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Groveland Fire '87 Big Bar Complex '99 Manter Fire '00
Valley Complex '00 ThirtyMile '01 Creek Fire '01
Moose Fire '01 WTC & Pentagon '01 Biscuit Fire '02
GrandPrix/Old/Simi '03 Cedar Fire '03 Tuolumne Fire '04
Bray Creek Ranch '05 Bar Complex '06 Catalina Island Fire '07
7 Oak Burnover '07 Irish Spring Fire '07 Iron Lightning Cplx '08
Australia's Wildfires '09 Jesusita Firestorm '09

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Azlight: Gathered off one of the many lightning pages on the net. Ab.

Fire 1: Origin unknown. Ab.

Fire 2: Marre Fire, Los Padres NF, 1996?

Fire5: Awakened at 0300 from my first real bed in 20 some days in a Quaker Oats owned resort just outside of Silver Gate, Montana during the Yellowstone fires. The fire front hit us and the resort about two hours later, we lost no structures. Ab.

Fire 3: Origin unknown.

Light 1-2: From one of the lightning pages on the net. Ab.

MNF Island & MNF, IR: A huge fire on the Mendocino National Forest in 1996? As I recall it was over 300,000 acres and threatened many small communities. These aerial pics, one in infrared, came from a NASA experimental aerial page whose location I have long since forgotten. Ab. Followup from TC: These are actually aerial pics of the Fork Fire, on the MNF, 1996, around 83,000 acres.

Fire 4: Origin unknown.

Mop: Origin unknown.

Portola 1-2: Both these pics came from Cricket, a Fire Prevention Tech in R-5, initial attacking the Powerline Fire on the Plumas National Forest in 1987. Ab.

Rx 1: A resting drip torch after a hard day's work on the Juevos prescribed burn on the Plumas NF. Ab.

Yell 1, 3, 4: Backfiring (unsuccessfully) the Clover Mist fire, Yellowstone 1988. Ab.

Sunset 1: A smoky sunset on the Stanislaus National Forest around 1989. Ab.

Smoke 1: An alien spaceship beams down a heat ray to ignite a large forest fire. Not really, this rainbow halo effect due to a cheap camera focused on smoke in New Mexico 1988. Ab.

Yell2: The front approaches. Clover Mist, Yellowstone 1988. Ab.

Fire 2

Guest 1: No information given.

Guest 4c: Somewhere near Quincy, on the Plumas NF. Ab.

Guest 6: Enroute to a fire in Bell, New South Wales, Australia. Courtesy of Paul Harding.

Guest 11: End of January '99 somewhere in the Southwest. Thanks to Firedog.

Guest 13: 1977, 5 Mile fire in the jack pine of northwestern WI. Burned about 13,000 acres in one afternoon & evening. Courtesy of Jim G.

G15C, 15D and E: Initial attack on a lightning strike Boyer Complex, Plain Montana. Courtesy Dave Pitts owner of Ash Kickers Inc.

G16: The Lost Fire in 1977, on the Fremont NF in Southern Oregon. Courtesy of Paul in Region 6.

Night Fire: Evening burnout operations on the Gun II Fire, Northern Ca., 1999, from R5 Fire Captain.

Burnout: Summer. 10/99. Dan King (Burns Interagency Fire Zone) on the Stonehouse Fire. (OR-BUD-2205). Taken by Steve Morefield (AFMO Suppression) Enjoy. J. Manski.

Stockwell: Taken from a safety zone (one of many) during the Stockwell Fire on the Bighorn N.F. in 1996. Photo credit: Tim Foley.

Quincy 40's: I found this one while shuffling through some old photos at my folks..........Its Quincy Ca. in the 40's at my best guess. The fire scar is behind what is now Feather River College and stretches nearly to Snake Lake. I found it interesting and hope that maybe someone would know the name of the burn and maybe the year? All of my sources were either not there due to war or not born yet... R5 Firecapt.

Emerald Lake: The 1980 Emerald Lake Fire on the White River National Forest. This was a night-time burnout operation, which failed but provided for a wonderful photo opportunity. Photo credit: Tim Foley.

Electric: Here is a pic from the strange side. The hole that is actually on fire is an electric connection for a home. All we could do is let it burn itself out. Later, Keith.

Sunset: Taken on the Cimarron National Grassland outside of Elkhart, Kansas. Photo credit: Tim Foley.

Crown: Tree torching out on the Repeater Fire, Brookings OR, September 99. Courtesy of Eric.

