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Airtanker 1: Close air support near Gardnerville, NV.

Airtanker 2: Close-up at the Chester Tanker Base on the Lassen NF.

Airtanker 3: Details unknown.

C130A: Snagged this from an aircraft web site. It's for sale.

Guest 8: The tanker is on the Buck Fire in 9-98. Courtesy of Terry N.

Guest 10: A photo of the Martin-Mars water dropper from Canada, dropping on the Jordan Ck fire near Marblemont Washington, Aug, 1998. 7,400 gallons of water with each drop, if foam is added then it can cover 4 acres of ground with 4 inches of foam in one drop. Noname.

G 19-21: A Thrush 600 SEAT under contract with the State of South Dakota. Max capacity 400 gals, normal load is 300-350 gals. Sender Unknown.

Slurry 1: Shot of an C-130 making a drop on the Harris Canyon fire east of Ogden, Utah in August 1999. Photo credit to Steve Rutter, Wasatch District Fire Warden.

B17: Taken outside of Carefree, Arizona in July, 1979. We were doing an inital attack while it was 117 degrees, which was less than fun. Photo credit to Tim Foley.

P2V AT: Taken at the BLM helibase at Grand Junction when I was on light duty because of pneumonia and assigned as helibase manager in 1996. Photo credit: Tim Foley.

PBY 1 & 2: Both of these were taken in Alaska in 1981, and show a PBY Catalina working a fire in support of the Kenai Hotshots. Photo Credit: Tim Foley.

PBY-3: PBY dropping on the Lyle Fire, summer of 99 near Goldendale WA. Photo credit to WP.

S2 Drop: S2 making a drop on a local fire...around 81-82 I believe. Photo credit Jim. G.

T14 Drop: DC-4, T-14 dropping some mud north of San Bernardino this past summer. Pilot -- Marc Osman. Photo taken by Angie.

SEAT: SEAT Air Tractor 802 dropping in brush on a fire in North Central Texas. "Boo".

AirTankers 2

AirTanker: Air tanker leaving Hemet-Ryan Air Attack Base on the Riverside Ranger Unit. Courtesy of Engineer Emmett.

Wolfskill: Tanker 71 out of Ryan Air Attack Base in Hemet, reloading for the Wolfskill Fire in the Summer of 97. Courtesy of Firefighter Ben.

Gibble Fire: Tanker 00 making a drop on the Gibble Fire in Hemet CA. in the Riverside R.U. Courtesy of Ben.

HFire: Photo taken by of DeeAnn.

Martin Mars 1-3: Martin Mars dropping on a fire in CA. Complements of Jim W.

Martin Mars 4 This pic of the Martin-Mars is just to give you some perspective of how big that thing is. I was privileged to fly up to Sprout Lake where it is based, a few years ago and take a tour. Climbed out on the wing. Courtesy of WP.

Command Fire Bomber 1, 2 & 3: 24 Command Fire from end of June, 2000. We had as many as 9 AT in sky with Air Boss and 2 leads I think. It was a busy 4 days. Amazing fire behavior, some saying nothing like it before in fire growth. 20 miles in 90 minutes, it was off the chart of App B in FLHB. I figured 1000+ chains per hour, 1173 feet per minute. Photos from: DC Zimm, Captain with the Hanford Fire Department which is operated by DynCorp Tri-Cities Services, Inc. for the U.S. Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office.

Superscooper: A CL-415 Superscooper from CL-415 Captain Al Hymers, Ontario, Canada.

Golden Tanker: I took the tanker pic Aug 2, 00 while on the Golden Complex in Coleville CA. MC.

FL AT 1-3: These three photos were taken on Red Grange Fire, Polk County Florida, April 2001. Photos by CPW.

Scooper: CIIMT 4 in Canada, being shown the Scooper, 1998. Photo by Marie.

Moccasin Mt: Tanker 25 is a P-3 on the Moccasin Mt fire, Piute Indian Reservation, Northern Arizona. July 2000. Photos taken by Earl L, UT Fireguy.

Pine Hollow: Tanker 151 is a DC-4 at the Pine Hollow fire, Grand Staircase National Monument, Southern Utah, 2000. Photos taken by Earl L, UT Fireguy.

Cable Mt: Tanker 130 is a C-130 on the Cable Mountain fire, Zion National Park Southern Utah, 2000. Photos taken by Earl L, UT Fireguy.

AirTankers 3

Pine Fire: Pine fire on the Modoc NF, 1999. Tanker 25 making an intentional low drop to avoid a nearby creek. All personnel had been notified and a dry run was made first. Photo compliments of rfc.

SD Seat: This is a pix of a OAS-contract SEAT making a drop at a recent fire dept training in South Dakota. That hydraulic gate makes all the difference in the world in delivering an effective pattern with a smaller plane. Photo compliments of Jim "Hurricane".

IL-76 1 & 2: The IL-76 is a huge Russian air tanker that is used elsewhere in the world, but not in the US. For more info and photos go to Photos sent in by Jose.

Neptune: I have attached a photo of Neptune Aviations P2V aircraft T-10 in this years ('01) paint scheme that I took at the Albuquerque Air Tanker Base in May. Photo taken by CMH.

KC-97: I took this air tanker photo last week at the Hawkins & Powers facility at the Greybull, WY airport. I don't know what kind of airplane it is, but I bet someone reading They Said does. Hawkins & Powers has an amazing number of old aircraft sitting around at Greybull, including a lot of C-119's. They still use one C-119 for hauling equipment; but as you may know, the tails used to have an annoying habit of falling off during flight over a fire. Theysaid readers subsequently identified the plane as a KC-97. Some more info from readers: First poster - H & P has one on contract in Alaska. It will hold 3500 gallons and has a lot of doors (16?). It operates in the lower 48 occasionally. Second poster - This is a C-97 "Strato-Freighter" built by Boeing. They were later converted into an air to air refueling tanker and called the KC-97. Photo taken by Bill G.

C-119-J: This is a C-119-J airtanker located at McCall. Photo taken by JE.

A-26: This is a is an A-26 located at London, KY. Photo taken by JE.

PB4Y2: This is a is a PB4Y2 located at McCall. Photo taken by JE.

Johnson Creek 1-3: On August 11, 2001, there was a wind driven fire event on the Johnson Creek Fire of the Lakeview Complex (OR) that threatened the home and outbuildings on the J-Spear Ranch. These photos that shows an air retardant drop in support of structure protection were taken by Mike Matarrese, Branch Director of Stutler's PNW Team 3 and other members.

PB4Ys: These two PB4Ys are at Grand Junction AZ. Photo taken by Jim.

LA County: Taken Oct 12, 2001 LA County near Santa Clarita. This brush fire grew to 3000+ acres (so far), roaring up rugged canyons during a Santa Anna wind event. Many homes were evacuated. Photo sent in by DV.
Another poster sent this info in from the AAP (air tanker pilots' site). When asked which tanker it was, Barry said "I'm guessing T-127. I think that's the only one with that modified nose section HP operates."

C-130 & DC-7: Ab sez, these two air tanker photos were sent in from Germany by Michael Popp. We hope he writes in with more info on where and when these were taken. The mystery was solved when we received this from Barbara at NIFC: Just for the record -- the two photos in Air Tanker 3 photo page labeled Germany 1 and Germany 2 are photos taken by BLM staff photographers. AirTanker 67 is an old photo of a civilian C-130; the DC-7 photo is also many years old. We have the originals here at NIFC. Thanks, Barbara, Ab has relabeled these C-130 & DC-7.

Walton Fire 1 & 2: Here's a couple photos of interest from the Walton Fire on the Powell RD on the Clearwater NF in Idaho in late August 2001. Photos contributed by SM.

Virginia Lake Fire: AT on the Virginia Lake Fire in Washington, summer 2001. Photo taken by Mike Patti, Deputy State Fire Marshall.

Air Tanker 130: Cross roads fire, May 1999, Coronado National Forest, near Sonoita, AZ. Tanker 130 from Libby Tanker Base. According to the pilot of Tanker 130, this aircraft was the first C130 air tanker converted. Photo taken by USFS FEO. This plane went down on 06/17/02 while fighting the Cannon Fire near Walker CA. For more info. see the first description on AirTanker 4 below.

AirTankers 4

T-130 Lost: T-130 crashed on the Cannon Fire on the Humboldt Toiyabee National Forest near Walker CA on 6/17/02. Steve Wass, Craig LaBare, and Mike Davis died. We will miss them. The NTSB had not come up with a finalized report by 02/03, but went public with a preliminary probable cause of metal fatigue in the central wing box lower skin. The report said that the T6 metal planks are brittle, having small fractures like those that develop when a paperclip is bent back an forth. Age and/or use is hypothesized as creating them. The C-130s (and the PB4Ys) have been permanently grounded. KOLO-TV, a Reno NV television station captured the crash on videotape. This photo is courtesy of FOX News. Contact them for a larger version of the picture. See links below for investigation information.

In Memory of T-130: On June 17, 2002 air tanker T-130 crashed while working on the Cannon fire in Walker CA. (Hawkins and Powers C-130 Herc, #130). Captain Steve Wass, right seat Craig LaBare, and engineer Mike Davis lost their lives fighting the fire. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families and friends. These were wonderful men, and we will all miss them. Contributions to the Association of Airtanker Pilots fund can help their families. Associated Airtanker Pilots, Memorial Fund, Newhart Bookkeeping, 711 D, Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448, 707-433-4866.

The NTSB is investigating this C130 accident.
NTSB investigation update, 09/24/2002
Accident information from the NTSB, 06/17/2002
Air Tanker C-130A wing separation in 2000 (France)
Air Tanker C-130A wing separation in 1994 (USA)

T130 Memorial -Minden: Minden, NV at the Heritage Park off of HWY 395. For more info see the Wildland Firefighters Memorials Sites page. Photo contributed by LLB.

T130 Memorial -Walker: Walker, CA, right off of HWY 395 near the crash site. For more info see the Wildland Firefighters Memorials Sites page. Photo contributed by LLB.

PBY: Coming at you! Location was NE WA, the Klondike Fire near Republic. It's called shoot and run! Still got wet if I remember correctly. Photographer: J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Chelan AT: A different kind of AirTanker photo, taken at a fire Chelan Dist, Wenatchee NF, summer of 2000. Photo sent in by DF.

Burns AT 1 & 2: Ab here are two AirTanker photos, Tanker 62, I think. Also Summer of 2000. Photo sent in by DF.

Firecat 21: Fire Cat drop. Sent in by Micha Popp from Germany.

ARDCO & 121: Found these I took in Yellowstone. Two air tankers were at staged at West Yellowstone and Helo was assigned to Park Helitack while I was there. ARDCO may look familiar I think they came out of Northern California... Hickman.

