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Australia's Wildfires '09 Jesusita Firestorm '09

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WI DNR Heavy Unit From Jim at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, thanks Jim!

Dozer: Have lost the information for this pic, please resend info. Ab.

Water Tender: The unit is a '73 Dodge D8000 which originally saw service as an RS/9 Air Force Refueler. We did all of the conversion which included building manifolds and removing all of the fueling systems. It hauls 5000 gal. which our local DOT frowns on.

Cone: North Tree's CAFS unit in front of the firing group that is in front of the holding crew on the 1999 Kirk South fire, 1999. Courtesy of Doug.

Butte Complex: Butte County (CA) Volunteer Water Tender 38 providing support on the Forest Ranch Fire during the Butte Complex in August 1999. Courtesy of Paul.

Jarbo Gap: Butte County (CA) Volunteer Engine 37 and Water Tender 64 covering the Butte CDF RU Jarbo Gap Station for ten days during the Butte Complex in August 1999. Courtesy of Paul.

Kirk Complex: Ft. Hunter-Liggett FD (CA) prepare a line for a burnout operation on the Kirk Complex on Sept. 1999. A FHL-FD wildland engine and 4600 Gal Water Tender supply a mile-plus hoseline with laterals down a cat line. Courtesy of Paul.

Kirk Complex 2: The three primary wildland engines for Ft. Hunter-Liggett FD (CA) with the Kern County Burning Crew and two Arizona Hot Shot crews preparing a burnout on the Kirk Complex Sept. 1999. Courtesy of Paul.

AU Tanker: Australian tanker. Courtesy of Peter.

Big Nozzle: Big nozzle on wheels. Courtesy of Stu.

Dragonwagon: True Dragonwagon, the textbook version. Complements of Adrenalin Junkie.

Real Dragonwagon: Real Dragonwagon. Courtesy of RR.

Not Dragonwagon Wannabe Dragonwagon. Complements of RR.

Northtree Tender: Watertender on the Big Bar Complex, 09/99. Front end articulates separately from the rear. Has a video camera in the cab to view what is behind it. Photo by Mellie.

Hybrid Tender: Here is a photo of a hybrid tender. Type III Septic Conversion. Yes, that is a draft hose going into the tank. Courtesy of CV.

Skidgion 1-3: A Skidgion (Skidder Engine). It has a 550 gallon water tank, a 350 PSI high pressure pump, as well a low pressure pump with drafting capability. I ran across it being built up at a welding shop in Superior Mt while doing structure protection triaging. I was impressed with the detail and quality of workmanship. Being from Southern CA, I have not run across a Skidgion before so it caught my eye. Later when it was completed, the owner transported it to the Thompson Flat Complex. It was never used on this fire, however. Complements of Hunter '45.

TX Plow: Here's an older plow that is still seeing duty with a VFD in East Texas. Credit to Keith.

GA Dozer Crew: Thanks to GA crew from east Texas firefighters, summer of 2000. Courtesy of Keith.

Equipment 2

Targhee: new tactical water tender ready for 2001 fire season from Targhee Wildfire, Idaho Falls ID. A little homely and not so flashy, but it's built to get there fast (75 mph), put out a lot of wildland fire and deliver a lot of water about anywhere you want it. Update, Fall 2001: The tender worked fabulously last summer. We were able to take water higher and farther than anyone. At one point, we were on the top of a mountain on the Tabor Creek Fire (Elko District), supplying more than 7,000 feet of hose with a dozen laterals. Credit to Ed Wright.

Sea Ranch: Photo taken on the Mendocino Coast at the time of a control burn. This photo is of an "engine slug" from a local engine contractor lurking around a handcrew. We think he may be wanting to join up! Just kidding KM. Photo compliments of Stu.

Dozer: Dozer working the line in Humboldt County, CA. Photo by GC.

CDF Transport: Here are two CDF transports with medium dozers for your equipment page. Photo by GC.

CDF Inmate Crew Transport: Transport for a CDF inmate crew. Photo courtesy of CWG.

Suppressor 1 & 2: The engine is built on a Franklin Skidder chassis by Robert Booky, a Firefighter with the Cloudcroft Volunteer Fire Department in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. ( The water delivery system is a Hale 250 GPM pump driven by a 18 Hp. gasoline powered Vanguard engine. It has draughting capability, suction line equipped. The water distribution system is comprised of rear mounted hookups with FS and Fire threaded fittings for "pump and roll" distribution, ground application of retardants and servicing other apparatus and line crews. etc, etc.

The following historical photos can be found in very large gif format at, the National Agricultural Library. (We have a link to the site on the links page under miscellaneous.) We are presenting a few of the many photos here to show you the historical resource available in this collection. These photos are public domain, but the Library asks that if you publish a photo, you acknowledge them and the photographer. These are pretty amazing. When you view them, look at the progression of the technology of firefighting equipment. Also note the lack of PPE! Ab.

Oklahoma '18: FC-Suppression-Ground Hand Tools. Oklahoma. Fire fighters and their equipment used for putting out ground fires. Taken by W. R. Wattson, February 1918.

Dunsmuir Bridge Fire '33: FC-CCC Corps. Suppression. Dunsmuir Bridge, California. CCC boys on Dunsmuir Bridge Fire. Taken by Capt. Daniel Sheehan, October 14, 1933.

Idaho '34: FC-CCC Corps. Suppression. Idaho. CCC enrollees using a gasoline chain saw to fell snags on McLendon Butte Fire. Taken by K. D. Swan, August 1934.

Alturas '44: FC-Suppression. Modoc NF, California. Using back pump - sage brush fire near Alturas, taken by Paul Fair, 1944.

Hand Tools: From an old slide used in training.

Old Equipment: From a Santa Rosa, CA muster. Photo taken by LAVE. This info came in years later: Hi Ab, I noticed on your equipment page 2 the antique fire engine. The engine is from my department in Healdsburg, CA I just thought you might wanted to know a little more for your description. It is a 1935 Ford American LaFrance it was our first motorized engine. It has never left the city, just thought you might enjoy a little more info. Thanks for putting together such a great site. -Sam Crenshaw, Healdsburg Fire Department.

Antique Engine: From a Santa Rosa, CA muster. Photo by LAVE.

CDF Dozer: From a Santa Rosa, CA muster. Photo by LAVE.

Mutual Aid Accident: Mutual aid vehicle accident on the Lassen National Forest. Wildland firefighters do much more than fighting fires in the forest. They do vehicle fires and medical aids and car crashes. Photo taken by USFS-FEO.