Rat Creek: Crown fire coming down the west slope of the valley facing Hwy 97 near Chelan WA. Rat Creek Fire '94. Night shift -- about 300 of us were in a pasture that we had burned previously as a safety zone. Courtesy of Eric. The Rat Fire (1994-Wenatchee National Forest, Leavenworth Ranger District) started in the Icicle drainage SW of Leavenworth, WA. It burned East towards Cashmere, WA and jumped U.S. 97
near Dryden, WA. Info from Grover Payne.

Spanish: Spanish Fire when it blew out in the Summer of 99 in Santa Barbara County. Courtesy of firefighter Ben Forqueran.

Trailer: Structure protection on the Wolfskill Fire in 97. The main structure was saved, however this travel trailer, as you can see, was already well involved. Courtesy of Ben.

Fire 3

Coon Creek & Coon Creek2: Here's some pics of the Coon Creek Fire (2000) that I got from a buddy over there. Courtesy of Later, Dave.

Utah: Utah I-15 fires in 1996, from the Sorenson Complex. Courtesy of Tim.

Ridge: Kirk Fire, 1999. Courtesy of Burt.

Berryessa 1-7: Berryessa Fire, June 14th, 2000. Courtesy of Local Agency Volunteer Engineer.

Booth-Teller: This fire in very rugged terrain was started by a lighting strike on a U.S. Army installation (Ft Carson CO). Courtesy of Withamv.

Horton: Horton Fire, Plumas National Forest, 1999. Courtesy of Dave.

Bad Day 1 & 2: We all got out alive! Courtesy of Scott.

Juniper Fire: Juniper Fire. Courtesy DeeAnn.

May Fire: May Fire. Courtesy DeeAnn.

New Mexico 1 & 2: These were taken of the Viveash Fire from the back door of Santa Fe Dispatch. The one with all the vehicles was taken the first day of the fire. The other was the second day. Courtesy of orbic.

Fire 4

Cottonwood: Cottonwood Fire, Tahoe National Forest, 1994. Courtesy of Dave.

Torch: Taken on the Stockwell fire in 1996. Courtesy of Tim.

Interface: Taken during an Rx burn on the US Air Force Academy. Courtesy of Tim.

Lens Effect: Photo of lenticular cloud taken near Tehachapi, CA a few years ago. Courtesy of Rich.

Cerro Grande Fire: Los Alamos, NM, May 10, 2000 at sunset. Courtesy of Socket. National Park Service, Bandelier National Monument, Cerro Grande Rx Fire Investigative Report; also Cerro Grande Staff Ride.

Storrie Plume: Here is a photo of the Storrie Incident taken near the Chico airport. 08/19/00 Courtesy of Stu.

Fork Fire: The Fork Fire and taken on the U.S.F.S. Engine 21. Courtesy of Shane Morse.

Elk Bath: This is one of the most stunning fire pics that I have come across said WP who got it via e-mail and sent it in to theysaid. Photographer is now known to be John McColgan, FBAN on Joe Stam's Type 1 Alaska IIMT. He took the photo on August 6, 2000 at the East fork of the Bitterroot River where it crosses under Hwy 93 near Sula MT.

DivM Blowup: Blowup on Division M, Thompson Flat Fire. 09/00. Courtesy of Hunter.

Jasper Fire: Jasper Fire in South Dakota, 8/26/00 at around 1900. Photo taken from Newcastle, WY. Courtesy of DCR.

Bridger-Teton'88: I took this in 1988 on the Fayette Lake Fire. Bridger-Teton NF in the Jim Bridger wilderness. Credit to RDC.

Granville and Plume: These photos are from the Granville Lake fire in north-central Manitoba. The fire occurred at the end of May in 1995. I'm on one of our provincial Backburn Teams in Manitoba (we have four) and took the pictures from the mixing site where we were conducting a burnout operation with the helitorch. (See more photos on Heli3 page.) The fire was on a large peninsula on Granville Lake. Behind the island on the left of the Granville photo was a narrow spot where the fire could have jumped to the mainland and could have eventually taken a run toward the community of Leaf Rapids. Suppression resources were limited, burning conditions were extreme, and it was too dangerous to put ground crews in. The decision was made to conduct a burnout to bring the fire to the water before it could jump on its own. The final fire size was about 18,300 hectares (about 45,000 acres). The burnout only accounted for fraction of it. Credit to Chris Kuzenko.

Storrie1 and 2: Two shots of the Storrie Fire on the Plumas National Forest, 8/00. Courtesy of Sting. $102 million Settlement with the Union Pacific RR Co in 2008.

Command Plume: 24 Command Fire Plume, Hanford OR, 2000. Credit to Zimm.

Command Sunset: Sunset on the Columbia River, during the 24 Command Fire. See also Airtankers2 for more Command Fire air tanker photos. Credit to Zimm.