Hercules 78: C-130 drop 2. Sent in by Micha Popp from Germany. Likely that these are BLM photographs and the originals are at NIFC. Ab.

P3 Drop 1 and P3 Drop 2: P3 Retardant drop 1 & 2.

Canada C1215T: Fighting fire in Spain with a Canadian Super Scooper. Sent in by Juan Carlos Gómez Vidal.

Winters Flat Fire: From the Winters Flat Fire GJD BLM in May 2000. Compliments of CS.

Blade, Neptunes: Here are several "slurry" fighter/bomber bomber aircraft taken at Jeffco Airport Broomfield, CO on 6/21/02. You can put these on your website if you want. Very nice website by the way! These photos go out to the proud men and women who risk it all to save life. God bless all! Photos compliments of Scott Bello.

AirTankers 5

PB4Y2 T123: T123 was an ait tanker that broke up and was lost July 18, 2002 when flying on the Big Elk Fire on the Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest near Estes Park, Colorado. This photo was taken by Scott Bello at Jeffco Airport Broomfield, CO on 6/21/02.

T-123 Lost: A very small version of the graphic photo that appeared on the evening news on 7/18/02. Rick Schwartz and Milt Stollak died in the crash. The NTSB determined that T-123's wing failure resulted from fatigue cracks in the left wing forward spar, lower spar cap assembly, ie, its wing-to-fuselage attachment point along the lower left spar cap. This is an area not usually inspected. Fatigue and/or flying too many cycles is thought to be the cause. The PB4Ys (and C-130s) have been permanently grounded. This photo was sent in by BS who does not own the copyright, hence we're only posting the very small version. If anyone knows the media contact for the larger version, please let us know so we know where to direct inquiries.

The NTSB is investigating this P4Y-2 accident.
NTSB investigation update, 09/24/2002
Accident information from the NTSB, 07/18/2002

PB4Y2 T121, Maintenance 1 & 2, T-27, and Spotter: Here are several more "slurry" fighter/bomber  aircraft and a spotter plane taken at Jeffco Airport Broomfield, CO on 6/21/02. The PB4Y2 is a World War II vintage aircraft that carries a 2000 gallon payload of retardant and is operated by Hawkins & Powers, Greybull, WY. For more ATs from Jeffco, see the AT 4 photo page. Photos compliments of Scott Bello.

Eau 215: Bonjour, that was in Athens 2000. My English is not too good because I am French Canadian, Quebec part. Photo taken by Pierre Hamel.

Ovr Wing: Also Athens 2000. Photo taken by Pierre Hamel from Quebec.

Colorado AT: COMT says "This was sent to me from Bill Jannisch. I think the air tanker drop was taken in CO, June, 2002." Note: One viewer thinks this photo was taken on the Iron Mountain Fire, in Colorado around the same time by Helen Richardson of the Denver Post.

At Minden, T-14, T-14 Again, Minden Fire Base, PB4Y T-126 and T-126 Again: Topaz Lake Fire Minden Fire Base, Nevada. Photos compliments of Bob Kausen.

Ab has to say that the T-14 photo label has made for some lively communication behind the board with some in the AT community. It originally came in as a DC6 and then a reader from the UK said it was a DC4.  Ab changed it. Then we got this message from Natalie: Your picture of T-14 is labeled as a DC-4 , when in fact it is an Aerounion P-3. More laughing back-and-forth e-mails... Natalie replied: Yeah...We're laughin', too! I guarantee you it's a P-3, you can tell by the fact that it's a 4-engine type 1 air tanker and it sports the Aerounion paint job. If ya want to be sure check out Good luck with your labeling :-) Natalie

More, will it ever end?:  From John Gillingham, "I'm absolutely sure that T-14 is not a P-3, and quite sure that it is a DC-4. The color scheme is irrelevant - the important points are the four radial engines, single nosewheel, v-shaped windscreen, rounded nose (a DC-6 has a more pointed nose, although it is otherwise very similar) and that distinctive tail."

And finally from the AT message board (11/16/03) , from Jeff  who said, "T-14 is a DC-4. I had the pleasure to tour it many times when it was based out of San Bernardino. In fact, a few seasons ago, I worked for 14's copilot, so I am 100 percent positive that it's a 4. Does look great with the new paint job, though. That's it."

Also from the AT message board, from Airtankerdude: Tanker 14 started life with the USAAF in 1945 as a C-54E. It was transferred to the Navy in April of 1945 as an R5D-4R. It was redesignated in 1962 as a C-54R, still in the Navy. It went to the Boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB and was purchased by Aero Union in 1975. It has been a Tanker for over 28 years. It was never a DC-4. The Forest Service classes T14 as a Class II tanker. Hope this puts things in the proper perspective.

Just to add to the debate: The aircraft is a DC-4/C-54 as shown by the following; 4 x piston engines eg round engines the P-3 has 4 allison turboprops. Compare it with T-27 just above to the left which is a P-3. Fantastic site. I'm a volunteer firefighter in South Australia and aviation junkie. Don

Ab note: Apparently planes that are alike can have different designations depending on where they go when coming off the production line, ie, if they're sold to the military or sold for commercial use. Thus, as I understand it, the Military C-54E and the R5D-4R are almost the same plane as the Commercial DC-10. And T-14 is essentially a DC-10 although perhaps not "technically" since it began its life as a military plane. Someone on the AT board suggested the pilots are type rated for a DC-10.

T-14 New Paint: I was at Stead today and shot this nice one of T-14. Photo taken by Clark Cook.

T-123 and T-123 Airborne: Here are two 123 shots I took while filming Bullock 2002 and 1998 Florida fires.  Photo Copyright David Hartman of Sky Legends Video.

T-123 Memorial Photos: I found these pictures of PB4Y-2T-123 and thought you would like to add them to your other photos of Air Tankers and list them as In Memory of PB4Y-2T-123 as you did with the C-130A T-130. Jerry, an Air Tanker Buff.

AirTankers 6

T-126 at Minden, PB4Y T-126: Topaz Lake Fire Minden Fire Base, Nevada. Photos compliments of Bob Kausen.

PBY 1 through 5: These photos are from Marcia Shorter, a recreational boater on Roosevelt Lake who was in the right place at the right time. PBY is a belly-scoop air tanker on contract with the Washington State DNR. J.Foster, Highlands 26.

Neptune P2V: Neptune Aviation T-10 at Kalispell, MT. Photo compliments of Craig Happ.

by Leo Jarzomb: This photo, entitled "Retardant Drop", of T-16 was taken during the Curve Fire (on the Angeles National Forest, 9/1-10/7/02; 20,857 acres) by Leo Jarzomb, San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group who undoubtedly holds the copyright. You must contact him before using this photo for training or otherwise. (, 800-788-7578 ext 2121 or SVG News Group, 1210 Azusa Canyon Rd, West Covina CA 91790). Ab.

Mike Lynn, the AirTanker Lead Plane pilot for Tanker 16 had this to say: "It was a very safe drop and it was also an effective drop. The retardant you see coming out didn't hit the ground for another 200 feet past the hair pin curve that the fire fighters were on. You have to see the whole picture of the area to understand the true story. There was very steep terrain involved here. After the tanker passed this area, the terrain drops off very steep. The photo just doesn't give justice to the distance from the edge of the cliff and the terrain that we were working. I was the lead on the drop. It was safe and effective. Other wise it wouldn't have been done. Mike..." Contributed by NV Dispatcher.

Fish Lake Dive & Fish Lake Drop: AirTanker dropping on the Fish Lake Fire. Photos by J Foster Highlands 26.

Ramona Practice: This photo is from my Dad in So. Cal. It's a Test drop at Ramona Airport! Photo compliments of Jerry S.

Wolf AT: The Wolf Fire burned in June 2002. It was located 10 mi north of Ojai CA. Photo compliments of LB and the guys on the LP National Forest.

Cottonwood: T-458 dropping on the Cottonwood...Idaho..2002. Photo compliments of William Harrison.

Iron Mountain: This photo of the Iron Mountain Fire 2002 was taken from the reload base, Pueblo, Co. Photo compliments of William Harrison.

SEAT: T-458...SEAT 3 on the Cottonwood...2002. Photo compliments of William Harrison.

T-22 Drop: Photo taken by Ben Croft / U.S.F.S.- M.T.D.C.

Martin Mars Fillup: Martin Mars filling up from Lake Isabella, 2000, King Soloman Fire IIRC. Photo compliments of FedFire. For other photos of Martin Mars, see the Airtankers 2 photo page.

Martin Mars Bomber: The Martin Mars is a Type 1 tanker, carries 7200 gallons, flies at 165 mph and has 26 doors. Photo compliments of CL-415 Captain Al Hymers, Ontario, Canada.

Superscooper 1: The The Canadair 415 is also known as the Superscooper. See Air Tankers 7 photo descriptions below for detailed information. Photos compliments of CL-415 Captain Al Hymers, Ontario, Canada.

AirTankers 7

Superscooper 2: The The Canadair 415 is also known as the Superscooper. Made by Bombardier (Canada) this amphibious aircraft first flew in 1993. The water tanks can be filled on the ground or in flight while skimming over the water surface via two hydraulically operated scoops. For a photo of a Superscooper releasing its load, check the Airtankers 2 photo page. (Note: the Superscooper has 2 engines and carries 1,621 gallons while the Martin Mars pictured on the Airtankers 6 page has 4, is substantially larger and carries more payload.) Photos compliments of CL-415 Captain Al Hymers, Ontario, Canada.

Yerington NV Drop: Photo compliments of David V.

Hayman AT:
This photo was taken on June 21, 2002 at the Hayman Fire. Photo sent in by J.

Pines Fire AT: CDF Tanker 72, taken during the Pines Fire Julian Ca, Aug 2002. Photo compliments of DP.

Leroux: Here's one from the Leroux fire near Flagstaff, Arizona in June 2001. Photo compliments of Bum Pup.

Ortega Fire '89: I took this on the Ortega Fire in 1989 while unloading the D-8K for the USFS on US 79 West, above Elsinore CA. Photo compliments of Linker.

DC-3:Taken March 26th, 2003 at Jeffco Airport (KBJC). From what the guys working on it told me , it was here for some repair to the prop governor. You may also notice some snow in the far off distance at the bottom left hand corner of the picture. That was snow from the March Blizzard of '03 that hit Denver from March 17th - 21st. Photo compliments of Rob Willson.

