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Southern California WILDFIRES, 2005
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Fire Name

Size (acres)


55 mi E of San Diego - W of Morena Village, Cleveland NF SoCal Team 3 (Garwood) Skye Fire

live picture -hpwren

SignOnSanDiego article

230 acres
100% contained
W of Tecate, N & S of the US-Mexico border in San Diego Co.; MVU CDF Rick Henson's Type 1 CDF Team 8 Border #50 Fire 4,100
3100-USA 1000-Mex
100% contained
San Timoteo Canyon Road at Fishermans Retreat, Riverside County; CDF RRU James Cook, IC Woodhouse Fire

Riverside Co.

San Bernardino Sun

100% contained
Wildwood Canyon area above Burbank (City of Burbank/ Glendale/ Los Angeles) Burbank FD (Pansini), Glendale FD (Howard),  Los Angeles (Austin) Harvard Fire (Burbank Fire)

San Bernardino Sun;
ABC 7 article

1,094 acres,
100% contained
Cochera Via Rd., Dulzura, burning along international border, CDF San Diego Unit Zombro, Kelly, ICs Border #48 Fire 265 acres,
100% contained
Northeast of Moreno Valley, CDF Riverside Unit/ Riverside Co Fire Riverside Co Fire San Timoteo Fire
& photos
Riverside Co
1,160 acres, 100% contained 9/28-9/30/05
2-3 mi N of Mill Creek Ranger Station, near Yucaipa, San Bernardino NF SoCal Team 2 (Kerr) Thurman Fire 935 acres,
100% contained
Chatsworth area (border of LA and Ventura Counties) Incident continues under unified command with LACoFD IMT-3 (Bryant), CDF ICT-7 (Heil), VNC (Nestor), LAFD (Rueda) and NPS (Kaage). Topanga Fire

perimeter map (You can use google maps to zoom in for specific street names. We'd like a mapper that combines the two.)

Smoke column from space

24,175 acres,
100% contained
W of Julian, San Diego County, CDF San Diego Unit Kerrigan, IC Volcan Fire 685 acres, 100% contained 9/6-9/13/05
San Bernardino NF, North Palm Springs
Steep Hillside above Palm Springs
  Blaisdell Fire 5,493  acres, 100% contained


CDF Tehama-Glenn Unit,  CDF Tehama-Glenn Unit CDF Team #1 Manton Fire 1,830  acres, 100% contained

1,272  firefighters

Tahoe National Forest, 2 miles NE of Sierraville Pincha-Tulley's CIIMT 3 Harding Fire 2,270 acres, 100% contained

785  firefighters

CDF Tehama-Glenn Unit, 9 mi E of Platina CDF Team #4 36 Fire 2,876 acres, 100% contained

965  firefighters

CDF Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit, 2 mi E of Coursegold CDF Team #8 Quartz Fire 550 acres, 100% contained

780 firefighters

CDF/Orange County Fire, 1 mi N of Yorba Linda CDF Team  #10 Yorba Linda Fire 1,078 acres, 100% contained

 533 firefighters

CDF Riverside Unit/Riverside County Fire, Soboba at Lake Park, San Jacinto CDF Team  #8 Soboba Fire 2,080  acres, 100% contained

778 firefighters

CDF Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit, Rumsey Canyon CDF Team #5 Rumsey Fire 39,138  acres,
100% contained

rekindled in 10/06

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