Cerro Grande Plume:  From space on 5/11/00. Photo compliments of NOAA. (0500)

Gorda Rat: Here is a shot from the Gorda Rat fire, Los Padres NF 1985. A burnout operation that spotted over shortly after the picture was taken.

Wall of Flame: This picture is of my dad driving past a wall of flame during the Florida firestorm in '98. MC.

Fire 5

Sonoma Coast: Near Gualala, CA. (The redwoods north of this area had 13 escaped Rx burns during one evening when a front came in.) Stu reports on 1/7/01: Conditions in the redwoods are dry. As a matter of fact, I have never seen the conditions in the area we were working as dry as they are. Last weekend presented an excellent opportunity, with rain coming and winds in the right direction to dispose of several units of logging residue. The broadcast units that we torched burned clean and presented no real control problem during the burn or after with the front passage. The only thing close to a control problem was the test fire. It was a landing pile about a quarter of a mile from the walk-in unit. It spotted into a clump of Pampas grass and required a little line construction. Photo compliments of Stu.

Redwoods Fire: Here's a photo taken during the second unit we burned that day (same info as previous pic). Tan oak and redwood slash makes for some great flame lengths. The woods are dry. Photo compliments of Stu. (For another pic of the north Sonoma CA coast, see Equipment2 Sea Ranch.)

Redwood Rx Burn: This photo was taken on 01/20/01 on the Sonoma coast (CA) near Gualala. It's rather amazing considering we are in the middle of winter! If you look closely, you should be able to spot two lighters. IT'S REALLY DRY OVER ON THE COAST! Photo taken by Stu.

Piru Rx Burn: Piru Inc. almost on the LP, 1998. Photo sent in by JM.

Green Burns: The Florida fires of 1998 demonstrated to many westerners (including members of CIIMT 4) who went to fight fire there that woods do not have to be brown to burn. The volatile oils in the vegetation of FL burn hot! Note the burning gases in the plume. Photo taken by Marie.

MT Fire 1 and 2: These are some fire picture from the Montana fire season, 2000 that were taken by the Incident Management Team. I am a firefighter from the State of Montana D.N.R.C. I've been working fire for 8 seasons now and i love every minute of it. DK. Research shows that this photo was taken by K. Wattenmaker who was photographing the Bitterroot Hotshots burning out on night shift during the Valley Complex, summer of 2000. Another source has the photo credit as NIFC. (A contributor said that Karen Wattenmaker worked as a photographer for NIFC.)

Ventura Rx: Photo taken towards the end of a prescribed burn in Ventura County. The crew is a female inmate crew. Compliments of DG.

Head: I took this picture last season in Oregon in the Ochoco National Forest. It was the Hash Rock Complex. Photo compliments of Bjorn.

Cypress fire: Fire backing down through a cypress grove. Typically cypress grow in swampy ground. FL fires '01. Photo by Josh O'Connor.

Palmetto fire: Palmettos have essential oils and burn hot even if the ground underneath is wet. FL fires '01. Photo by Josh O'Connor.

Torchin': Burning out - FL fires '01. Photo by Josh O'Connor.

Smoky Mt Shasta: Taken last year ('00) on a Rx burn outside of McCloud, CA. Compliments of firnwater.

ID Burnout 1-4: These are some fire photos from burning out several of the many lines in Idaho this last summer, 2000.

ID Fire: This photo was taken on the Clear Creek fire (in the Big Creek area), July 27, 2000. The photographer was Kim Soper, FBAN for Joe Carvelho's Type 1 team. It was on a Zip disk he left behind when the next team (Bateman) came in; I was working with the FBAN on Bateman's team at the time. Kelly Close, FBAN, Poudre Fire Authority.

Bulgar Creek 1-2: Ab, here are some photos from the Bulger Creek Incident here on the Burns Interagency Fire Zone. 93 acres in the trees, pretty early (May, 2001). Be safe firefighters, dispatcher.

Fire 6

Bulgar Creek 3: Ab, here are some photos from the Bulger Creek Incident here on the Burns Interagency Fire Zone. 93 acres in the trees, pretty early (May, 2001). Be safe firefighters, dispatcher.

Big Fire: Here's a picture I took the day after the Big Incident was really cooking. The Big Fire began June 2, 2001 near Big Flat (Hwy 299) 14 mi west of Weaverville CA and quickly moved into steep and rugged terrain. It was contained on June 8 at 800 acres. At one time, there were 724 personnel on the fire, including 27 crews, 23 engines, and 3 helicopters. Szczepanik's Type 2 Incident Management Team managed the fire. In 1999 the Big Bar Complex burned for 76 days some miles to the west of this location, so people were on edge over this one that started so early in the season. For this season, fuels are still abundant and very dry in the Trinity Mountains (Shasta Trinity NF) as in other parts of northern CA. Photo taken by Dennis R5.