Tanker 22 (P-3): Taken on April 27th, 2002 at Jeffco Airport (KBJC). While normally this aircraft would be parked at the Forest Service's Jeffco Air Tanker Base, it was on this day parked on the Airport's terminal ramp. The tanker crews occasionally park them there if the aircraft needs minor maintenance or as overflow parking when the Forest Service ramp is full. That is the main Terminal building behind the aircraft and the Air Traffic Control tower beyond that. Photo compliments of Rob Willson.

Tanker 126 (PB4Y-4): Was also taken on April 27th, 2002 at Jeffco Airport (KBJC). This aircraft was parked on the Forest Service's Jeffco Air Tanker Base ramp area. Behind the aircraft is the Flatirons (the bare rock formations jutting out of the mountain) which are located just above Boulder, CO. Photo compliments of Rob Willson.

Encebado Fire AT: Some very slick air show work going on over the Encebado Fire right now…7/9/03. Photo compliments of Nerd on the Fireline.

Harkness AT: Picture from Harkness Fire, south of Mccammon ID, 7/21/2003 4,500 acres. Lost two houses but saved many more. Photo compliments of SG. For several more fine Harkenss interface wildfire photos see Fire 17.

Lead Plane & AT: This picture is a lead plane and tanker from the East Table Fire on the Bridger-Teton NF in July 13, 2003. The planes came in low, real low, could almost see the whites on the pilot's eyes. Photo compliments of Radar.

Ardco T-151: Took this photo at Fox Field ATB, Lancaster CA. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

CDF T-73: CDF S-2T T-73 at Fox Field ATB, Lancaster CA. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

Neptune at Fox: Neptune Aviation T-11 at Fox Field ATB, Lancaster CA. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

Hemet Tower: Here is a shot of the tower at Hemet ATB, CA. 17 Aug 2003. Tower is designated as a National Historic Site and will stay at Hemet when the ATB ops moves to March ARB in another couple of years. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

OV-10: OV-10 based at Ramona ATB, CA. Photo taken on 17 Aug 2003. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

T-11: Neptune Aviation T-11 on alert at San Bernardino Air Tanker Base, CA. T-11 has been mobile this season, spending time at SBD and at Fox Field in Lancaster. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

Canada AT & Canada AT 2: Osoyoos Fire, British Columbia, Canada. Here are some shots of some suppression action a few weeks ago (mid-August, 2003) on a fire just north of our common border. Photo compliments of Ian Smith.

AirTankers 8

Canada Martin Mars:  Osoyoos Fire, Canada. Another shot of some suppression action in mid-August, 2003 on a fire just north of our common border. Photo compliments of Ian Smith.

Turtle Mt: These pictures were taken by a truckdriver for Litehouse Salad Dressing from Sandpoint Idaho Fire at the Crowsnest Pass - Alberta, Canada. Right by Hwy 3 where we drive thru to Lethbridge & Calgary. Sammi Clarification?

Water Bomber 1-3: See above. Photos compliments of a ?truck driver? and Sammi. Sammi, we need some clarification on these. Thanks, Ab.

T-22 Refuel, McCall & T-23 Refuel, McCall: Photos compliments of Fire Momma.

AT802 Fireboss, Fireboss in Spain & CL215: Here's picture of  beautiful Air Tanker AT802 Fireboss. There's one Fireboss - Tanker 82 - working in Revelstoke, BC (CYRV) this season ('03). Reports are "it's doing a hell of a good job in the mountains." There's another working a lot in Spain. It's a "very good tool". Photo compliments of Jorge Gómez.

T-71: CDF S-2T T-71 at its home base of Ramona Air Tanker Base, CA in August 2003. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

T-151: Ardco T-151 waiting for a mission at Fox Field Air Tanker Base, Lancaster CA
in July 2003. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

Red Point Fire ATs, 1, 2, & 3: Here are some photos of Air tankers on the Red Point Fire in South Dakota, July 2003. Photos compliments of JB. More on Fire 18 and 19 and Helicopters 12.

T-25 at Minden: On September 2, 2003. It's sitting there waiting for a call. You'll notice the covers on the windows. Photo compliments of Ron Santi.

T-20 & Crop Drop: These photos were taken on a fire just east of Red Bluff on Highway 36. The fire went to around 35 acres. Tanker 20 is dropping on spot fires that were inaccessible. Here is a side view of tanker 20. His base is Redding Tanker Base at Redding Airport. Photos by Andrew H.

T-65 at Minden and T-65: T-65 is a DC-4. Photos taken on 8/16/03 by Ron Santi.

AirTankers 9

Command AT: Taken on the 24 Command Fire from end of June, 2000. We had as many as 9 AT in sky with Air Boss and 2 leads I think. It was a busy 4 days. Amazing fire behavior, some saying nothing like it before in fire growth. 20 miles in 90 minutes, it was off the chart of App B in FLHB. I figured 1000+ chains per hour, 1173 feet per minute. Photos from: DC Zimm, Captain with the Hanford Fire Department which is operated by DynCorp Tri-Cities Services, Inc. for the U.S. Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office. Ab got this with other photos from Zimm displayed on the Airtankers 2 photo page, but just learned how to enhance the dark original.

Burns AT Approach & Burns AT Away: Taken on a fire near Burns OR in summer 2000. Photos compliments of DF.

T-139 at Minden: T-139 is a P2V. Photos taken on 8/16/03 by Ron Santi.

Hash Rock AT Drop: Photo sent in by DF.

T-25: Waiting to take off at Minden. 9-22-03. The photographer is Ron Santi.

T-09: Neptune Aviation T-09 at San Bernardino Air Tanker Base. Sept 2003. The photographer is Craig M. Happ.

T-07 and T-07 Reloading: Neptune Aviation T-07 reloading for another sortie at San Bernardino ATB, Sept 2003. The photographer is Craig M. Happ.

T-72 and T-72 Idling at Pit: CDF T-72 idling while reloading at the pit, San Bernardino ATB, CA 
Sept 2003. The photographer is Craig M. Happ.

T-152: T-152 and T-162 at end of a busy day. San Bernardino Air Tanker Base, CA. Sept 2003. The photographer is Craig M. Happ.

T-16: Aero Union T-16 reloading at San Bernardino ATB, CA , Sept 2003. The photographer is Craig M. Happ.

T-151: Ardco T-151 cranking up at Fox ATB to depart for Cedar City ATB, 28 Sept 2003. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

T-66: T66 came into Minden today Sept 27th, 2003 for a load. Photo compliments of Ron Santi.

T-55: Minden Air T-55 on duty at San Bernardino ATB, 27 Sept 2003. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

T-99: Minden Air T-99 on alert at San Bernardino ATB, CA 27 Sept 2003. Photo compliments of Craig M. Happ.

T-99 on Ashfire: I am so sorry to hear about T-99 crashing and the loss of life. This photo appeared in the online edition of the Sierra Vista Herald and I liked it so much that I saved it all summer...T-99 flying over the Ash Fire (Huachuca Mts., AZ). The tanker successfully protected the shrine of Our Lady of the Sierras and several homes on the hillside. Photo sent in by Lorena.

CDF at Ramona & Ramona Drop:  These photos were automatically taken by a motion detection camera at Ramona. Photos sent in by Hans-Werner Braun. More can be viewed at

T-20 on Olinda: Tanker 20 dropping on the Olinda Fire. Photo by Andrew H.

AirTankers 10

T-20 on Olinda Head: Tanker 20 dropping on the head of the Olinda Fire. The fire had about a 20mph north wind on it, and a rapid rate of spread. Photo by Andrew H.

Portugal AT 1 & 2: Photos compliments of Antonio José Pina. Visit his fire department at

Electra: The Electra picture is from 1998. It was actually a BC aircraft that came over to help on a north-western Alberta wildfire when one of our own airtankers went unserviceable. What a day, one of my first wildfires and I was in a perfect position to watch both some aggressive fire behaviour and a good airshow. Photo compliments of Grant Foster, Forest Officer, Forest Protection Division, Woodlands Wildfire Management Area. That's Alberta, Canada.

Withington: AT on the Withington Fire. Photos contributed by Jill A.

T-22 at West Yellowstone Jumper Base: Column of Rathbone Fire, Gallatin NF in the background. Photo compliments of Todd Meeker.

T-119 Dropping on Lime: T-119 dropping on Lime Fire 8/16/03, Payette NF. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

T-44 at Cedar City: T-44 at Cedar City Interagency Air Center. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

T-10 at Missoula: Neptune T-10 at Missoula Aerial Fire Depot. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

T-119 Dropping on Lime: T-119 dropping on Lime Fire 8/16/03, Payette NF. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

T-26 at McCall: T-26 at McCall Tanker Base. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

Minden Memorial Drop pictures: These are pictures of T48 dropping today (4/2/04) in memory of the Tanker 99 crew, Carl Dohlbeare and John Attardo, at Minden ATB. Pictures by my wonderful and resourceful uncle Joe Wizner (a retired aircraft mechanic) of Gardnerville NV. Thanks so much to Minden Air and Gordo for doing this!!!! NMAirBear.

Guys Behind the Scenes: The other end of the equation. Photo taken at the Ramon Air Tanker Base during the Pines Fire. Photo compliments of Al Clarkson.

T-67 dropping on Copper Fire: 06/07/02. Photo compliments of Union IHC.

Pike Bay Tandem: This was taken in April or May 2002. Tandem CL 215s operation dipping into Pike Bay near Cass Lake MN. The photo was taken by Monte Draper of the Bemidji Pioneer who gave his permission to post it. Photo sent in by Keven.

S.E.A.T. 468: S.E.A.T. 468 After refilling in St.George, UT. 8/02. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

Air Attack: 9 Alpha Bravo - Air-Attack Mc Call, Idaho. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

AirTankers 11

T-23 Two Views: T-23, Cedar City. Photos compliments of Brian Arvish.

T-130: Air Tanker 130 Cedar City (Ab. F.Y.I., photo taken 2 weeks before mishap.) T-130 was dispatched from Cedar City to Cannon Fire. Photo compliments of Brian Arvish.

Wolf Creek AT: This is from the Wolf Creek Fire in Alaska, NE of Fairbanks. July 18, 2004. Dropping a retardant line prior to a large burnout ops. Burnout was a success. Photo compliments of Jim, New Jersey Forest Fire Service.

Supertanker: Passed along to me by a crop duster buddy. Photo sent in by MTMOG.

Last Large ATs? No: These photos were taken just before the FS cancelled the 33 large air tankers on May 10, 2004. There was some speculation at the time that they might be the last large air tankers to fly under a federal contract. Photos sent in by AT Dispatcher.

262: Photo sent in by Firepup91 who says, "I don't know where this pic comes from or who took it, somehow I got it, and hopefully, someone can step up and claim it..." One viewer wrote in that it's a Bombardier CL-215. T-262 -- a CWN from Aero-Flite Inc in AZ. It was in CA last fall ('03). If anyone knows the photographer, please let us know so we can give credit. Ab.