Redmond HS: Crew carriers of the Redmond Hotshots with the Johnson Creek Fire up and running in the background. Photo taken by Al Mason, Crew Boss while working on the Lakeview Complex with Stutler's PNW Team 3.

Greyback in ID: The name says it. The summer was 2000. I think the fire was the Clear Creek. Taken by someone for the overhead teams. AL

Clear Creek '00: This is another form of "equipment" we have at our disposal these days. We wrapped up this structure and had the hoselay in place. AL

Equipment 3 -- Dozers

Piru Dozer 1 & 2: From J, who says, " For Smokin'charlie, 2 dozer pics- taken 10-98 on the Piru Inc. in Ventura County. LA County dozers."

The following photos are from Mellie's collection on the Big Bar Complex, Megram Fire, Fall, 1999.

Denny Road: This dozer made its home here at Panther Cliffs on the Denny Road as the fire burned down to the road during the weeks around 10/20/99. Every day trees and rocks came down across the road and had to be moved. The road couldn't have been kept open without the help of the dozer.

To Groves Prairie 1 & 2: After a small 1/2" rain, Denny Spike Camp was closed and most firefighters moved on to Groves Prairie. The dozers headed up that way too, for a while, until the woods dried out and the fire blewup and overran the lines. Then some returned to build more fireline off the Denny Road near Five Waters as the Megram Fire came down the Happy Camp Mountain.

Driving In: Dozers are transported to and from the fireline on lowboys. You don't want to meet one of these up close and personal on a narrow road like the Denny Road. Speed limit was 15 mph.

On the Lowboy: Arriving at DP49 on 10/18/99 as fire threatens the Denny Road containment line, the dozer must be unloaded.

Stan: A dozer owner/operator who worked on the Megram Fire and built line at DP15 and DP 49 and probably a few other places that Mellie didn't know about.

Unloading, Ready and Down the Ridge: Large rims are moved to the back of the lowboy and the driver backs off onto them and then onto the ground. Dozer is unloaded and ready to go. Stan heads down the ridge, pushing over small diameter trees, cutting line. The Megram Fire never bumped this dozer line. The fall rains finally came on 11/04/99 before the fire got that far.

CA Dozer Crew: Dozer crew from the Shasta Trinity NF (at least Larry is) on the Franklin Fire, Mendocino NF, one of the collection of "April Fools fires", 2000.

FL Dozers in TX: Here's a dozer pic. It was taken during the 2000 season. We were at a lull when I took this but within about an hour, we were called out on a burn that ended up burning about 1400 acres of 8 year old plantation. Both of these plows were on loan to us from Florida and they definitely earned their keep. Sent in by Keith.

Thompson Flat 1 & 2: These were taken in Division X on the Thompson Flat Complex near Superior MT. August, 2000. The equipment and personnel were being moved off the division due to some impressive fire activity around the safety zone during the afternoon burning period. As it turned out, there were more pieces of equipment at the safety zone then there were operators, so the service truck was being trailered out of the area. Sent in by Hunter.

Canada Dozer: Here's another "don't do this if you can avoid it" photo. The dozer is stuck in the middle of what used to be our pump site. It was coming down a seismic line (along with 2 other Cats) and had to cross the little trickle that we had damned up for a pump site. The first Cat made it through and then this one got stuck. So with much pushing from behind and tugging from ahead, it eventually made its way out, which was nice because the used-to-be flank of the fire had turned into the head and was bearing down the dozer's location. It took them quite a bit of frigging to get it unglued, and they even managed to snap a cable or two in the process. The fire was in May 2001, near Whitecourt, Alberta. Cheers, S

Dozer in creek: This is another good one for the "what not to do" files. Actually it was cranked and driven into the creek by a disgruntled former employee. After getting another dozer in to pull it out, there was no other damage found. Taken by Keith.

TX antique: This was taken by Keith at the TFS Fire Control Offices in Lufkin. "We sure have come a long way from those days."

CDF Dozer: From a Santa Rosa, CA muster. Photo taken by LAVE.

Dido Fire Dozer: Night line construction on the Dido Fire, Nevada, 1999. Photo taken and sent in by USFS-FEO.

Equipment 4

Oops! BIG Anonymous! This and the next one! Wasn't me. P. Was it Iks (who sometimes shows up on firechat)? Ab.

Helping Hand: Anonymous

AG Crew Buggies 1 & 2: Crew buggies of the Arroyo Grande Flight Crew. Sting says, Just picked up our new buggies. Here are some pictures in case you haven't seen them yet. Yes, they are white. They handle very nicely, good turn radius, governor kicks in about 72mph (someone had to test it!!) 7 speed (Low + 6), cruise control and exhaust brake.

Hoselay: During our annual exercise we pushed water a half a mile and up over 350 vertical feet from the porta-tanks near the engines in the center of the photo. Pumps capable of this were B-211, WX-10, TSA-8. Photo taken by J Foster, Highlands 26.

Sage/Aliso Rx: A pic from the Sage/Aliso Rx burn from the Los Padres NF. This was last Monday (03/04/02). Sting. Ab sez, "Note the old green AG crew buggie down there."

Safetyboss 1 & 2: Rough Terrain Fire Truck, an Oshkosh DA-1800 with 1800 gal water tank and 265 gal foam tank; 750gpm roof turret with a range of 225 feet, etc. Photo compliments of Safety Boss.

Mustang Dozer: Mustang Ridge Fire, Flaming Gorge UT @ Ashley National Forest, July 2002. Photo compliments of Bill Kettler, member of FL Interagency Crew #4.

Biscuit Tractor: Lots of these. Summer of 2002 Biscuit Fire. Photo taken by Dale Sandberg.

Firetank 2, 3, No Top: Northtree's equipment? Biscuit Fire. Photos compliments of Dale Sandberg.

Rogue River HS: Cannon Fire, Walker, CA Jun 17-21, 2002. Rogue River crew buggy with a view. Photo compliments of Bill M.

Equipment 5

Building Fireline: Dozer operators, what would we do without these wildland firefighters? Photo complements of Al G.

Building Fire Road, Rock Slide, Slide Danger: These three pictures are photos of my dad's dozer after a rock slide in 1975. My dad was an HFEO for the CDF for 34 years. On June 25, 1975 he was building a fire road at Oak Glen in the San Bernardino mountains when a rock slide came down on him and his dozer. He wasn't hurt and didn't even tell his family about the close call. Thank goodness for the ROPs and screens. Check out the size of the rock leaning against the roll bar. The dozer is a a D-6 from the CDF Riverside District Office.