Mendocino Rx 1 & 2: Here are some prescribed burning pics from the Mendocino, this last spring ('01). And Yes, they were under control................ Photo sent in by TC.

Whitetail 1-3: Here are a few photos from the Gila NF (NM) taken yesterday (06/27/01). I know these are not spectacular blow-up/400' flame length/15,000' plume photos, but I find them just as interesting. They were taken on the Whitetail Fire, which is being managed to benefit wilderness and other resources. The Forest has been managing several such fires for a couple of weeks. This is one aspect of wildland fire management that gets little attention. Just dedicated fire managers doing the right thing. Photos taken by DM.

Martis 2001: Taken on the Martis Fire. Photographer unknown. If you know who took this or sent it in, please contact us so we can give credit. Ab.

Fillmore 1 & 2 '99: This fire was near Fillmore CA, back in 1999. My dad took these pictures. JU.

Torchin: Possibly from the 2001 fire season, the location and photographer are unknown. Sent in by JE. If you know them, please let us know so we can give credit.

Tetons: Fire with the Tetons in the background. Pre 1997. Photo sent in by Jim.

Nightfire: Who says fires lay down at night? Pre 1995. Sent in by Jim.

Helitorch: Can anyone see the helicopter? Photo taken by Ihog.

FishFire Column: Taken from a residence in Portola, a town in the eastern Sierra - Plumas NF. Photo sent in by Pulaski.

Serna Fire, 1934: Here is a historical photo for the collection. The Serna fire in 1934 on Picuris Peak - Carson National Forest, northwest NM, burned 1800 acres. Photo sent in by BD.

Stream Fire 1-4: Here are some from the Stream Fire, started by a lightning strike on 07/25/01 in heavy timber near Antelope Lake in the Plumas NF. By the time we had it controlled on 08/03, it had burned 3560 acres, not much considering the damage that could have been done. Sent in by BR. Photographer unknown. More Stream Fire photos.

Fire 7

Fuel 1 & 2: Historical photos used in training, no other info. If anyone knows more about this series of photos including date, location, photographer, please let us know. Thanks, Ab.

Active: Historical photo used in training.

Nightfire 2 & 3: Historical photos used in training.

Historical CDF Fire: Historical photo. The age of the picture is in the 1975 to 1980 era +/- a couple of years. The pants are nomex made by Workrite, in a boot-jean style. The thighs were cut so tight that many "studs" couldn't even get the right waist size past their knees. Fitting so tight, they passed the radiant heat to your skin. By 1980-81 we went to poly-cotton or cotton Big Ben's or other green jean under the yellow overpant. The radio is a five channel Dumont crystal controlled unit, direct only, no repeater capability. Helitack crews got the first programmable Kings in the '78+ timespan. The web gear is WWII-Korean War cotton battle harness. As to the shirt sleeves rolled up and no gloves, common for the era. No gloves made your hands tough! Patch is sewn on, not silk-screened. Early nomex had the "Cal Div Fire" bowling team patch sewn on. After the name change the shirts came plain and individuals put on their own shoulder patches. JW

Torchin 2: Historical photo. Photographer unknown. From an old set of training photos.

MN Rx: Prescribed burn in northwestern Minnesota. This and the next few photos were taken with a little disposable camera. Taken by Bum Pup.

Need Canoe in MN: Canoes are often used for crew transportation in Minnesota. Taken by Bum Pup.

MN Mopup: Mopup after Minnesota Rx burn. Taken by Bum Pup.

MN Wildfire: Wildfire just outside of Karlstad, Minnesota. Taken by Bum Pup.

Fish Firewhirl: Here is a picture of a firewhirl that was taken on the Fish Fire near Doyle CA. Photo submitted by Dennis R5.

Oregon Plume: These next 4 photos of the Oregon Fire that started at Oregon Mt. near Weaverville CA were taken by W. Moss on August 28, 2001. More fire photos can be viewed at W. Moss's website. This first one is taken looking west from Musser Hill.

Oregon Plume 2: Oregon Mountain from Musser Hill. Compliments of W. Moss.

Weaverville: Sheriff's Office, CD Hall, and County Office of Education feel the heat. Compliments of W. Moss.

Flying Brands: Sparks and flying brands raining down. Compliments of W. Moss.

Oregon Fire: Helo dumping in the late evening. Photos taken and provided by W. Moss.

Orosco Fire: This picture is from the Orosco fire in Ramona CA (6/01). First Engine on Orosco Ridge is Engine 36 next to Water Tender 4 and Engine 48. Photos compliments of NQ.