Early Fire AT: The Early Fire located 16 miles east of Groveland, CA (STF) began on 8/9/04. It was one of the first fires to be described on the new Hot List page. Photo compliments of BN.

Elk Heights AT & Elk Heights "Red": Air Tankers dropping on the Elk Heights Fire, near Thorp, Washington, 7/31/04. Photos compliments of Zimm.

Main Street of Chicken AK (with plane): The Chicken Fire was named after this town and readers wanted to know what the town looked like. Photo compliments of the Original RR, a BLM fire guy.

T26 after Waterfall Fire: Tanker 26 at Minden with a day off after working the Waterfall Fire (NV). Photo compliments of Ron S.

Tanker 48 for Andrew, T22, T23 Landing Minden, T25 for Andrew Fire, T89, T100: T-48 ready at Minden (NV) for the Andrew Fire. Tanker 22 waiting for a load at Minden for Andrew. Tanker 23 landing at Minden for Andrew. Tanker 25 coming into Minden for load for the Andrew Fire. CDF Tanker 89 helping on the Andrew Fire coming into Minden. CDF Tanker 100 helping out on Andrew. Photos compliments of Ron S.

AirTankers 12

Lots of ATs Ready: At Minden for the Andrew Fire, 08/26/04. Tanker 21, 22, 23, 25 all on hold second day of Andrew Fire
Even the Air attacks are on the ground. Photo compliments of Chlionron.

CDF Fire: A pic of AA430 at the Fresno Air Attack Base on 7/21/04. Photo compliments of Captain Emmett.

T21 on Wildcat Fire: T-21 dropping on Wildcat Fire in the Jarbidge NV 8/6-8/12/04. Photo compliments of Ryan H.

T462 on Silver Bow Fire: T-462 dropping water on the Silver Bow Fire near TPH (25 mi E of Tonopah NV) 7/20-7/23/04. Photo compliments of Ryan H.

AT on railroad fire: T89 out of Grass Valley California Late June '04, i believe, could have been early july. The fire was a small fire one of several started by a east bound Union Pacific freight train in Auburn, California. Photo compliments of Dave.

Skyship: This heavy air tanker is lining up a final for structure protection drop on the Eagle Rock Fire, WA DNR Highlands District. Smoke from the fire is curling in on both north and south edges of photo. Photo compliments of  J. Foster Fanning, Highlands 26.

Elk Heights AT 27 & Elk Heights Fire Red: Slurry drop at Elk Heights fire in Eastern Washington to support structure protection by Kitsap Interagency Wildland Team engines under state mobilization and WA-DNR hand crews. Photos compliments of  Edward A. Wright.

CDF AT on Bear: This is Tanker 94 dropping on the Bear Fire. He is trying to protect houses at the top of the hill, as spot fires pop up in the town of Jones Valley. Photo by Andrew H.

CDF T-91 on French: This is a picture of Tanker 91 trying to hold the left flank, and prevent the fire from jumping Highway 299 west. Because of the rough terrain and lack of ground forces, airtankers were all but useless. The town was down in a canyon and smoke made it impossible for airtankers to be used for structure protection. Photo by Andrew H.

FireBoss at Base in Spain & Working: Here are a couple of Fireboss pictures from Spain. First is a picture of the two Firebosses at the base and the second is "working hard". Photos compliments of Jorge Gómez.

CDF T-71 Side and T-71 Again: Photos compliments of Craig Happ.

T-27 on Left Hand Fire: From the Left Hand fire in Boulder Co. September of 2004. Photos compliments of vt-cowboy.

Neptune 1 & 2: Here are several "slurry" fighter/bomber bomber aircraft taken at Jeffco Airport Broomfield, CO on 6/21/02. You can put these on your website if you want. Very nice website by the way! These photos go out to the proud men and women who risk it all to save life. God bless all! Photos compliments of Scott Bello.

Minden Test AT & Test AT Tail Logo: Taken at Minden '04. Photos compliments of Ron.

T-12 at Minden: On 6-25-05. In support of the "Badger" fire in Carson City. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

Tankers 12 and 44: Tanker 12 was at Minden Sat. June 25th. Tanker 44 came to Minden to help with the Badger Fire east of Carson City. You can see the smoke in the back ground. Photos compliments of Ron Santi.

T-23 & T-23 Close: At Minden on 6-22-05. She was there in support of the "Badger" fire in Carson City. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

AirTankers 13

Lead-88 and T-21: "Lead" plane banking left and "Bomber" banking right after another successful run. Lead Plane and T-21 N921AU (Aero Union Lockheed P-3A) dropping on the Waterfall Fire in Carson City NV. July 21, 2004. Photo compliments of Mike Evans. Discussion between Killer, A/C Dispatcher and KCP (on theysaid 7/27-7/28/04) and rcair on 10/18 who provided crew names: "Great shot of Jan Reifenberg in the P3. Other crew of Tanker 21 is Jim Lesley and Dan Dawson. The Lead Plane (FS King Air) with T-21 in the Waterfall picture is Lead 8-8 with Rick Gicla."

Waterfall Fire T-21, T-22, T-26 and SEAT Series: Here are 15 more photos of the same aircraft. T-21 and Lead 8-8,  and some of more of T-21, T-22, T-26 and 2 SEAT photos. July 21, 2004. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

Minden Air Test AT: Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

AirTankers 14

T-20, T-20 at Minden: Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

Big and Little: Big Bomber--Little Bomber. T-26 at Minden. Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

T-23 at Minden: Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

Sisters: T-23 & T-21 at Minden during "Fred" fire. Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

T-21: During Waterfall Fire, compliments of Mike Evans.

Air Tanker F7F: This photo was taken at the Ukiah Air Attack Base in Ukiah California in Aug.1972 and I think the pilot's name was Harry Chaffy and operated by Sis Q Flying Service. Thanks Leroy Zwicky for the photo.

From FedFire, "according to the Warbird Registry, the Grumman F7F Tigercat flown as N6177C Tanker 31 crashed in 1974. The registry has is a color photo and more information. History: S.V. Flying Service, Montague, CA, 1963; Registered as N6177C; Sis-Q Flying Service, Montague/Santa Rosa, CA, 1963-1974; Flew as tanker #E31; Crashed and destroyed, Ukiah, CA, Sept. 31, 1974.

Lead 88: LEAD 88 during "Waterfall" Fire. Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

T-21: During Fred Fire, compliments of Mike Evans.

Lead 88 Again: On the Waterfall Fire. Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

"Spotter", N975AA, N17DL: Here's 3 of the spotter aircraft resting at Minden, (KMEV) after the "Waterfall" Fire. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

SEAT & SEAT again: SEATS at Minden (KMEV) during the "Andrew" fire. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

Bridge, Oasis, Alamos: Air tankers on the respective fires. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows.

AirTankers 15

S-2, S-2 Again, S-2 Drop: Photos compliments of Mike Meadows.

AT on ValVerde, DC-4 on Simi Fire,C130 Drop on Simi, C130 Drop: Browns drop= DC-4 on Simi Fire, etc. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows.

Air Attack: Photos compliments of Mike Meadows.

AT on Williams Fire, Williams Brush: Photos compliments of Mike Meadows.

Alaska AT: This is one of a number of images I shot while fighting some of Alaska's wildfires in 2004 - the biggest fire season in the state's history. Photo compliments of Mike McMillan - Alaska Smokejumper, For more of Mike's Smokejumper and fire images, go to Smokejumper 2 and Fire 26 photo pages.

MAFFS Series:  MAFFS or the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System is a self-contained reusable 3000-gallon aerial fluid dispersal system that allows Lockheed C-130 cargo/utility aircraft to be converted to wildland firefighting air tankers. MAFFS use is a joint program with the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and the U.S. Forest Service.

JW says, These photos were taken by an Air Force photographer (making them public domain) while I was out at Hill AFB in Utah with MAFFS doing initial attack in summer 2004. #1 L-R Smokey Helper Houston Sim (Wasatch-Cache FS), Smokey, and loadmaster Kevin Driscoll of the 302nd Air Lift Wing in the rear of MAFFS 2 (Smokey, Allison Fairbourne, Wasatch-Cache NF) #2 MAFFS 2. #3 This photo shows the tubes at the back more clearly. #4 This next one is very posed, but I still like it. Greg, the lead plane pilot, is just one of the nicest people you can hope to meet. Smokey (Smokey, Allison Fairbourne, Wasatch-Cache NF) and USDA Forest Service lead plane N146Z and pilot Greg McDonald. Photos sent in by JW.

T26 at Minden: I'm so sad about the loss of T26. I knew Brain from Minden. Two years ago he flew T25 out of Minden. This picture of T26 is from last summer ('04). It came into Minden to fight the Andrew fire south of Reno. Photo compliments of Ron S.

AT Drop in Alaska & Low Drop in AK: Photos compliments of Sean L.

CDF T95 & T95 Closer: T-95 at Redding. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

AirTankers 16

Bray Fire '90, 2 pics: Ed Hollenshead's Team stopped this fire on my doorstep in 1990, the Bray Fire. Photos compliments of Old Sawyer.

AT and Engines, T-26 Memorial: Pictures taken at the T-26 memorial today at Aero Union in Chico. The Navy also had a P-3 present. Photos compliments of John E. ('05)

Fallen T- 26: I just found this photo I took on 8/24/04 at CDC........In loving memory. Photos compliments of Ryan Hales.

De Yellowknife: Photo compliments of Claude St-Pierre, Canada.

New Jet AT:  First British Aerospace BAE-146 Regional Jetliner acquired by Minden Air, of Minden, Nevada, for conversion to Air Attack role. Silver State News Service visited on February 4, 2005, as the conversion work began on the former Air Wisconsin N606AW. Photo sent in by RA.

AT & Engine and Secret Fire AT 2: Kingman E-261 & AT dropping on the Secret Fire in Arizona. Photo compliments of Dan H.

T44 & T-12 - from Ron: At Minden; Tanker 44 came to Minden to help with the Badger fire east of Carson City
You can see the smoke in the background. Photos compliments of Ron Santi.

T-12 at Minden -Mike, T12 Nose, T12 Nose Design: A T12 frenzy!!! Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

T23 & T23 Nose: T-12 at Minden on 6-25-05. Close up of T-12 as she departs Minden. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

Mason Gulch AT: AT on the Mason Fire near Wetmore, Colorado. As of 10 July 2005, the fire is moving south and more evacuations are being ordered. Heavy airtankers are using Pueblo Memorial Airport as a base of operations. The airport is about 40 miles from the fire, smaller airtankers are using Fremont County Airport, just 15 miles from the fireline. Photo compliments of Jamie Urrea.