People don't realize what an important and perilous job dozer operators perform on fires. They are firefighters who work night and day and yet you rarely hear about them on the 6 o'clock news. In some small way with these three pictures from 1975, I want to show how dangerous their work is and salute their contributions to wildland firefighting efforts.

Photos compliments of B.M.
For more photos of dozers working on fires, look at the Equipment 3 and Creek Fire photo pages. Ab.

Dozer IA, Hippy Fire, Dozer on Hippy Fire, Cutting Line, Hippy: Hippy Fire, 425 acres on the Havasu NWR 2002, just north of Yuma AZ, on the Lower Colorado River. The dozer was one of the refuge dozers. Photos found in dispatch, I though I'd send them in so others could see the fire behavior and flame lengths. Sent in by Dispatcher R3. For more Hippy Fire photos from this same series, check the Fire 14 photo page.

Arkansas Dozer: This is one of the 15 new units that the Arkansas Forestry Commission purchased with federal funds from the Ice Storm of 2000 and 2001. This one is a Cat D4, with enviromental cab. The truck is international. The truck is equipped with a 3406 cat engine, auto shift transmission, and air ride. Photo compliments of Lou Koch.

Track Machines: These track machines were working together on the Biscuit Fire on the Oregon and California border. The equipment is a converted German Battle tank converted to fire use. It belongs to North Tree Fire. Next to it is a FMC Skidgine which belongs to Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters from NW Montana. Photo compliments of Woody.

Skidgine: This is a piece of equipment that was used to fight fires in steep areas of the Biscuit Fire, Missionary Ridge Fire and the Hinman Fire in Steamboat Springs CO. Photo compliments of Woody.

Mobile Command: This is a brand new piece of equipment (Obadiah's Wildfire Fighters) that will hopefully help relive some of the communications and dust free work areas that Incident Command personal must contend with. Photo compliments of Woody.

Hotshots w/ Pumpkin: Members of the Augusta Hotshots from Roanoke VA help fill a pumpkin on the Fridley Fire MT. Compliments of Ben Croft, USFS / MTDC.

Thermo Man 1&2: MTDC Research Photo. Awaiting more information. Compliments of Ben Croft, USFS /MTDC.

Julian Cuyamaca Fire: Photo sent in by Matthew.

Ventura Co Transports: The title says it all. Photo sent in by Lakers.

North Carolina Dozer series: These photos are of a control burn the Forest Service did about 30 min. north of Charlotte NC. The Dozer is a D-5H with a trailer fire plow. Photos compliments of Jonathan.

Equipment 6

Roof Nozzle Test: Here's a photo of the ERE Inc. equipment. The 112 is an 8x8. Photo submitted by Richard.

FMC: Photo compliments of Theresa.

CDF Transport: This is Transport 2540 on the Freeway Fire. The fire occurred on south-bound Interstate 5 in between Redding and Red Bluff CA. Photo by Andrew H.

Skidgeon: Clark Skidgene. Has 8ft. blade with brush guard, 320 gal. tank with Honda 380 GPM pump, drafts, tank drops anywhere fast, 32000 LB. winch, full lighting, front monitor, all safety gear etc. Currently used on initial attack and on structure protection. This machine is capable of storm clean up, earthquake cleanup, and numerous fire duties including prescribed burns. It also drives on pavement for a quick response from one residence to another. The skidgene now is equipped with foam. Alot of experience in many aspects of fire fighting. Photo and machine compliments of Eric Massett.

Eric's Morooka and Morooka From the Rear: 1994 Morooka (Komatsu) 2000 Gal. With Foam, D7 power,4x3 Hyd. operated pump, 32 in. tracks, climb 57%, Drafts full in 3 min. Only 700hrs. on machine, helicopter fill on top, with many extras. Fire or Rescue. This machine will follow a cat, drive around a house, or on paved roads. Just built.. Photo and machine compliments of Eric Massett.

Water Tender 55: This picture is of Water Tender 55 out of West Valley Ca. He is filling up a pumpkin on the Hill fire. Picture by Andrew H.

Pumpin' in Canada: Here are some pics I thought you might like. We do things a little differently up here but thought you all could relate. Photos compliments of Brian Allen, Pickle Lake Fire Base, Ontario. For more go to Fire 19 and Engines 7  photo pages.

Webgear n Driptorches & Hotshots n Hoses: Basic Firefighter equipment. Compliments of a hotshot.

Dozer 2542: This is dozer 2542. He is cutting line on the 36 fire. The fire was on  highway 36 east of Red Bluff. Picture by Andrew H.

Union HS Buggies: Compliments of DF.

Targhee Tender: Burnout in Cabin Creek drainage challenges control line on Winslow Fire's Division Yankee. Continental Divide in southeast Idaho. August 2003. Engine in foreground is 3000 gallon 6x6 OshKosh Tactical Tender/Type 3 pumping to three hose lays. (The burnout was successful and control lines were held). Photo by E. A. Wright.

Bubba: 1600 Gallon CAFS 220 FMC in Action. Photo compliments of Woody.

Wildland Tendinet: Tiger Trucking of Colville Washington Mickey Mama built the wildland Tendine last year. The craftsmanship is excellent. the engineering and tank, pump, and plumbing was done by General Fire in Spokane. While I was on the Lincoln Complex Montana a friend of Mickey's said he was working the fires south of Missoula or Idaho. Photo contributed by Mt Linker.

En Route to Loma: Crew Buggies of the Lewis & Clark Hotshots on the way to the Loma Fire 9/17/03. They stop for dinner in Arcata CA and Mellie snaps a photo of their buggies.

Dozer '02: This is Dozer 1 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department putting in dozerline on the Placerita Fire in Santa Clarita, CA. Photo from 2002 Fire Season, compliments of MTD.

Tender: Watertender 19 of the Vandenburg Air Force Base FD. (Left) Front end of Engine 31 from the Angeles NF. Picture taken at Vandenburg AFB on the Sudden Ranch Fire. photo from 2002 Fire Season, compliments of MTD.

Dozer Line: CDF Dozer that hightailed it out of the flamefront in the background. Picture taken on a dirt road at the Pines Fire. Photo from 2002 Fire Season, compliments of MTD.

San Marcos T-62: Here's a photo of CA OES Water Tender 62 which our dept. staffs and operates. This is a brand new WT delivered in Aug. of 2003. It immediately saw service on a couple of small incidents, and then was sent to the Roblar Fire on Camp Pendleton and then to the Cedar Fire (2003). San Marcos FD is located in San Diego County, and we are heavily involved in wildland fire suppression, even though we are technically "pavement pukes". Photo compliments of Jay.