Hoopa Burnout 1 & 2: A burnout on the Hoopa Indian Reservation (Northern California). Photos compliments of NQ.

Fire 8

Happy Camp: I took the picture this year 2001 @ the happy camp fire in northern ca. The crew lit the fire as a structure protection burn. Photo sent in by CKN.

LA County: Taken Oct 12, 2001 LA County near Santa Clarita. This brush fire quickly grew to 3000+ acres, roaring up rugged canyons during a Santa Anna wind event. Many homes were evacuated. Photo taken by DV.

Kananaskis: IA fire at Upper Kananaskis Lake, Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Photo sent in by Scott.

HighwayFire: Highway 93 fire August 1999, Elko NV BLM. The engine is a 1999 Model 52 4x4 from the Coronado National Forest. It is working with a Nevada Division Of Forestry engine. Photo taken by USFS-FEO.

AT on Seventy Fire, Seventy Fire Plume, Feather River/Seventy: These photos were taken by a friend as she drove through the Feather River Canyon summer '01. Note the air tanker in the first photo and the steepness of the Feather River terrain in the third photo. Photos taken by Steph and sent in by Mellie.

Widowmaker: This picture of a widowmaker was taken at the Spruce/Dome Complex in Washington, August 2001. Photo taken by Harry F. who was a casual FF2 on Minnesota 7 Crew.

Mexico 8 Fire 1-2: Mexico 8 fire, April 1999, Coronado National Forest AZ. Along the US / Sonora, Mexico border. Photos taken by USFS-FEO.

Josephine: Sawyer on the Josephine Fire, Coronado National Forest AZ, February 2000. While felling a snag the saw hit a hidden hot spot igniting the bar oil. Photo taken by USFS-FEO.

Virginia Lake Plume and Fire: Here are some photos of the 2001 Virginia Lake Fire in Washington. The pictures were taken by Mike Patti who is a deputy State Fire Marshal (Mobilization Specialist).

Ely Firing: Ab, Thought I'd share one of my favorite photos from the successful BLM Beaver Dam prescribed burn in the Ely District of Eastern Nevada. The fire was in late Sept. 2001, 30 miles northeast of Caliente. Photo taken by Edward Wright of Targhee Wildfire, LLC. Photo is of Isaac Powning from one of the standing engine crews in Ely.

Beaver Dam: Also of the Beaver Dam Rx burn (info above). Sent in by Isaac.

Lightning Strikes Tree: Initial attack north of the Columbia River Gorge near Goldendale, Washington in Kittitas County, August 2001. Interagency engine crews from King County District 10 and the Kitsap County Strike Team "short crew" lightning starts under Washington DNR mobilization. Notice the lightning track down the bark of the Douglas fir in the foreground.

Photo taken by Edward Wright.

Cherry Mountain Fire 1-3: The Cherry Mountain Fire, Nevada, 2000. Sent in by backburnfs.

Fire 9

Hash Rock Fire 1 & 2: The following photos were taken on the Hash Rock Fire, summer of 2000. Photos compliments of DF.

Hollow Tree: Photo compliments of DF.

Hotshot Incantation: A member of the Union Hotshots ... Photo compliments of DF.

Understory Burn: Photo compliments of DF.

Night Shift 1-3: Some unusually colored night photos here. Photos compliments of DF.

Smoke and Hash: Work conditions are often smoky. Photo compliments of DF.

Division Fire: Going through my old photos and found this of the 1996 BLM Division Fire in the Elko District. Photo, looking 110 asmuth, was taken at about 1800 hrs from the town of Jackpot on the Idaho-Nevada border. The Great Basin PSJ fuel model can certainly generate serious heat... Photo compliments of EAW.

Lava Beds Rx: Burnout during a prescribed burn, oct 2001, Lava Beds National Monument, California. Photo compliments of MR.

Nebo Creek 1 & 2: Hi Ab, these two photos are from the Nebo Creek incident in July of 2001. You can see the excellent line that the shots cut in the first photo of the air drop, about right below the plane. Unfortunately it didn't stop the dry hot july conditions from burning over it with ease. The second one is from a spot fire that came from the original, much smaller fire, and grew to cause the whole incident. i hope you like them. Contributed by NP.

Cape Labelle 1 & 2: It's 0200: and I'm still surfing your page. Great stuff; great photos, glad I found you. Shots from the Cape Labelle Fire 2001 NE WA, near Wauconda (spot on the wrong side of the road). JFoster, Highlands 26 and a 30 year firefighter (still going strong)...