2 Air Platforms S NV: Two Air Attack ships waiting for their turn on the Southern Nevada Complex 2005. Photo compliments of Ryan H.

AT 12, Twin Falls: Tanker 12 at Twin Falls for the Clover Fire. Photo compliments of Ryan H.

Air Attack, Dammeron: On the Dammeron Fire in St. George, UT.......7/20-7/31/05. Photo compliments of Ryan H.

AirTankers 17

ATs on Canadian Interface Series: Here's some photos of fire and tanker action (CL-415) on an incident near Chibougamou, Quebec (yes, that's "up here" in Canada). I'm not sure when this happened, other than earlier this season- my father emailed them to me and I'm never too sure where he gets the darned things!! Enjoy, 40acrefarmer, Ian S also sent in by JS. If anyone knows the photographer or the fire, please email Ab. The photos were taken with a Canon Eos Digital camera on 6/3/05.

FS Ship at McCall 1 & 2, N147Z, Tanker 21: A few aircraft shots from McCall, ID during the Snake One Fire. Photo compliments of Ryan H.

T-67 on Copper Fire, 2002: Angeles National Forest (started in Sangus) and burned 23,407 acres between 6/6-12/02. Compliments of DF. (0610 ohd)

Burns Fire T-67, 2002: Compliments of DF. (0610 ohd)

McNally Fire 1 & 2: The McNally Fire burned 150,969 acres on the Sequoia NF near the giant redwood groves from 7/21/02 and was contained on 8/28/02 Compliments of DF. (0610 ohd)

AirTankers 18

50th Anniversary of Air Tankers Page: Ceremony at Willows CA on August 13, 2005. It was well worth the trip. The Mendocino NF did a really great job. After the show at the airport, the SO was opened for a display of historical photos and equipment, as well as cake and Cedar saplings for the guests. Smokey also made an appearance for the kids. Photos compliments of AW.

Jumpers 1, 2, & 3, these are from the Smoke Jumper demonstration, a total of 4 jumpers were dropped, in groups of two.

Seat flyby, here is the seat that made a drop for the crowd.

CDF display, CDF had an S2T and OV-10 on hand as well as Vina Helitack and their Bell 205.

Model 51 & 62, Kanawah FD a local volunteer fire department brought their engine 852 a retired US Forest Service Model 51, it is sitting next to a current US Forest Service Model 62, things have changed in the past 25 or 30 years.

N3N, this is an example of the type of aircraft first used, they typically held 120 gallons but under ideal conditions could load 180 gallons of water.

Original tanker, this is what is left of one of the original tankers, somebody bought it and apparently has plans to restore it.

Pilot, here is Frank Prentice at the podium, he is the last of the original group of seven who started flying in 1955.

Tanker marker, this is the marker at the Willows airport recognizing the early tanker program.

Historical AirTankers and Other Airplanes Used in Fire

Ab Note: Joe Ely passed away in April, 2006. Joe was Fire Control Officer on the Mendocino National Forest, at the time when the AT program began on July 23, 1955. He had long been interested in dropping water on fire from aitplane.

He is missed. The photo of him was taken at the 50th Anniversary of the first Air Tanker drop. Photos are compliments of TC. 

~Here's what was said of the August, 2005 Anniversary event~

On August 13, 2005, at the Willows Airport, the Mendocino National Forest hosted an anniversary day marking the 50th year of aerial firefighting.

Joe Ely, the fire control officer on the Mendocino in the 1950s, had long been interested in developing the concept of dropping water on wildfires. In July 1955 he talked with several local ag operators about it, and he asked Floyd Nolta, of the Willows Flying Service, if he could do it. Nolta cut a hole in the belly of a Stearman 75 Kaydet, added a one-foot square water release gate, and tried it out.

For his historic demo drop, he set the dry grass alongside the Willows runway on fire; his brother Vance flew over it, released the 160-gallon water load, and put out the fire. Airtanker number 1 was in business.

The first drop on a fire was during the Mendenhall Fire, August 13, 1955, on the Mendocino. Vance Nolta flew the Stearman and dropped six loads of water on the fire. It was considered so successful that he worked another fire the very next day.

By the summer of 1956, seven biplanes had been modified for firefighting. The original Stearman was joined by several N3Ns – the primary training planes for U.S. Navy pilots during World War II.

When Forest Service rangers wanted tanker drops on a fire, they radioed the dispatch office at Willows. Charlie Lafferty, the dispatcher, would call one or more of the contracted flying services and let them know where the fire was. Soon, rangers from all across the state were dialing "Willows 80" to ask Joe and Charlie for help.

The fledgling Aero Fire Squadron fought 25 fires across California that summer. But these aviation pioneers found that on hot windy days, the water barely made it to the ground. So USFS fire staff tried using a slurry of sodium calcium borate – but the borate mixture sterilized the ground when it landed. They then mixed bentonite with water. When more than one aircraft was needed, Ely would fly in the front seat of a Piper Tri-Pacer piloted by Lee Sherwood. He'd have Sherwood waggle his wings to point out locations where he wanted the tanker pilots to drop.

By 1957, the USFS had decided that air attack was a real weapon in its fire control arsenal. But the biplanes couldn't carry more than 120 gallons of the heavy bentonite retardant – and they were useless on project fires. Neither the federal nor state agencies wanted to fund an armada of tiny tankers, so the USFS began working with bigger contractors for larger and faster aircraft. Many Navy TBMs were converted to airtankers that could carry 600 gallons.

The original ag pilots who proved that wildfires could be fought from the air were eventually nudged out by the bigger, faster airtankers. Many continued ag work, sowing and spraying the rice fields of the northern Sacramento Valley.

In 1982, the 25th anniversary of the first water drop on the Mendenhall Fire, the USFS honored them with a ceremony and a plaque at the Willows Airport.

The sole surviving member of that group, Frank Prentice, will attend the anniversary at Willows on August 13, which will feature displays of vintage aircraft, airtanker demo drops, and historical exhibits.

Other sponsors included CDF, Glenn County, Frank and Lila Prentice, the City of Willows, and the Willows Chamber. 

AirTankers 19

 T-91: This photo was taken after a drop on a small fire south of Willits, Ca on June 30, 2005. Photo taken by Connor Zwicky.

T-44: At KMEV during the Badger Fire in Carson City, 6/05. Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

SEAT 494, SEAT 417, SEAT 417 Again, T-82, T-83, T-83 Again & T-83 yet Again, T-88, T-89: These airtankers were at Minden during the Mudlake Fire. 7/05. Photos compliments of Mike Evans.

South Africa SEAT Series: Photos sent in by "Brick" Shield, Regional Manager, Working on Fire, South Africa. For more photos take a look at Fire 27 photo page. If anyone knows the specific photographers, please email us with the info. Ab.

  • SEAT Drop 1 training drop Piet Retief, Mpumalanga
  • SEAT drop 2 seat drop Piet Retief, Mpumalanga
  • SEAT Startup seat startup Piet Retief, Mpumalanga, S Africa
  • SEAT Sunset sunset Piet Retief, Mpumalanga

Blue Drop: "Blue Retardant" Yes CDF is using a new gel retardant. Not all bases have it yet, still using up the old stuff and bases that are CDF/FS still use the red retardant. But seeing is believing.... Photos compliments of  NOPSer.

Blue Gel Drop & Another Blue Drop: Photos sent in Bard, fyrpilot. Please let us know who the photographer is. Ab. Later we heard this... Thanks Peter. My name is Peter Armstrong and I shot those photos of tanker 90 at the "Redemeyer fire" in Ukiah on August 12, 2005. Please give me photo credit. Thanks, Peter Armstrong, 51 Highland, Ukiah, Calif. 95482 707-489-3369.

Aubenas France '05 & Aubenas France 2: Photos compliments of Zag who says, "Here are some of my personal pics of my country from France south."

AirTankers 20

Aubenas France '05, Ardeche France, Ardeche ATs, Ardeche, Ardeche Sunset '05, Ardeche Drop: Photos from France are compliments of Zag who says, "Here are some of my personal pics of my country from France south."

Volcan Fire 9/8/05, SEAT loads for Volcan, AT 71 at Ramona, CDF ready for Volcan: Photos compliments of Ron S.

Blue Goo Drop: 8/25/05 on the Cook Fire. Photo compliments of Jerry S and also came in from the KKLMB family.

Fly Creek Fire: AT 29 on the Fly Creek Fire, 2004. Photo compliments of Dan Tindal.

T-14 & 64 at Fox, T-64, T-151 (old paint), AT-18 at Fox: All were taken at Fox (Air Tanker Base) Field in Lancaster, CA a few years ago. I don't recall the date. I just take pictures of aircraft as a hobby, I was in aerospace 31 years. I can't give you any info on these planes, except for the type, C-54, C-130 etc. Anyway enjoy. Photos compliments of Bob West.

PCFR SEAT: Potter County Fire and Rescue, Amarillo TX. Lots of acreage burned in TX in 2006. Photo compliments of Pat Fitzpatrick. (0406)

SEAT Drop: Gooding Rural Fire District and BLM Twin Falls District on this fire north of Gooding, Idaho. "Started by pickup traveling up Hwy 46. Just happened to be in the right spot at the right time." Photos compliments of Pat Bishop, Fire Chief, Gooding City-Rural Fire Department. (0806)

Supertanker Demo & Super-T at McClellan: Super tanker demo at McClellan (May, 06). Pretty interesting to watch and to see the inside of the plane. Photos compliments of CS. (0506)

AirTankers 21

AT 22 in Florida: Photo compliments of JS.(0506)

T-21: Photo compliments of Allan H.(0506)

B564: Bomber 564 on station Mount Gambier, South Australia (February 2006) Photographer: Jason Chastain (0506)

Blue Lake: Bombers 563 and 564 over Blue Lake, Mount Gambier, South Australia. Photographer: Jason Chastain. (0506)

Airport Column: Wisconsin. This was from the one of the two significant (significant for us) fires we had this year. Photo compliments of JNG.(0506)

Show Low AT 27: Show Low Fire, Show Low AZ holding line. The Fire was on the Apache-Sitgraves National Forest. Burned approx 6,500 acres. In PJ, Grass under-story, and stringers of Ponderosa Pine. Photo compliments of Joseph B. (0606)

Supertanker Series: Photos contributed by Rush Alexander. (0506)

Martin Mars in British Columbia Series: I took these shots of the Philippine-based Martin Mars on 10 SEP 05 at Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada. The Hawaiian-based Martin Mars plane fought the Delta Fire (a bog fire) in BC. I took the Delta Bog Fire pictures on 12 SEP 05. Photos by James C. Goodall. (0206)