Equipment 7

Portuguese Tender: Portuguese photos compliments of Antonio Josť Pina.

Type III Tender: This is the Type III Water Tender I built this winter for the 2004 Fire season. It looks more like a Engine than a Tender but I wanted it to do more than just wet roads and Tender the Brush Trucks. It has 2 pumps a 55 HP Hale and a 5.5 HP Honda so it can do Hose Lays or Booster Hose work also. Photo compliments of Mark.

Soft Track & Trucks: Our FMC skidgine and trucks. Photo compliments of Theresa from Soft Track Attack.

Forwarder 1 & 2: Forwarder Fish Ck Complex Lolo N.F. 09/03. Photos compliments of Brian Arvish.

FMC Staging 1 & 2: FMC Staging in Grangeville, ID. Nez Pierce N.F. 08/03. Photos compliments of Brian Arvish.

Excavator: Excavator mopping up a hot spot. Fish Ck. Complex Lolo N.F. 09/03. Photos compliments of Brian Arvish.

Building the Dip: Photo compliments of Mad Red Zeke.

Muscles: Photo compliments of Mad Red Zeke.

The Water Machine: Morooka MST 2000 with a 235 HP Komatsu engine. The tank capacity is 2000 gal. with a FOAM unit. The water machine is able to be filled on a fire line by helicopter. There are 2 pumps; one is a hydraulic operated 4/3 Berkley, 600 GPM drafting pump. The other is an 18HP Honda Forrester, with 325 PSI and is also a drafting pump. This machine is able to draft full in 3 min. and pumps pressure at the same time Photo compliments of Eric Massett.

Eagle Fire Series: Here are a few of the photos that I took on 5/3/04 at the Eagle fire near Temecula. Photo compliments of Jack F.

Orchard Driptorches: I stumbled onto something the other day at a fire that made me think of a question from the IMWTK section. The question was asked of when the drip torch made its first debut and although I don't have a date for it I do have a picture and some information that would seem to back up what Zimm said about the drip torch having been around for some time and being used in orchards first. This photo was taken at a fire that butted up to a plum orchard (I think they were plums as I recall) and as you can see its looking pretty aged. Hope this helps in tracking down the history of wildfire. Photo compliments of NCCrew.

FL Dozer: I am an amateur photographer out of Lake Helen FL. Here's a photo I took of a dozer on a 12 acre fire just outside of town 4/20/04. Florida is getting dry; it looks like it might be a rough season. Photo compliments of George White.

H1 Rear Side and H1 Side: H-1 w/ Terra Torch, New England National Forests (Green Mountain NF). Photo compliments of Lenny.

Equipment 8

BLM Water Tender: BLM Water Tender 3192 stationed at Kernville, CA. Photo compliments of CL.

Skidgine: A 1998 Timberjack 460DA w/ a removable water tank. Photo compliments of AB.

Ft Lewis Dozer: & Ft Lewis Torch:  Photos from Ft. Lewis WA. Just a few from a whole bunch sent in by RS of redcard certification training including for S-234 and a redcard burn. If anyone needs photos for a training powerpoint of handline construction, lookout posted, correct fireline garb, etc, email Ab. Photos compliments of RS.

Wet n Red Tender & Nozzle Test: This is a Type III water tender I built myself. It holds 6,000 gallons, has 2 pumps -- a 55 HP Hale and a 5.5 HP Honda so it can do Hose Lays or Booster Hose work. Photos compliments of Mark.

CDF D4H Load: This is a CDF Transport with a D4H loaded piggy-back. Stationed at Belmont CA, used statewide for wildland firefighting. Photo compliments of CZU.

CZU 1741 on Geysers: CDF D4H on the Geyser fireline. The fire started 9/5 and was contained 9/9/04. It burned 12,525 acres, and threatened hundreds of interface homes and businesses near Geyserville. 1741 is stationed at Belmont CA, used statewide for wildland firefighting. Photo compliments of CZU.

Pleasant Valley HS Buggy: Picture of crew buggy with the Willow fire in the background. PV was the first crew, IA the fire when it was about 150 acres and PV was the last crew to leave when it was 120,000 acres. Photo compliments of BG.

USFS Water Tender: This is the typical USFS water tender. It is made by Pierce on a '02-'04 International 7400 DT530 chassis. This one is WT38 of Grindstone Ranger District on Mendocino NF. Photo taken on July 23, 2004 at Stonyford Work Center. Photo compliments of Jeff McD.

CNF Radio Shop: Well, it was the radio shop. Photographer?

CDF Gear: Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

Portuguese Water Tender: Photo compliments of Luis Soares, who is a volunteer in Zambujal, Portugal.

Hose Rolling: It is said that no job is finished 'till the paperwork's done. Well, no fire is finished 'till the hose is rolled. (Busy firefighters are happy firefighters!) Kitsap Structure Protection Team, DP-18, Fischer Fire, Wenatchee National Forest. August 2004. Photo compliments of EAW.

Equipment Under Fire: a fire out in the training area, Fort Lewis. Aprox. 100 acres. Photo compliments of Ric S.

JS with Pistol, 1 & 2: Here are a few photos from a burnout using the Fire Quick Launcher on the Rumsey Fire 2004. Photos taken by Wes Shultz.

Keene FlightCrew Buggy: Our crew buggy, Keene Flight Crew, Home of H-555. Photo from Keene Flight Crew.

MCF Dozer: A 1998 John Deere 450G LT, just moping up at a wildfire seen near Liberty, Mississippi. Photo compliments of Will.

CalHydro Tender: This is a photo of one of two of our Cal Hydro water tenders. It was taken in 2004 at the Kincaid/San Antone fires in the San Jose Mt Hamilton area. Photo compliments of Robert O'Connor.

Equipment 9

Helitack Training Aid: A shot from the Independence "Helitack" Base in Ca. I think this is a future "training aid" since they do rappel training there. Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

Tractor Plow, D5H LGP & D4H LGP, Putting in bridge, Equipment Maintenance & Irrigation Crew: Photos from the Corapeake Road Fire in the Great Dismal Swamp NWR on the NC/VA border during May & June 2004. About 240 acres started by a lighting strike, mostly ground fire and it took several weeks and a lot of water from a half dozen high capacity pumps to saturate the 640 acre block the fire was in.