Convection: Location: NE WA near Loomis. Photographer is J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Lightning Tree: This one was located in NE WA, San Poil Valley. Photo compliments of J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Torching: Took this photo in NE WA, near Loomis. Photo compliments of J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Red Sun: From the Mount Leona Fire. Photo compliments of J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Fire 10

Sage & Sagefire: Burning sage, NE WA near Loomis. Photo compliments of J. Foster, Highlands 26.

North Rim & Virginia Lake: Dear Ab, I am a long-time visitor to your excellent website and love "they said," and all the great links. I have lots of fire photos from 11 years of wildland firefighting and thought I'd send some that you may be able to post. Thanks for all the good work. Oh, the North Rim shot is obviously at the Grand Canyon. We were on a fire near there in 2001, and afterwards got to tour the canyon for an afternoon. The Virginia Lake Fire was on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington state during the 2001 fire season. In the photo the fire is jumping the highway and spotting over. Photos taken by FirePup91.

Magic Fire & North Fork Fire: Hey Ab, here's a pic of the Magic fire that was burning a few days before the North Fork Fire started this last summer ('01). This picture is looking to the east across the San Joaquin river into the Big Creek drainage. This fire is across the canyon from the Big Creek fire from 1994 you can see the burn is still clearly evident. The Magic burned a few hundred acres and was stripped of resources once the North Fork fire started a few days later. Our crew was the only crew left for IA on the Forest when this fire was burning. Here are some pics from the North Fork Fire near Bass Lake. This shot was taken near the end of the fire during one of the burn shows. This was a sight to watch while eating dinner after coming off shift. Photos taken by Burt.

Sage/Aliso 1 & 2: Hey gang, some photos from the Sage/Aliso Rx burn from the Los Padres NF. This was taken last Monday (03/04/02) . Sting

Fish Fire Whirl: Fire whirl inside primary thermal column. August 2001, Fish Fire on the California/Nevada border near Doyle, California. Photo by Nick Wright of engine crew Tango 6, Targhee Wildfire, Idaho Falls, ID.

Blue Fire: Blue Fire Modoc NF, 2001. Photo sent in by NoFX.

Flames photo: Provided by "the meat", only look at it... NOTE: For religious groups, rock bands and others wanting to use this kind of a photo, here's a similar one you can download and use for free: . It can be used for free by anyone. Please do not email us with questions.

Jumpers & Flames: Photo sent in by Arbor Sky.

Oversight Column: hey, I want to share this pic of the Oversite Fire in March 1, 2002 to March 12, 2002 in the Huachuca Mountains. Sierra Vista AZ. Photo contributed by Serge.

Buck Mt. Fire: Column from the Buck Mountain Fire on the Blue Ridge Parkway, NPS, in Roanoke VA. The forest fire burned into a tire dump of 4 to 5 million tires. Total size was 1046 acres.

Furrowin': Minutes after this photo was taken, the SEAT arrived and knocked down the head enabling the tractor/plow unit to get a line across the head and contain the fire. Unfortunately, the pilot failed to get a photo of the seat drop. Photo sent in by JJ.

Rex Column: Here is a picture from the Rex Fire in Washington, 2001. I was the FBAN on the Icicle Fire Complex looking at the Rex Fire. Photo taken by KW.

Rodeo Fire: Near Showlow AZ, 06/20/02. This pic was taken at about 1600 hrs just outside Winslow Tanker Base, about 120 miles from the fire. As I'm writting this note to 'ya, fire is 60,000+, unknown amount of homes destroyed or damaged, and folks on the Rim who haven't yet evacuated, are on their toes. Fire did plume out about 1730 tonight. Just about every fire department in AZ has someone going to the fire. Rumor has it (and this came from a reliable FS employee) if the fire continues north and gets out of the pines, they're going to try and stop it before it reaches Holbrook, AZ on I-40. Everyone stay safe.

Indian Fire 1 & 2:

Stoney Hollow Fire: Alaska Division of Forestry Photo by Eugene Lee. This photo was taken in the Goldstream Valley at Fairbanks, Alaska on May 30, 2002 just as a 500 gallon fuel tank exploded. The house had caught on fire and the fire had escaped into the spruce trees adjacent to the house. We had rolled both Helitack and Roadside. Two engines that were on patrol in the area can be seen under the orange cloud and just to the right. The silver rectangle is the metal roof on a nearby cabin. Helitack was a minute out and taking pictures for documentation purposes. The fire consisted of the structure, multiple vehicles and gear, a couple of acres and numerous spot fires where flaming debris flew off into the black spruce and moss. Several hours later with, much hand work in conjunction with help from Chena-Goldstream and Steese, as well as two aerial retardant drops, the fire was controlled. Somehow no other homes were lost and no firefighters injured.
The photo will hopefully live on as a reminder of these two concepts:
A. Building a house in the middle of a huge black spruce stand is dumb.
B. Wildland firefighters in PPE that consists of little more than hardhat, gloves and nomex pants and shirts should not charge in to squirt water on burning structures! Pete