AirTankers 22

Martin Mars in British Columbia Series (continued): The Hawaiian-based Martin Mars plane fought the Delta Fire (a bog fire) in British Columbia Canada. I took the Delta Bog Fire pictures on 12 SEP 05. Photos by James C. Goodall. (0206)

B-25 AirTanker Photos: Tanker 336, Tanker 338, Dropping a Load from Tanker 336, CF MWC 1974: I just came across your site and thought you may like to post these photos. My father was chief pilot and engineer on these B-25 Mitchells from 1974-1991. He flew them exclusively in Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada. They all have since been sold to private collectors in the States and have been put back into Military colors. Photos compliments of Greg Rees. (0306)

ATs on Missionary Ridge Fire 2002: Tanker 16, Smoke from Durango airport, Tanker 12, Tanker 14, Inside tanker 127, SEATS. Photos compliments of  Jimmer (0306)

SEAT on Moccasin Fire: Moccasin Fire, Indiana Dunes, IN. Photo compliments of Joe J. (0706)

Sawtooth Complex, Millard Fire AirTankers: Fire action from my backyard. Tuesday 7/11/06 4PM ; at the eastern advance of the fire area; just east of Pioneertown in Skyline Ranch area. Fire was stopped here 1/4 mi west of me in Skyline Ranch; and 1/2 mi north at Aberdeen/Pipes Cyn Rd & Hwy 247. Between 8-11 PM a back-burn tied the two areas together. 3 'dozers with 3 hand crews and the burn crew completed the burnout. Photos compliments of Marc P. (0706)  I'm only submitting this because my son is active multi-year 'shot crew. I learn by osmosis. I've been in direct contact with immediate family of one of the 4-man crew injured Tuesday 7/11/06; Sawtooth Complex. He was back to work next day. Only a guess; based on my understanding of the incident; the 3 others are probably in the same condition.  This is really kicking. Tuesday PM had aerial attack directly over my house; too many passes to count. Watched successful burn-out terminate 1/4 mile from my home. It's all they report: hi temps, winds, etc. Many thanks to all firefighters doing the jobs they do-be safe.

Jumper 41: Jumper 41 from the Boise Smoke Jumpers while he was here at Prescott AZ for monsoon season lightning chasing. Photo compliments of Mike L. (0706)

Burn Cabin Fire 1 & 2: Here are two images of retardant drops that took place on the Burn Cabin Fire in Oregon last year. Photo compliments of  Nepper. (0206)

BC Martin Mars: My name is Wyatt Boothby and i'm a wildland firefighter from B.C Canada. These photos i've taken over the course of the last four seasons in the coastal fire district. Several are of the Martin Mars air tankers, who should need no introduction. I hope you enjoy them. Photo compliments of Wyatt Boothby. (0606)

AirTankers 23

BC Martin Mars 2: Photos I've taken in B.C Canada over the course of the last four seasons in the coastal fire district. This one is of the Martin Mars air tanker, that should need no introduction. Photo compliments of Wyatt Boothby. (0606)

Pedro Fire AT 1 & 2: Here are a few snaps of air tankers dropping on the Pedro Fire. Photo compliments of Al Golub. (0706)

DC-10 AT Team & DC-10 on Sawtooth: Photos compliments of Ray Cheney. (0706)

Scooper 264 & Scooper 267: Photos of Scooper 267 (black n yellow) and 264 (red n yellow). Photos compliments of Jason R. (0906)

Derby Fire AT: On 8-30-06 Photo sent in by Loryl B. If you know the photographer, please let us know so we can give credit. Ab. (0906)

Tanker 86: Pilot Bill Buckley, in tanker 86, makes a drop on the McDowell Fire in Hopland. Sept. 14, 2006. Photo by Peter Armstrong. (0906)

Tanker 85: No, this is not an early version of a "water-scooper" air tanker. This event occurred in the mid 1970's. Tanker 85 was dispatched from Medford, OR to a fire on the Deschutes N.F. in central Oregon. Tanker 85 made an initial trip, dropped its load, and then returned to Medford for a second load. The pilot "thought" he had enough fuel for a second trip so he didn't bother to refuel. On the second trip he was held up over the fire longer than he anticipated, finally dropped his load and then ran out of fuel on the way back to Medford. He managed to make a perfect, "dead-stick" landing in Diamond Lake near the crest of the Cascades (note Mt. Thielsen in the background). You can see how well an air tanker can float when it has empty fuel and retardant tanks!

To get the plane out of the lake they floated it close to shore and wrapped cables around both wings. The cables were attached to a D-8 Cat to drag the plane onto the shore. Needless to say, once tension was applied, the cables promptly sliced both wings off! That made the plane much easier to remove.

There's more to the story. When the plane was coming in to Diamond Lake the engines were off so they made no noise. Just as the pilot was setting down he noticed an older couple fishing in a rowboat directly in front of where he planned to splash down. The pilot was able to have enough lift/speed to "hop" over the couple by about 50 feet. The couple made a very hasty trip to shore. This incident was used in one of the opening scenes in the movie Always. As old pilots are fond of saying "Any landing you can, swim away from is a good landing."  Photos compliments of AK Old Timer

DC-10 Tree Strike 1 & 2: The DC-10 flew on the “White Fire” in Kern County. While operating on that incident (6/25/07), the DC-10, Tanker 910, experienced a loss of altitude and struck the top of several trees. The flight crew was able to apply power and fly out of the altitude loss and safely return to their base at Victorville. There were no injuries to the flight crew or anyone on the ground. The DC-10 had dropped 83,000 gallons of retardant on the “White Fire” before the accident. For more on that, read theysaid late June 07 and early July 07. Photos just making the rounds. Don't know who took them. But, hey is that person wants credit, get 'em to write in. Ab.

From an email that circulated after the tree strike along with the photos: DC-10 Tanker on first tree strike

This is true...aircraft made it back to Victorville. FSDO classified the damage as "minor".

CalFire (California Department of Forestry) recently secured a service contract with a Super Air tanker provider. Able to
deliver 12,000 gallons of retardant in a single drop, which is equal to 10 S2 Airtankers, the DC-10 will be based in Victorville and is available for responses to any major fire in California.

Below is an eyewitness account (and friend) of an incident last week.

"I was working on the White Fire (Kern County), and along with about 20 others, was positioned off the nose of the DC10
where it was attempting to drop when it experienced the tree strike (estimated tree top below 80 feet). The aircraft had already been working earlier on the fire, but this time had made a couple passes attempting to get lower for a tough drop on a mid-slope "hump" where the head of the fire was climbing a ridge below an 8.000 peak.

While we did not see the strike specifically, we knew something was wrong immediately as the DC10 dropped altitude severely after the strike, heading in a trajectory straight for us on the opposite side of the canyon.

Scrambling out of the way from something this big almost seemed to be a moot point. As the DC10 powered all engines to full throttle, it finally climbed over us but close enough that we could see the faces of the pilots in the cockpit as it did. We saw parts falling from the wing. We just looked at each other, and knew we had had a lucky day. These pictures would surely seem to prove that. This will give you an idea of how close this airplane came to crashing. Pretty unbelievable."

[The distance above the ground that the DC-10 hit the trees was 66 feet.]

Easy 1-4: From Scott A: A friend sent me these - late afternoon 7/8/07. The EASY STREET fire is burning on the north and northwest sides of Wenatchee WA. 2500+ acres tonight (7/8/07). 250+ homes under evacuation orders - earlier. Fire moving east towards this location......the Columbia River is one more drainage east (to the right in "easy #1") His house is near the top of <snip> Rd. - just to the bottom-right corner of the pic "easy #1". All pics taken there and are with a "normal" lens. Photos sent in by Scott A, taken by his friend. (0707)

The photographer of the EASY STREET AT photos has written in; he is Vladimir Steblina.  Vladimir works for the Forest Service as an Incident Information Officer, however these were not taken while he was working.  These photos were taken on his own dime and time from his driveway as the fire moved towards his house.  He owns the rights to the photos; they're not in the public domain. (1210)

Peak Fire AT 1 & 2: Near Napa CA. This fire started about 3 hours after the fog lifted 7/11/07... 50% contained now with minimal structure threat. Started by a tree chipping crew. Photos compliments of  MG. (0707)

T-27 on Osos: Photo of Tanker 27, Osos Fire LPF, 1991, Capt Jan Reifenberg. I think this is same Ridge that burned in Rancho Fire last week (6/30/07). Photo compliments of jmck. (0707)

Grand Junction CO, T-64 on Mt Garfield: Part of an airtanker group fighting fire at Dinosaur National Park on 070500 and Tanker 64 fighting on Mt Garfield on 070400. Photos compliments of Cal Cochran. (0707)

AirTankers 24

T-21 Kingsley Fire Series of 3: Some photos of T-21 taken on the Kingsley Fire on the Mendocino, summer of '06. Photos compliments of BR. (0707)

Thomas Canyon IA: We arrived about 1 hour before the Thomas Canyon fire broke near the town of Winnemucca NV. At first it appeared an easy pick-up until the downdraft hit-- the fire went from 20 acres to 300+ in about 1 minute. This is a photo of a SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker) laying line. For the full series of 5 see the Engines 17 photo page. Photo compliments of JS. (0707)

AT on Jocko Lakes: Taken on the Jocko Lakes fire (MT-FHA) on Aug 4, 2007. The location is west of Seeley Lake on Road 9974. The entrance to the drive way read MOSS ROCK. Home owner unknown. The location is in Div A. Myself and Jeff Muenster Div A. were scouting out the divisions we were going to take over in the morning. IMT 2 Glenn McNett was assuming command of the fire on 8/5. Cameron Goins, Div B, Jocko Lakes Fire provided the information. (Theysaid 8/23/07)

Poomacha AT -1 & 2- and Poomacha MAFFS: Photos compliments of DW, Grouchyoldzrdude. (1107)

Aztec Fire '02 1 & 2: These are from the Aztec Fire near Roswell, NM in 2000. NMAirBear was the ATGS on this fire. Photos compliments of Homey. (0106)

DC-10 on Moonlight & Pair of P3s: Moonlight Fire, PNF / LNF Sept 2007. Photos compliments of ACW. (0907) For more photos from ACW of the Moonlight Fire, see Engines 18, Equipment 11, Handcrews 22 and Fire 36.

North Fire Air Show: North fire, ANF Sept 2007. LACO CL415; CL415 Drop; Lead & P3; P3 Drop. Photos compliments of ACW. (0907) For more photos from ACW of the North Fire, see Engines 19, Helicopters 23 and Airtankers 24.

