
Beta Lake-Doris Fires, Blackfoot Lake and others
29,836 8/20-9/20/03
19 miles and 25 miles NE of Missoula, MT, Lolo NF Mineral-Primm Complex

Boles Meadow Fire





Arizona/ New Mexico/ W Texas Region 3, Large Fire Reports Current Fire News
News and Notes
Large Fires Stats
Large Fires Map


Oregon Fire Updates Fire Info Summary
Morning Briefing
Large Fires Map
info on current fires including stats on the Fire Info Summary page
12 mi W of La Pine, OR Davis
Photos, Maps
21,181 6/28-7/6/03
13 mi NW of Winthrop WA, Okanogan and Wenatchee NFs  Fawn Peak includes
Farewell Creek, Sweetgrass, & Fawn Peak Fires 
81,495 6/29-8/20/03
Mt Jefferson Wilderness, 7 mi E of Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR Bear Lake with photos 20 6/15-7/5/03
5 mi SE of Mapleton, OR Sulpher not current, not avail 650 6/28-7/4/03
20 miles NW of Sisters on Hwy 20/126 southwest of Suttle Lake Link not current, not avail
Maps & Photos
3,574 7/5-7/13/03
10 mi NE of Lowell, OR Clark
more with photos
4,964 7/13-8/2/03
4 miles S of Bend City Limits 18 Fire 3,809 7/23-7/26/03
5 mi due N of Mt. Vernon, OR Jenkins Cabin not current, not avail 772 7/12-7/17/03
8 miles E of Mitchell, 19 miles SW of Spray Frog Hollow 752 7/28-8/2/03
Toketee-Lomolo Lake on the Umpqua NF (10 mi N of Diamond Lake) Kelsay 1,204 7/27-8/2/03
14 mi W of Sisters OR B&B Complex

Booth & Bear Butte Fires

Anderson's Team historical B&B site

Martin's team historical B&B site 

90,769 8/19-9/22/03
15 mi NE of Tonasket WA Wilcox Fire
440 8/21-8/28/03
Alpine Lakes Wilderness, 5 mi S of Steven Pass, 20 air mi W of Leavenworth. Square Lake Fire


1,097 8/25-9/16/03


North Dakota fire info Northern Rockies Incident Information Large Fire Summary   


16 mi SE of Newcastle, WY Red Point 
17,000+ 7/21-


Utah Fire Management Website Current Fire Info  
Utah BLM Fire BLM Fire Info  
20 mi SW of Hanksville UT Lonesome Beaver
map ( pdf)
4,522 5/30-7/14/03
in the Lakeside Mts, W of the Great Salt Lake Sheep 1,200 6/12-6/15/03
57 mi S of Ft. Duchesne Anna Laura Springs 240 6/16-6/18/03
18 mi W of Price, UT, near Scofield Reservoir Fin Canyon 100 6/28-7/3/03
10 mi W of St. George UT Apex 29,933 6/28-7/4/03
Dark Canyon Wilderness Area (25 mi W of Blanding, UT) Woodenshoe
map ( pdf)
2,710 6/28-7/16/03
S of UM Creek, 15 mi N of Loa, UT South Marvine
map (pdf)
326 7/2-7/13/03
14 mi N of Ticaboo UT Bulldog
photos & map
31,738 7/8-7/31/03
Farmington, UT Farmington
photos there
1,935 7/10-7/25/03
W Side of Lake MTN Jacob Ranch
map ( pdf)
126 7/12-7/14/03
10 mi E of Pineview State Rd 9, near Ogden UT Causey/Evergreen
map ( pdf)
486 7/14-7/16/03
North end of city of Centerville, UT Centerville 500 7/29-8/3/03
25 mi N of Green River, UT
Joe Hatch 250 7/19-8/2/03
Zion National Park, Kolob Canyons area Timbertop see photo
Mesa Tops
Fire Use
30 mi W of Spanish Fork, UT Black Rock 501 7/25-7/29/03
NE of Delta, UT Wellman 897  7/28-7/30/03
Zion National Park, near Telephone Canyon in the center of the park Telephone Canyon 2 76 10/10-


Washington Fire Updates Current Fire Summary
Morning Briefing
Large Fires Map
Large or significant fires in current fire summary
20 mi N of Winthrop WA Fawn Peak/Sweet Grass and Farewell Creek
81,227 6/29-8/12/03
10 mi E of Omak on SR155 Timberline not current, not avail 168 6/30-7/2/03
4 mi E of Oroville WA, 3 mi S of Canadian border 9 Mile not current, not avail 1,500 6/30-7/4/03
Coleville Reservation (7 miles S of Johnny George Mtn.) Rattlesnake Canyon
Photos & More
10,600 7/4-7/13/03
1 mi E of confluence of Columbia & Spokane Rivers (35 mi NW of Spokane WA) Paddle not current, not avail 1,324 7/5-7/9/03
10 mi W of Yakima, WA Middle Fork not current, not avail 2,100 7/11-7/17/03
4 miles SW of Cheney, WA Watts Road not current, not avail 1,064 7/20-7/24/03
1.5 miles North of Keller, WA McGinnis Flats 2,245 7/18-7/29/03
Okanogan & Wenatchee NFs, 12 mi NW of Winthrop, WA near the town of Mazama, Methow Valley RD Needles Fire

photos 1 
photos 2
& many more

21,300 8/5-10/16/03
Okanogan & Wenatchee NFs, West side of the remote Chiwawa River drainage, located 19 mi from Lake Wenatchee and 45 mi NW of the city of Leavenworth. Maple Fire


2,300 8/5-10/17/03
Okanogan & Wenatchee NFs, 11 mi SW of Leavenworth and 23 mi W of Wenatchee, in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. Crystal Creek

photos 1 & photos 2

1,584 9/24-10/17/03
Okanogan & Wenatchee NFs, 7 mi NW of Conconully WA Isabel Fire


4,535 9/7-10/14/03


Bridger-Teton NF Fire Updates Bridger Teton NF Fire Info  
Bridger-Teton National Forest (10 mi E of Aspen, WY) East Table with photos 3,595 7/12-7/23/03
Shoshone NF Deep Lake with photos, also
photo index page
6,886 7/16-7/28/03
Yellowstone National Park, near Amethyst Mt & Specimen Ridge Amethyst 315 7/15-7/28/03
5 mi SW of Story, WY and/or 20 mi S of Sheridan, WY Ditch Creek with photos 370 7/21-7/31/03
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