Fire 11

Susanville Inversion: photo that I took from Thompson Peak Lookout on the PNF from the day the Storrie Fire Blew up in the year of 2000. I ended up entering this picture in the Lassen County Fair and the Plumas County Fair last year 2001.... I took Best of Show and First place in the Lassen County Fair and nothing at the Plumas County Fair.... I sat up on Thompson the day it blew up and the photos that I ended up getting are spectacular!! Just had to share this one with you as it was my first season on the Lookout and just observing the Fire behavior from Thompson Peak was an awesome experience... I loved working as a Fire Lookout and I am hoping next year, I'll have an opportunity once more... Photo taken by Dee.

Olallie Column 1 & 2: These pics are of the column of the ollalie complex when it blew up. We were chased away many times that day. Pretty wicked fire behavior. Hope you like. Photos compliments of Justin.

Randy: Attached is a photo of Randy Peterson, Baudette Area Smokechaser, operating a J-5 Bombardier at a swamp fire in Lake of the Woods County in Northern Minnesota. Photo compliments of Sandy Peterson.

Cannon Fire 1 - 9: I was driving south on 395 on Sunday June 16th, 2002 when I stopped to take a couple of photos of a small wildland fire. It soon blew up and I took about 90 photos over the course of about 3 hours, until the town of Walker was evacuated and I had to leave. 1400 hours. The fire whirl in image (Cannon 3) is pretty intense. A perfect circle spot fire on the hillside and other spotting in Cannon 4 and 5. Photos taken by Krash.

Cannon Defensible Space:
Background: When I found, I was amazed to see your photographs of the Cannon Fire - especially the cannon6 pic of the fire before it came down into the town of Walker. Our house has the unique distinction of being the furthest up the canyon - the last house you get to while driving, but the first house the fire met as it came roaring down the canyon towards town. You can barely see the house just right of center near the bottom of the cannon6 picture above the trees under the hill. I wrote a story of my experience of event and took some pictures of the aftermath. You can find the story at

The photo is part of a poster we made and posted around Walker. It reads, "DEFENSIBLE  SPACE   It worked for us...  ...IT WILL WORK FOR YOU."
Compliments of Bill, Lisa and Kriby Tichenor, Lost Cannon Fire, Walker CA 6/16/02

The way this poster came to be was from a suggestion made by one of the members of the BAER team that came to Walker after the fire. They were surveying the damage and the watershed of Mill Creek, and parked at our place, since we are at the end of the road. One of the hydrologists commented that our place ought to be a "poster child" for defensible space and we should take an aerial picture of the house. A few days later I climbed the hill in back of the house and took a few photos. This one ended up on the poster, along with the message.

Hayman Head: My first view of the Hayman Fire, June 17, 2002. J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Torching Truck: On the Hayman Fire. Photo by J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Burned Truck: The title says it all. Photo by J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Hayman Plume: This run of the Hayman Fire on June 18, 2002 forced four crews, five engine companies and division overhead into safety zones on Division X-Ray. Photo by J. Foster, Highlands 26.

33 Fire: This pic is of the 33 Fire in Fresno County, June, 2002. It had a sustained wind of approx. 35 mph on it. The fire was on the west side of the valley and burned 150 acres. This "road" was no place for a Type 1 engine! We backed out shortly after the photo was taken. By the way this was the head of the fire, we were lead in by an oil field company employee as the fire occurred on Chevron property. Cause was down power lines due to high wind. Photo compliments of Captain Emmett.

Deer Point Fire: Just thought I would share this picture taken 07-18-02 at 6:34 PM on the Deer Point Fire near Lake Chelan, WA. It was taken by a Canadian Bird Dog (that's a lead plane from Canada that takes the Tankers in for their drops). Eh? : ) I've been in dispatch talking to the Canadians too long -- eh? Don't get me wrong here --> WE LOVE THEM! It's a joy to work with such professional people.

The fire started from an abandoned campfire in an unimproved camp site near Deer Point Campground (located about 1/2 way up the lake on the North side of the lake). This morning it was at about 10,000 acres. As of 1730 07-20-02 it's reported at 16,900 acres. We've been using our friendly neighbors from the North (Canada) for 4 straight days. We have to jump through a lot of hoops to get approval to use them and with our resources so low in the states. Our neighbors are the BEST to work with! THANK YOU CANADA! Enjoy! Eh? Contributed by D2.