T-24 on Mudd Lake: Photo of Tanker 21 making a drop on the Mud Lake fire April 13, 2003 just north of Detroit Lakes MN. Photo courtesy of Detroit Lakes Tribune. (Steve S. 0307)

Lone Pine Cyn, T-93: Lone Pine Canyon, California: it is Cal Fire Tanker 93 through the smoke. Photo compliments of RC. (0408)

Air Force 1 and T-94: Here is a picture taken as Air Force One was landing Redding Airport, Thursday, July 18,2008. Photo compliments of Allen C. (0708)

Air Force 1 Leaving:  Leaving Redding Airport. Photo compliments of IRGirl. (0708)

AirTankers 25

N1492Z (King Air) & N144Z (Citation Bravo): The National Infrared Operations Program (NIROPS) is THE primary intelligence provider of thermal infrared data to the incidents. The two planes, crews, coordinators, and infrared interpreters work every night, 7 days a week. NIROPS has been flying 15-20 complexes each night since 6/23 to give the situation unit updated heat perimeters and areas of intense heat. This data is usually used to update the incident fire perimeter that is then uploaded to geomac* (thank you GISGirl) and viewed by the world. N149Z (King Air) and N144Z (Citation Bravo) that are the work horses of the program. Photos compliments of IRGirl. (0708)

SEAT on Sleeping Elephant Fire 1 & 2: Near Topaz Lake, NV. Photo compliments of mike k. (0708)

T-910: The huge air tanker. 6/10/08. Photo compliments of Rick. (0608)

Silver Creek 1 & 2: Two pics of air drops from the Silver Creek Fire above the Mountain Warfare Training Center located on the Humboldt Toiyabe NF, outside of Bridgeport. Photos compliments of Mike Kidder. (0808)

Piute '08: Photos compliments of Morgan Gillette. (0808)

S-2 on South, DC-10 on Slide, T-910 on Zaca: CA-ANF-South Fire, 2008; CA-BDF-Slide Fire, 2007; CA-LPF-Zaca Fire, 2007. Mike adds re the S2 photo: Taken during the 250 acre South Fire near Green Valley (ANF and LA Cty FD)...An S-2 pulls out after dropping. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows. (0808)

Martin Mars 1-4: Martin Mars at Lake Shasta Northern California Fires, 8/15/2008. I took them the other day while I was working at North OPS. Photos compliments of Scott. (0808)

Martin Mars on Telegraph Fire series: Taken on 7-30-08 at 15 20 hours at the Telegraph Fire in Mariposa, Branch III, Division M. What a thrill and the sound of those engines......OMG to the max. Took the shots of the aircraft coming out of the smoke and just appearing. Threw the camera up and hoped for the best. (Only part of the series he sent in, the shutterbug.) Taken by Wes Schultz/Cal Fire VIP. (0808)

AirTankers 26

S-2's on Arcadia Fire; P-3 Getting in Close, T-27 on Santa Anita Fire, T-48 Support, Tanker 48, Look Out!: The first two photos of the S-2s are flying the Arcadia Fire earlier this year ('08). The last 5 are the heavies (P-3 and a P2V) at the Santa Anita Fire earlier this year. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows. (0808)

T-09 at Silver Creek , T-21 at Silver Creek: Two pics of air drops from the Silver Creek Fire, Humboldt Toiyabe NF, outside of Bridgeport. Photos compliments of Mike Kidder. (0808)

T-00 on Huckabee: Tanker 00 a P3 on the Huckabee Fire in Pecos Co Texas in tow of the lead plane on 5/3/08. Painting a hill to help the dozers get an anchor. It was based out of Abilene. Photos compliments of Frank Gibbs. (0608)

Tanker 09, in Memoriam: Here's a picture of T-09 from last fall at Fox Tanker Base in Lancaster, CA. I knew two of the three folks who were killed, and their loss is huge. It's a very sad day in the tanker base world. Photo compliments of MEL. (0908)

T-09 at Fox, 2006; T-09 at Fox & T-09 Liftoff: I was extremely saddened to hear about the crash of Tanker 09 this morning. I’m a firefighter with Kern County FD and occasionally work at Fox Tanker Base CA as a parking tender during local fires. In 2006 I came to know Tanker 09 and its crew of that year very well. The crew that died was not the same but here are some memories of T-09 in happier days. Photos compliments of  Nathan F. (0908)

T-09 on Silver Creek Fire 1 & 2: Our crew was sent to the Silver Creek Fire near Bridgeport, CA and we had the chance to see Tanker 09 in action. These were shot about two weeks before the crash. (see fire description above) Photo compliments of Chuck S. (0908)

T-09 at Hope Valley CA 1-4:  These pictures are of Tanker 09 the day before the accident, in Hope Valley – CA. Photos compliments of Laura B. (0908)

AirTankers 27

T-09 1-3:  These pictures are of Tanker 09 the day before the accident, in Hope Valley – CA. Photos compliments of Laura B. (0908)

Chalk Neptune, Chalk Flames & Chalk T-23:  Los Padres NF, 8/29/08.  ATs on the Chalk Fire. Photos compliments of Mark. (0908)

MN Cherry Fire, 2007: An AT pic from the Cherry, MN fire in 2007, taken while providing structural protection. Photo compliments of Scott Lesnau. (10/08)

CA Summit Fire 05/08: Photo compliments of Tony Leonardini. (10/08)

T-22 in FL: Photo compliments of JS. (0506)

5 SJ Aircraft @ Redding; Martin Mars 1 & 2, Jolly91: 5 Different Smokejumper Aircraft on the ramp at Redding, CA.; Martin Mars Airtanker, stationed at Shasta Lake, Redding CA; California National Guard Ship, Even though a helicopter, included the "Jolly 91" here; It was stationed out of Redding, CA, for Medivac and Rescue Hoist Capable ship. Photos compliments of R5 Dispatcher. (sg0808)

AT-10 @ McClellan (071308): AT-82 Takeoff  and Dropping 1 & 2 ('06); AT-81 Flying ('08); AT 83 Dropping ('06); ATs @ Columbia '06: Photos compliments of Brian White except for AT-83 Dropping is by Glen White. (0908)


AirTankers 28

AT Flyin @ Columbia: Continuation of previous page. Photo compliments of Brian White. (0908)

Scoopers @ Ramona, 2008: Here a a few photos of the CL-415 scoopers. They were located at Ramona AAB this past year on a San Diego County contract. Photos compliments of Captain Ron Serabia, Ramona AAB - ATGS. (12/08) A link below to many more high resolution photos and 5 minute flash video here:

AT & Santa, SNOW: Yes, Snow instead of Smoke in Redding, CA. (Remember Redding is at 500' ) So I also think Fire season 2008 is finally over for Northern California. Thanks to all who spent most, if not all of their summer with us here in Northern California. Thanks again. "Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night." Photo compliments of R5 Dispatcher. (sg1208)

Three ATs and T-09 in FL: Tanker 09 I took when it was supporting the Florida Bugaboo Fire in 2007 outside of Lake City, Fl. The other is of Tankers 09, 43, and 10 lined up and ready to roll. Tanker 09 was the last Tanker to operate out of Weyers Cave ATB in Virginia before it was closed. Photos compliments of Greg Sanders. (j1208)

PA Fire SEAT & PA SEAT: These photos were taken at a fire in Butler Twp, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania on 4-19-08. More photos of this fire and equipment involved in fighting it on Fire 39, Airtankers 28, Equipment 13 and Engines 22. Photos sent in by Trucksville Fire. Photographer of SEAT is copyright to Bill Barr. (0408)

'07 Hemet-Ryan: Hemet-Ryan Air Attack Base during the '07 fire siege. We accommodated over half of Cal-Fire's aircraft. I believe there were approx. 7 Air Attacks (OV-10 Broncos) and 15-17 S-2T Tankers. Photo compliments of Matt. (0408)

AK T-52: Summer of '08, of one of Alaska's Conair Convair 580 airtankers in Palmer, Alaska. Photographer is Dale L. Alter and it was sent in by Jay Fassett. (0908)

Series of 7 photos of SEAT: Tanker 455 (3 photos) drops on fire in Dennison Twp, PA 3/23/09. Tanker 839 and AT802 Airtractor arrived at Hazleton Tanker Base Today 040909. It is owned by Sly's Flying Service, South Dakota. Two more photos of Airtanker 475 at Hazleton Tanker Base PA. Photos by Bill Barr. (0409) More of his photos here:

Evergreen Air Tanker 1&2: Evergreen's 747 testing air drops for Forest Service. Photos compliments of Shawn. (0309)

AirTankers 29 ((GJT = Grand Junction Colorado Tanker Base)

417578, Basler Turbo 67, GJT, July 1997, 1&2: Photos compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

C130 Tanker 64, GJT, July 2000: Photo compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

C130 Tanker 131, GJT, July 2000: Photo compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

DC-4, Tanker 14, GJT, July 2000: Photo compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

DC-4, Tanker 15, GJT, July 2000: Photo compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

DC-4, Tanker 152, GJT, summer 2001, 1&2: Photos compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

DC-4, Tanker 160, GJT, summer 2001: Photo compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

DC-6, Tanker 68, GJT, July 2000, 1&2: Photos compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

DC-7, Tanker 66, GJT, June 2002, 1&2: Photos compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

DC-7, Tanker number unknown, GJT, July 2000: Photo compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

GJT, fire season, July 2000: Photo compliments of Cal Corchran. (1107)

AT Drop: Likely on the Rowdy Fire 9/2/02. Photographer unknown, possibly a crew member of the Idaho City IHC. If you know, please let us know so we can give credit. Ab.