Regarding the blades on our Tractors: Due to the hurricane activity around here over the past few years we have a lot of blown down trees and branches. The "Storm Blades" are all homemade in our maintenance shops and although they all look the same they are all slightly different. We use them to push away the debris so that the plows can get down in the ground and not fouled up with a lot of wood debris. I know that all of the fire control tractors in NCDFR Region 1 (eastern part of state) have them but I am not sure about the rest of the state. I don't know where the design originated and although they work fine our purpose they are not very good for trying to grade the terrain! Photos compliments of Woody.

Tennessee Dozers & Rigs Series: Here are a few pics of the Tennessee forestry new dozers and rigs. It's a big upgrade going from ford 700 sirs sterling and deer to cat. Photos compliments of Brian W.

BLM Engine: Rear view of Type - 4 heavy engine Albuquerque, NM, BLM. Photo compliments of Forrest P.

Dozer & LPNF Crew #1: Photo compliments of helishot-ff.

GIS Flames: Poppet Flats 2005, cool way to accurately map a fire. Photo compliments of Fire Geek.

Field Observer: What a field observer sees. Photo compliments of Fire Geek.

Orco Dozers on Sierra Fire IA: Orange County initial attack resources. Photos compliments of Ryan J.

Katrina Assist Series: The photos were taken in Oct. & Nov. 2005 during the Katrina Assistance event. The tractors are from NC, LA & GA. A Variety of JD450, 650, 750 lgp & Cat D5h lgp. The V Blades are home made for hurricane blowdown and an assortment of vertical lift plows, 2 disc plows & 4 disc plows. I'm sorry I do not know who the photographers are as a lot of people were dumping photos to laptops at the ICP all during the assistance program for Washington, ST Tammany, & Tangipahoa Parish's in LA. Been There, Done That, Got the "T" Shirt. Photos sent in by Woody, NCDFR.

Equipment 10

Helitorch Series 1-4:  Brand new helitorch, only dropped once. Wyoming 2005. Photos compliments of Burns B.

Gila Helitack Helibase Trailer: Photo compliments of Henry G. (10/06)

KY Dozer/Transport: Dozer and Transport, Standby Pleasant Valley, Greenup County KY. Photo compliments of Tony Brew. (0606)

Rehab Equipment: Photo compliments of ? Photo came in in Feb06.

Prescott NF Tender 3: Prescott National FOrest Water Tender 3 based at Prescott Fire Station 71, (City FD station) This is brand new water tender from the Bradshaw Ranger District, holds 3400 gallons. Photo compliments of Mike L. (0706)

Green Hornet Tender: I started on a Green Hornet 2X4 and then we were issued a Mormon Harrington cabover 4X4. They both had a Wisconson air cooled pump engine on a 4 stage centrifugal pump. This photo was taken at the old FS station on San Marcos Pass, on the LP on June 22, 1953. Good ole days. Photo compliments of Doug Campbell. (0706)

Crew Haul ANF: From '02. Photo compliments of SoCal FF. (1006)

Packing Harvey: Packer Dave Roak packing equipment and food in to firefighters on the Harvey Fire, WFU, part of the Yolla Bolly (lightning) Complex on the MNF near Covelo. Photo sent in by Muleskinner. Ab thinks it was taken by someone in the USFS. If you know the photographer, please let us know so we can give credit. (1006)

FS Packing Bar: USFS Packers in the Fire Fight on the Bar Complex Fires, Credit: USFS. Photo sent in by RJM. (1006)

Tracked Loader: Tracked-loader-with-200-gal-tank on trailer. Photo compliments of Steve S. (0906)

Loading Up & Rx Ignition: Photo compliments of Lance R. (1006)

APC series: Here are a couple of pictures of our fire fighting equipment that we have here in Washington State. We have the only 2 in the U.S.. They are converted M113 military track vehicles with 400 gallon tanks and pumps. It's a type 6 on crack. Photos compliments of Marty Schmoker, Artillery Concepts. (6/07)

CAL FIRE Dozer and Crew Transport: One of five new Cal Fire D-6 dozers and also one of 48 Cal Fire Emergency Crew Transports (ECT's) being built up now. Photos compliments of Normbc9 (0707)

Equipment 11

CalFire Dozer 4442: On the Witch Fire. Photo compliments of DW, Grouchyoldzrdude. (1107)

Firefighting Train Car 1 & 2: This is an UNUSUAL Firefighting Rig. It was built by BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad) up in Spokane Washington. It carries:

1) 3,250 Gallon water tanks
2) 500 Gallon Foam Tank
3) Honda Pumps (1 on each end)
4) Honda Generator hooked up to bright halogen lights for night work or smoky conditions
5) movable water cannons mounted on a platform (1 on each end)

BNSF worked with USFS and Washington Dept of Natural Resources to make sure all fittings and hoses were compatible. They can haul it to the fire by train then park it and let fire personnel staff it. Per BNSF they build this due to several fires started by their trains each year and wildfires threatening their railroad assets. They are considering pulling this along during rail grinding ops each year when a lot of their fires start. Photo compliments of Mike. (1107)

SP Fire Train 1940s-50s: Old photo of SP X2181, I think near Truckee 1940/50s.   Lots of  water and might have put out more fire than it started. Photo compliments of Old LPF

Zaca Firing Dozer: Contract dozer on Hwy 33 north of Ozena on the Zaca Fire during firing operation. Photo compliments of TD. (0907)

LONG Zaca 2 Dozer Line: Zaca dozerline, supposedly the longest in history. Zaca 2 Fire burned on the LPF, 2007 in early-mid August. Photos compliments of ACW. (0907) For more photos from ACW of the Zaca 2 Fire, see Fire 36, Engines 18 and Engines 19 and Airtankers 24.

Moonlight Dozers and Moonlight Feller Buncher: Two Dozers, Feller buncher and engine passing; Moonlight Fire, PNF / LNF Sept 2007. Photos compliments of ACW. (0907) For more photos from ACW of the Moonlight Fire, see Fire 36, Engines 18, Handcrews 22 and Airtankers 24.