B-26, Alberta '04 (2 pics) and CL-215's and 415's: Air Spray B-26 on the tarmac at Slave Lake (Alberta) air tanker base July 2004. Also, CL-215's and 415's on the tarmac at Slave Lake (Alberta) air tanker base July 2004. Photos compliments of Stan Berry. (0509)

AA-13 W Porterville:  Lightning Storm -May 28th 2009 - Porterville Air Base - Air Attack 13; Pic of AA13 taxing after landing in storm. I took the picture, which was taken from a video frame. Another lightning photo at Porterville on the next photo page. Photos compliments of Sean Lane, aka STLuni (0509)

AirTankers 30

T-90 Taxing: Lightning Storm -May 28th 2009 - Porterville Air Base - Pic of Tanker 90 taxing in the storm. Also taken from video. Photos compliments of Sean Lane, aka STLuni (0509)

Alberta ATs (14): Here are some Airtanker pictures I took during the 2007 fire season in Alberta. All the pictures are taken at the High Level Airtanker Base.
AT-802 (T-606)
Convair580 (T-454) (2)
DC6 (T-450) (3)
DC6 (T-450) and Electra L-188 (T-490)
Electra L-188 (T-484a (4)
Electra L-188 (T-484) and Convair 580 (T-454)
Electra L-188 (T-490) (2)
Photos compliments of Rhys Walmsley. (0509)

Air Tanker Base, Fueling etc. (5 photos): At the Santa Maria AT Base during the La Brea Fire, taken on 8/9/09. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows. (0809)

AirTankers 31

Woah: final in the Air Tanker Base series, taken at the Santa Maria AT Base during the La Brea Fire, taken on 8/10/09. Photo compliments of Mike Meadows. (0809) Other photos by Mike Meadows of La Brea air and ground attack on Fire 41, Fire 42, Engines 24 and Helicopters 27 photo pages. Hotlist thread

CA-BDU-Pendleton-Yukipa Fire 09/01/09: Face in the retardant. Photo compliments of Dave. (0909)

Tankers on the Ramp 2009: Collection of tankers on the ramp and taxi way in Grand Junction, July 09. Photo compliments of Tim. (0809)

LaBrea T-00: Tanker 00 - taken while doing structure protection in the Cuyama Valley. Photo compliments of stryketeam. (0909)

CA-VNC-Guiberson Fire Air Show: 9/23/09. Nine photos taken on the east side of the fire near the Rustic Golf Course above Moorpark in the Santa Clarita River Valley. The DC-10 carries 12,000 gallons of phos chek. Photos sent in by SoCal FF. (0909)

AirTankers 32

La Brea Fire "Air Show", 4 photos: La Brea T-100, T-100 again, T-21, T-45 at Schoolhouse: Photos compliments of Bruce Bailey. (0909) For more photos by Bruce, see Engines 25 photo page. An air attack needs firefighters on the ground to be successful.

Oak Glen Fire AT Series, T-70, T-72, T-73, T-910: Photos compliments of Cy Phenice. For a photo of the fire behavior, check the Fire 43 photo page. (0909)

Ramona AAB Halloween '09: Happy Halloween from Ramona compliments of HPWren. (1009)

Happy Halloween: Have a safe and fun day, one and all! Compliments of TS. (1009)

T-48 at Minden: Here's T-48 of Minden Air at Reno on 3-3-07. Compliments of  Mike Evans. (0307)

T-910; Tankers at Libby; at Winslow; Tankers at Victorville: Tankers at Libby ATB; Tanker at Winslow ATB; Tanker 911 in Cali;  Tankers 911 and 979 in Cali (Victorville). Photos compliments of  Seth Larson. (0609)

Minden Air's T-55 and T-48 chillin': Photos compliments of  Buck. (0310)

AT Drop on Gloria Fire: During the course of the Gloria Fire burning across my ranch, about 60 pics were taken. Some of equipment, some of firefighters etc. I would like to send them to you to post on your site. I am sure that some of the crews would like copies. A few of the pics may have commercial value. If someone were to find a way to use them as such, I would sign the rights over if the proceeds would be donated to some kind of fund to benefit fallen firefighters families. Other than that, everyone at the GF did one outstanding job and has my thanks and admiration. Photo compliments of  David Grow. (00809)

Tanker 45: Tanker 45 reloading at KSBD USFS Air Tanker Base working on the Morris Fire 8/26/09. Photo compliments of  Mark Furtak. (0809)

AirTankers 33

N3N Tanker: Thanks for helping me find out some more info on N3N air tankers.  Dale M and I recently purchased a N3N-3, N7752C, s/n 4353.  The plane has not flown since the early 1980's and was a crop duster the last time it flew.  I was looking thru the old records and found that it was modified in 1961 with a 200 gallon tank for fire fighting by Hill's Flying Service in Sacramento, CA.  In 1964 the borate parts were removed and plane was turned into a crop duster.  I have attached a photo of the plane as a duster, but I am not sure of when it was taken.  The plane was yellow the last time it flew, so this photo could be from the 60's or early 70's.  The plane was sold by the US Navy in October 1960 to Skyway Flying Service in Hunting, Indiana.  Then to Hill's Flying Service in December 1960.  Hill's sold it to Westaire Service in Rio Vista, CA in April 1964.  Alaska Transportation Company of San Jose, CA bought it in February 1966.  Medlock Dusters in Davis, CA  bought it in July of 1966.  Medlock traded it in on a new Agcat in October 1982 to Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp.  Mid Continent sold it to Denny P of Rohnert Park, CA and that's who we bought it from.
Any information on the plane would be greatly appreciated.  I flew DC-4's and P2V's for Aero Union in Chico, CA in the 1980's so I have a keen interest in fire fighting planes. Thanks,
Photo compliments of Steve Penning. (0909)

3 ATs on the Sequoia NF (SQF) 2002: The fire burned on the Sequoia NF near the giant redwood groves, 2002 Photos sent in by TSA (0610)

AT on Bull: CA-SQF-Bull Fire. Photos compliments of Polo. (0710) More of Polo's Bull fire photos on Helicopters 28 and Fire 44 and Fire 45 and Handcrews 27 photo pages.

T-121 from '76/'77: I've been meaning to send this in for some time.  Can't take credit for the shot, believe this was taken by an Arizona Game and Fish Warden just south-southeast of Sierra Vista, Arizona in 1976, or 77. T-121 was in its wonderbread paint scheme and was flying out of Fort Huachuca. Sent in by TJP. (0710)

Crown Fire, DC-10 on Crown, P2 at Dusk on Station, P2V Neptune, S-2 on Station, Station Fire, Station Fire 7, T-23 on Station: These are a few air tanker shots from the Station Fire last year ('09), and a couple of the DC-10 at the Crown Fire last month (0710). Photos compliments of Mike Meadows. (0810)

Tanker series from Jeffco: Taken years ago... Photos compliments of Steve Nelson. (0710) If you use these in training, please give credit to Steve Nelson. More of these great photos on Helicopters 28 and Helicopters 29 photo pages.

AirTankers 34

Tanker series from Jeffco: Some (first row) taken years ago, rest taken recently... Most have numbers showing. Photos compliments of Steve Nelson. (0710 and 0910) If you use these in training, please give credit to Steve Nelson. More of these great photos on AirTankers 33, Helicopters 28 and Helicopters 29 photo pages.

AirTankers 35

Tanker series from Jeffco: Most have numbers showing. Photos compliments of Steve Nelson. (0910) If you use these in training, please give credit to Steve Nelson. More of these great photos on AirTankers 33, AirTankers 34, Helicopters 28 and Helicopters 29 photo pages.

Support Camp at Boulder & Fourmile Canyon Command Center: During Fourmile Canyon Fire 2010. These are all from the command center, Boulder Reservoir, Boulder, CO. Photos compliments of Steve Nelson. (0910) If you use these in training, please give credit to Steve Nelson.

AT 910 on Post and P2V on Post: Here are a couple of shots from the Post Fire near Frazier Park, Ca. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows. (0910)

AT 82 & S2's at Porterville, 2002: AT 82, Porterville Airbase, Hot Loading, McNally Fire 2002 and S2's Parked at Porterville Airbase, McNally Fire 2002. Photos compliments of Karl Elze, Sr. (0910)

AirTankers 36

Air Attack in TX '11: Cartoon is making the rounds as Texas burns and resources are stretched very thin.

T-95 CAL FIRE, Medford ATB -Hotloading: I'm a RAMP here in Medford and we called in 2 Cal Fire S2T's from Redding for a DFPA fire in Oregon on July 5, 2011. The Medford ATB is a co-locate with ODF who has a Butler DC7 from Redmond but it wasn't on station until July 15. So Lonnie Allison ATBM called around and found the two S2T's able and willing in Redding. It took about 2.5 hours of high level phone calls and we had CDF in the air and dropping on an Oregon fire. The pilots were great and we got a thank you email from DFPA the next day that said the S2T's held a line that saved 50 acres of a 9 year-old reprod plantation. I have a few pictures here that I thought spoke very well of interagency cooperation. Photos compliments of TAD (0711)

RIP Aero Union: Yesterday (8/12/11), all employees were given their walking papers. Aero Union is officially closed. Photo compliments of  Tom Stein-Janney. (0811) Hotlist thread

T-152 & T-155 in OR: Clarks Butte fire in Vale, Oregon: tanker 152 and 155 on 8/8/11 and 8/7/11, respectively. Photos compliments of JS. (0811)

Lead and S-2, Lead and DC-10, S-2 on Hill Fire, The Big Guy: 4 shots of the Hill Fire...DC-10 and an S-2 dropping and the lead bringing them in.... Photos compliments of  Mike Meadows. (0911)

Tanker 75, T-76 and T-83, Tanker 76, T-81 and T-76, T-83: CALFIRE airtankers at Porterville Air Attack Base on 9/5/11. Photos compliments of Karl Elze. (0911)

Tanker 910 in TX & Canadian ATs in TX: Tanker 910 leaves Austin-Bergstrom International to help with wildfires in Texas on 9/29/11. Canadian CV-580 tankers on the ramp at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport with the Canadian ‘Bird-Dog’ and some C-130 MAFFS aircraft. Photos compliments of  Justin Musgraves. (0911)

New Neptune Tanker 40 1-2 views: Tanker 40 parked at the ramp in Longview TX. Time stamped 9/29/2011, 2 days ago. Photo compliments of Jerry S. (0911)

AirTankers 37

New Neptune T-40 Tail: Tanker 40 parked at the ramp in Longview TX. Time stamped 9/29/2011, 2 days ago. Photo compliments of Jerry S. (0911)

Tanker 40 Dropping: Tanker 40 dropping. Sent in by a firefighter. (0911)

Tanker dropping on OR Long Draw: Taken 7/10/12, Other photos of JS are on Fire 47 photo page. Photos compliments of JS. (0812)

New Aeroflite Airtanker: Photo compliments of Mike Shapland, Aircraft Management Officer (NWR), Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aviation Forest Fire and Emergency Services. (0912)

MAFFS in Training: Air crews in two C-130 Hercules aircraft from the 153rd Airlift Wing, Wyoming Air National Guard, follow a U.S. Forest Service lead plane during Modular Airborne Firefighting System training April 16, 2012, over Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center, Wyo. Air National Guard air crews recently wrapped up a near record breaking wildfire season, dropping more than 2.4 million gallons of fire retardant and water while battling wildfires in the western U.S. Photo compliments of Air National Guard. (1012) MAFFS units set records for 2-12 wildfire season, full of highs and low

Airtankers at work in Pennsylvania: SEATS (Single Engine Air Tankers) out of the Hazleton PA Tanker Base. The fires they were dropping on are named under the photos. All were taken by Bill Barr between March and April 15, 2012. (0213) More of his photos

( If you have photos you want to share, send them in! )

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