SBC Dozer on Slide Fire: Dozer 2, San Bernardino County Fire Dept, Slide Fire 2007. Photo compliments of AS. (0108)

FL DOF John Deere Dozer: Myakka (my District, DOF) - 44/45 a 2007 Sterling transport with a 2006 John Deere 650J Dozer and  (I believe a 1975 Mathis double disk fire line plow). Photo compliments of JP. (0308)

New Type 10 Light Engine: Photos compliments of Ed H in R6. (0308)

Dozer Operators Plan: Early morning hours on July 6 on division Q of Motion Inc. Shasta Trinity Unit, Cal Fire. SHU 4727. Dozer operators "making the plan" of heading over the edge, to Lake Shasta. Operators off of Dozer 2442, and Dozer 2340. Photo compliments of squeeb. (0808)

School House Fire Camp, 1965 or '66: I ran in some slides taken on the School House Fire on the LP in 1965/66 Cuyama RD (now part of Mt. Pinos RD). Time Keepers were in long trailer on left and the small trailer to the right of center was Plans. The copy machine was carbon paper. No tents: the kitchen had a tarp over the stove and a shower was what you got when you got home. Times have changed. Photo compliments of jmck. (0808) My records for the Schoolhouse Fire confirm it was in early July, 1966. I was a rookie on the Dalton crew with only two weeks on the job. The Schoolhouse Fire was my first large fire and I was on the fire for two days. I remember night shift, some squirrely winds at a saddle, and backfiring with one gallon cans of napalm with a pull fuse. BobW (0112)

French Fire Transport & French Forestry Wildfire: The first photo is of a truck that is able to take any accidented water supply truck, or, in this case, to have a "bush clearer" or a bulldozer in order to take out vegetal fuel during wildfire intervention. They belong to the French National Forest Office (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment) in south-eastern French Mediterranean climate zone (Provence). The second photo is of a light water supply wildfire truck (600 liters) of the French Forestry National Office, where i work as a forest captain. Photos compliments of  L. Marsol. (0708)

Hazard Tree OR-WNF: I'm passing along a sobering reminder about how quickly and how badly (could have been alot worse) being in the wrong place at the wrong time on a wildfire can be. Ray H<snip> poses atop what's left of his vehicle after a fire weakened Douglas Fir broke off and fell onto the road where he and another firefighter had just parked to checkout some of the fire. They heard the tree crack as they stepped out and ran hard to get away. This was truly a close call. Another vehicle had pulled away from this spot a few seconds before. This is on the Kitson Fire, on the Willamette National Forest. It happened about 4:30 PM on September 26, 2008. Tips for hazard tree situational awareness. Photo sent in by JMD. (1008)

First Fire Shelter: Teepee Fire Shelter photo from 11/29/63. Photo sent in by Retiree. (Bruce0908)

Historical Fire Shelter newspaper photos: See also IMWTK on shelters and the History of development.

Equipment 12

Tractor Plow Mishap Series of 5: A few tractor plow photos from a fire that did not go so well for me. Photos compliments of DRJ (1008)

LA County Heavy Equipment Pictures 1-7, Day Fire, Desert & Christmas, Hog Fire, Ranch & Santiago Fires, Dozer and Flames: Photos compliments of Todd Damann, LACoFD Heavy Equipment (1108) To see more photos visit the CA dozer operators' website:

Soft Track -Converted Log Puller series (6 photos): Taken 7/30/08 on the Telegraph Fire, Mariposa County, CA, Branch III, Division M. The operator told me it is a converted log puller with 1,500 gallons of water, pump, blade. Interesting. They're out of Yaak, Montana - look it up. Last photo is image of Cal Fire crews loading the Soft Track with hose and equipment necessary to extend a hose line on Division M. Operator on top helping load. Photos compliments of notnownotever. (ws0808)

Fire Train 1 & 2:  These pics were taken at the Butte Lightning Complex around 7/11/08. Are the Union Pacific rail tracks along the Feather River. According to the train crew, this train is sent where fire endangers the rail, mainly to protect the bridges. It has five or six water tanks (12,000+ gallons each) and monitors. There are two engines, one on each end, so the train can be split and protect each side of the bridge. Big comes to mind! Photos compliments of notnownotever. (ws0808)

Equipment 13

Fire Train (series of 5 photos):  These pics were taken at the Butte Lightning Complex around 7/11/08. Are the Union Pacific rail tracks along the Feather River. According to the train crew, this train is sent where fire endangers the rail, mainly to protect the bridges. It has five or six water tanks (12,000+ gallons each) and monitors. There are two engines, one on each end, so the train can be split and protect each side of the bridge. Big comes to mind! Photos compliments of notnownotever. (ws0808)

Water Canon Test: From an email 10/2006. Here is a picture of my Type II Tender putting out over 750 GPM with the Water Cannon Spraying out over 130+ ft at 250+ GPM. Who said Contract Equipment is not set up right or needed on the fires! Photo compliments of Mark Hendershot. (bp1006)

Pressurized Cab Filter:  Having gotten sick on many fires due to dust and smoke I decided to install a Pressurized Cab Filter on my Water Tender Cab. I now have 2 of them and they filter over 950 CFM of air into the cab so no dust or smoke can get inside. All areas the dust leaks into has pressurized air going out and it can't get in the gaps or windows. I also keep a Full Face Mask with Hepa/Organic Filters for extreme smoke on back burns when you can't keep out of it. After putting them on the cab, I do not get sick from the dust and it is nice to breath fresh filtered air! Not sure how you can deal with this problem outside of the trucks but if you have a Engine or Tender, this is the way to go. Here is a picture of one of the filter systems. This one blows air right next to my face and the other does the whole cab. This keeps 99% of the dust from forming on the dash and floors also. There very easy to build if you do not want to buy a kit. Photo compliments of Mark Hendershot. (bp0507)

Adapix Digital Pen: Photo is of Yosemite SAR Ranger/GIS Specialist Paul D using Adapx digital pen at SAR City. Adapx digital pen is one of the best tools for field data collection during emergency operations since the GPS receiver! It is well suited for non-GIS savvy individuals. Photo and opinion compliments of Tom, ESRI Wildland Fire Specialist. (0109)

NV-Jarbidge '08: Jarbidge Fire, Nevada, 2008. Photo compliments of Bill M. (0109)

Mark III Pump:  Anyone know where that Mark III kit is? Woops, sometimes, the day doesn’t go quite as planned. Photo compliments of Snake River Sparky. (0109)

St Marks NWR Rx Burn, Florida 1-3: A few from a RX burn held at St Marks NWR in FL. Notice the rattlesnake. More Rx photos on Fire 40. Photos compliments of Mark G. (0209)

Feller Buncher burned over: Here's a picture of the origin of the Lick Creek Fire (Washington State, August 2005). Photo compliments of  Firewall. (skl0206)

PA Lowboy/Dozer: This was taken at a fire in Butler Twp, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania on 4-19-08. More photos of this fire and equipment involved in fighting it on Fire 39, Airtankers 28 and Engines 22. Photo sent in by Trucksville Fire. (0408)

Moon Fire Rollover 1 & 2: These are from the Moon Fire, Shasta Trinity Lightning Complex 07/08. Contract dozer, no injuries, total damage: broken light lens. Photos compliments of  DL. (0206)

Tanker (Engine) 535 '74 plus Jim Rangel & the Grey Ghost: (0309) More on Handcrews 25, Helicopters 27, Engines 22, Engines 23.
(1) Tanker (engine) 535, '74; :  LPNF Ojai RD Tanker 535, Temescal Station, 1974.  Model 50.  2WD Ford, 6 cyl gas, 5 speed manual (no synchros) w/ 2 speed splitter.  250 gal tank, 5800' hose.  (The "Ojai" progressive packs weighed 74 pounds each; this was pre-lightweight hose). 

(2)  Jim Rangel & the Grey Ghost '74:  Jim Rangel (Oak Flat AFPT 544, LPNF Ojai RD), taking his "Mule Operators' License" exam, at Temescal Station.

Piru Cnyn #1, 1974:  (L-R): Bob Lanier, T545 (LP Ojai, Oak Flat Sta) Foreman; Al Moreno, P534 (LP Ojai, Temescal Sta) FPT; Stan DeLong, LP Ojai AFCO(S); & Epi Abeyta, T535 (Temescal) Foreman.  Stan's not happy; Bob doesn't much care...  (A kewpie doll and a lead dirigible to whoever can spot the missing detail on the engine... er, tanker) Historical photo compliments of Pyro. (0309)

Equipment 14

Veri Pistol Malfunction (5 photos): These photos were circulating among the fire safety and hotshot communities. Description is posted on theysaid on 4/13/09. Followup from Dan Fiorito on 4/14/09 indicates that this is not a Very Pistol but a Quoin Flare Launcher.

Helicopter Crash 1977 (2 photos): When I heard about the Black Hills' helitack reunion, I dug out my slides from the 70s I took when I was working on the Custer District. Here are a couple from the day helitack was looking for a smoke west of Custer and the engine blew up. It was amazing that the three crew members walked (limped) away. They were aiming for a meadow on the decent, but I think the trees broke their fall. Still, they crashed hard as you can see--really between a rock and a hard place. I was working the lookout on Bear Mountain that day so long ago. Photos compliments of  IRGirl. (0609)

WT with Tennant Sunset: CA-KNF-Tennant, I took this at 20:10 hrs 7/19. We are about 100 mile due east of the Tennant Fire on the Nevada border. It is looking like the Biscuit. Photo compliments of  Linker. (0709)

Train Fire 1-4: Photos compliments of firehorse. (0809)

"Rules are Rules.....Railroad Style....."

The Good news: It was a normal day in Sharon Springs , KS when a Union Pacific crew boarded a loaded coal train for the long trek to Salina.

The Bad news: Just a few miles into the trip a wheel bearing became overheated and melted, letting a metal support drop down and grind on the rail, creating white hot molten metal droppings spewing down to the rail.

The Good news
: A very alert crew noticed smoke about halfway back in the train and immediately stopped the train in compliance with the rules.

The Bad news: The train stopped with the hot wheel over a wooden bridge with creosote ties and trusses.

(In defense of the crew, according to Sixgun Jr., the crew tried to 'splain to higher-ups, but were instructed not to move the dam* train!)


(But, don't let common sense get in the way of a good disaster!)

Equipment 15

Dismantling a HeliWell: The words under the photos describe the process. Photos compliments of Mellie. (0709)

Equipment 16

Misery Whip Saw: Photo compliments of A. W. Ericson, a Humboldt County photographer at the turn of the century; home is in the Humboldt State University Library archives. Sent in by Mellie (0809)

La Brea Dozers 1 & 2: In these pics Los Angeles County Fire Depts Dozer 1 & 2 worked along side Ventura County's Dozer 4. All pics were from the north side of the fire, 3/16/09, Branch 4 Div X & Y. Photos compliments of Dozer Crew. (td0809)

New Mariposa Co Fire Equipment: Mariposa County Fire is a small fire department in central California but we have recently been blessed with the ability to acquire 12 new engines and 4 new water tenders. Built by Pierce, the water tenders and 1 engine are on their way to CA. The other engines, off the assembly line and inspected, will follow at a rate of 4 per week. This will allow us in County Fire to be safer in our jobs and also be more effective in saving peoples homes. Photo compliments of  CDS. (0809)

Photos from Boze Fire, Oregon: Photos compliments of Robert, Xtreme Wildland Inc. (0909)
Firing Ops 24, 36, 37 &46 : taken of firing ops on the evening of 9/21/09 these are the Wolf Creek shots on Div. G road 7521. We had successfully pretreated the green with CAFS without a single spot.
Extinguishing: a stump/log pile 46 using CAFS from Xtreme Wildland tender
Extinguishing slash: extinguishing slash pile with CAFS (supplied by Xtreme Wildland Tac Tender #5) individual is ENGB from BLM 676? out of Roseburg.
Rainbow Fire:
Our wake up surprise of an undiscovered "Rainbow" fire about 3 air miles off to our South. This was taken 30 minutes before we pulled ALL resources off of the Boze fire. Photo compliments of Robert, Xtreme Wildland Inc. (0909)

Station Fire, Dozer: and crews changing tactics with Increasing Fire Behavior. See also Fire 43 photo page for the intensifying fire behavior. Pretty amazing to witness this kind of fire behavior on a daily basis. These pics were taken on Div Q from the south side of Cogswell Reservoir. LA county dozer walking up to start pushing indirect line between Pine Mtn and Monrovia Pk. Drainage shown is the mouth of Devils canyon as it spotted across and started chewing up some real estate to the north towards Chilao and Mt Waterman. Photo of Texas Canyon HS walking up Cogswell Reservoir to try to anchor in and try to get direct line up out of river canyon and keep fire from spreading any more to the south of San Gabrial River. Increased fire behavior in that area caused the HS Crews (Mendo, Dalton, Truckee and Little T to pull back for a bit while the helitankers put it back in check. Photos compliments of FOBS 99. (0909)

Dozer: On Humboldt Fire in Butte, 6/15/08. Photo compliments of BTU Oroville Station. (1009)

Chariot Fire GIS, Fire Geek, First PDA on Fire, GPS, PDA, Cell Phone: Historical images. Photos compliments of Fire Geek (1109). From a presentation at Humboldt State University on 11/18/09 for GIS Day. Also: Esperanza Fire Progression video: Maybe there are some places firefighters should be instructed not to go. Poppet Flats, the green island in the center, has a very different topography than that of the Esperanza fatality site. In addition their WUI had undergone fuels reduction treatments for 4 years. The topography at the fatality site is much different. Ab.

Equipment 17

Watchout for Gates Improperly Opened: R5 Safety Message. Most of us have to drive through access gates at some point of our driving careers. We have had numerous incidents with gates swinging in the wind and hitting vehicles. This guy caught a gate that was probably hidden by the tree line as he rounded the corner. Share the following pictures with your personnel. Look at all four pictures to see how lucky this guy really was. (He was inches away from talking in a really high voice! Ab.)

USFS Region 5 Model 48 Computer: or "Whiz Wheel" Marty Alexander sent this in with a question and it shows how far firefighting technology has progressed since the 1960s. He says, "I believe this was called the USFS Region 5 Model 48 Computer and was produced in the 60s based on spread rates from individual fire reports but I'd like to get confirmation."  Photo compliments of Marty Alexander. (0110) He got confirmation. Ab.

Cattail burning & Mash Master: Fall 2006 at Hamden Slough NWR prescribed burn, Audubon MN. By Mike Murphy. (ss0307)

STF Dozer 51 on Telegraph Fire: Operator Tom Lane. (0310)

VNC Dozers on Zaca, Sheckell & La Brea: VNC Dozer 3 on Zaca Fire, Santa Barbara, 2007. VNC Dozer 2 on Sheckell Fire 2008. VNC Dozer 4 on LaBrea Fire, 2009. Photos compliments of Scott Price. (0310)

KS-Flint Hills NWR 1-3: Rx burn 4/9/07, KS-FLR. Photos compliments of Matt Zumbrunn. (0108)

CO-Berry Creek 1-2:
These are pictures of the Berry Creek Wildfire ignited 7-3-07 by Fireworks above Edwards, Colorado; Upper Colorado River Fire Management. Photos compliments of Matt Zumbrunn. (0108)

CO-Harnage Creek:
Taken on 7-20-2007 of the Harnage Creek Fire just south of Eagle, CO. We were mopping up the Berry Creek Fire and witnessed a single lightning bolt. 20 minutes later a smoke report was received. It shows what we saw when we arrived. Photos compliments of Matt Zumbrunn. (0108)

Redbags on the Rainbelt Complex, AK: This was the Railbelt Complex in AK taken around Aug 2, 2009. Photo compliments of Nate H. (0310) Look on Fire 44 photo page for the full pic of the column.

Equipment 18

Saws 'n Packs, Burnout, Rhino Tool, Ping Pong Ball Machine, Alaska Equipment: Collection of equipment photos some requested for a powerpoint. Probably from some fed fire site... (0310)

Nature Conservancy Rig: The Nature Conservancy's Southern Rockies Fire Use Module from Pueblo, CO. A 2008 GMC C5500 4x4, helitack style. Headed south on Hwy. 101 after leaving the Panther Fire on Klamath NF. (An F-450 is in the background.) Taken 09/26/08. Photo compliments of Jeff McD. (0810)

Dry Creek Dozers: Dry Creek Complex 09 Hanford Dozers putting in disc line. Photo compliments of Zimm. (0910)

Green Dragon 1 & 2:  The Green Dragon on the Oak Flat fire in Oregon on September 3rd, 2010. This was the first time it had ever been used on an actual wildfire. Photos compliments of LP. (0910)

Cachagua Terratorch: Tthe Cachagua Terra Torch (New Generation Torch) doing a burn for BLM in Fresno County. Photo compliments of Skee. (1010)

WT 83, Dozer Transport 4540, & Dozer Transport 4541: WT 83, 1250 gpm / 3200 gal., Type 1, Rescue FD; Dozer Transport 4540, El Dorado Station, pic taken in 1985; Dozer Transport 4541, Pilot Hill Station, pic taken in 1986. Photos compliments of Karl Elze, Sr. (0910)

Chaps, Necessary PPE: Chaps prevent chainsaw cuts... If you have access to the internal Forest Service web... Lessons Learned Chain Saw Cut prevented by Wearing Chaps, 

Klump Pump transported by helicopter 26HX: Transported on a long line by helicopter 26HX. Photos of 26HX (AS350B3) lifting a Klump Pump in Happy Camp, CA on the Fort Complex fire, August, 2012. Photos compliments of Marie, the pilot's wife. Two more photos on Helicopters 30 photo page. (alfon0912) Hotlist thread for CA-KNF-Fort Complex Fires.

You Tube clip of a helicopter transporting a Klump Pump on a long line in similar terrain on the Iron Complex in 2009. What is a Klump Pump? An innovation by a firefighter!

Dozer Whisperer: A dozerboss leading his 1975 D9 into the Safety Zone above Millican Crater trailhead. The fire was Pole Creek, near Sisters Oregon, Sept. 9th through October 30, 2012. Photo credit Todd Reinwald, Deschutes N.F. (db1012)

Tanks Coming Thru 1&2: Here are a couple of unique fire pics from the KS-DOD-Calfex complex. Always something new in fire, that’s one of the things that makes it enjoyable…first time I’d ever had tanks driving through ICP and staging areas, or had to wait to IA a rapidly growing fire because you can’t move past the tanks that are still shooting. Safety Zone takes on a whole new meaning when the fire is less of a threat than the tanks that caused it! Photo courtesy of KSENGB. (1212)

Equipment 19

ESRI Regional Mapping Office on the Gulf Coast: Near Real-time Mapping during the oil spill. Photos compliments of Tom Patterson of ESRI. Photos of the "Inmarsat BGAN terminal which has been in use worldwide on many disasters where there is no Internet connectivity or cell towers. The one I’ve used during the Queensland floods, Australia and Deepwater Horizon Incident in the Gulf of Mexico permits a dozen computers, cell-phones or PDAs to connect to the Internet through Wi-FI and not only does it transmit/receive data but also serves as a SatPhone for voice communications. They also make a smaller unit that can be carried in a fire pack that can be used with a single device. The attached photos shows how we were able to provide near real-time mapping from literally IN the Gulf of Mexico. These portable units are easy to set up just point it south… unless you’re on an Australia bushfire, then point it north… it even has a built in compass and emits a loud audio tone when you have the greatest signal strength I believe I was sending updates to Ab in one of the attached pics.(04/13)

Klump Pump: Set up by Gunner Johnson, Cal Fire Captain Oakhurst Station 12 on Aspen fire, Minarets Heli-Spot for crash fire rescue and dust abatement. This was the first time used in this capacity. It was filled by an OES WT from the Bay area and staffed by H502 crew from Scott Valley. Photos compliments of AJD (FS Retired) (0813)

( If you have photos you want to share, send them in! )

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