Fire 12

Bullock Fire: In mid May 2002 the Bullock fire started a blaze that made it to over 30,000 acres. I operate a small water company in the area threatened by this fire. I was hired by the Forest Service to supply water from my system. Our small village was evacuated for a two week period. Our Fire Department and support crews were able to stay and help battle the fire. The Type One team was able to stop the advancement of the fire at the Mt. Lemmon Highway and saved the village along with several summer home areas. We are spared the loss of personal property through their work. I was not sure if your organization was interested but I attached a photo and a poem titled "Bullock Lessons." Thank You, for the great web site. Michael Stanley

Rx Fireout, Flames, Firing, Burning, Driptorch, Night Crew & Night Fire: More photos from The Meat when he worked as a grunt in the West. Give us some details, Meat! Ab.

Deer Point 8/02: These next 4 photos are of the Deer Point Fire on the north shore of Lake Chelan WA. Deer Point July 16th 2002 was taken on Tuesday afternoon (day two) up lake from Fields Point. Photo by Tim Young.

Deer Point Near Manson: Was taken just up lake from the State Park, looking across at the town of Manson Friday night the 19th. Photo by Tim Young.

Deer Point Across Lake Chelan 1 and 2: Both of these photos were taken down lake from Fields Point Friday night the 19th. I was using a Cannon G1 Digital camera. Tim Young.

Deer Point Blowup 1 & 2: This first photo was taken July 19, approx. 9 pm. from Cottage Beach Cabin Vacation Rental. This photo was taken about 11 pm, from Fields Point Landing. Both pictures were taken w/ Kodak DC4800 Digital camera. 1.8 aperture setting, at 1.5 second exposure. Photos by: David DeVorkin.

Colorado First Day: Information lost. Please resend.

Blue Cut Fire, Crosses I15, Skeedaddle & From Mormon Rocks: These are from the Blue Cut fire in the Cajon Pass near San Bernardino on Father's Day June 16, 2002. Photos compliments of Mark F.
#1 Tanker drops in front of fire as traffic continues along I15 southbound.
#2 Fire has crossed I15 right over the traffic (8 lanes).
#3 About 1 min later fire has made the 300 yds between it & me. Time to skeedaddle.
#4 Fire is only 3 hrs old. From Mormon Rocks.

Fire 13

Topaz Lake Fire: Minden Fire Base, Nevada. Photo compliments of Bob K. For the DC6 & PBY-4 that Bob sent in, check out the Airtanker 5 photo page.

Curve Plume: This photo was taken from Mt Wilson within 4 hours of the fire's starting.

Leona Fire: This photo was taken from the Northeast San Fernando Valley within 2 hours of the fire's starting. I took it looking northeast from my house. Compliments of PC.

Rex Creek Fire: This is the Rex Creek Fire that burned by Lake Chelan WA. I took the picture from a mountain ridge that was two ridges away from the fire. This must have been from a blow up as the cloud billowed up from a small cloud on the horizon to this massive column in just a few minutes. The setting sun added to its color. Photo compliments of Jean Maynard.

Cone Fire '02, Night on the Cone, Workin' It, Truckee Handcrew, Cone, Night Firefighting: These are photos of the Truckee Handcrew on the Cone fire, Lassen National Forest. The night shots are from the first 24 hours of the fire 09/26/02 from 0200-0800. Photos compliments of MM.

Williams Fire: End of September 2002. Extreme fire behavior, rough terrain and many interface homes made this fire on the Angeles National Forest very dangerous. This was taken on the third day of the fire from Hesperia CA, northeast of the fire. Photo contributed by Phil Dupree.

Firepalms Azusa: Hey there, I ran across your website and I really like some of the pictures on there. I have one of my own to submit of the recent fires in the mountains above Azusa, CA. Hope you enjoy it and keep up the good work! Photo taken by Erin Scott. This is a photo of the Williams Fire that burned in the mountains just to the northeast of Los Angeles between 09/22-10/03/02. Fire behavior was extreme due to very dry and abundant fuels, hot weather in the 100's, and rough terrain. Many interface homes contributed to the risks to both homeowners and firefighters.

BigFish Fire: This photo was taken by one of our overhead during the Big Fish Wildland Use Fire (8/14-9/23 '02) on the White River NF in Colorado. The fire is burning in beetle kill spruce and fir. The fire ended up treating 17,000+ acres. This shot was taken in the evening and we subsequently spent all night chasing spots. The photographer is Mark (?)- a fuels specialist off of the White River (probably Cook's Type II IMT). Sent in by blackliner.

Woodland Fire: This photo is from my Dad in So. Cal. It's a pic of the Woodland Fire, MVU Ranger Unit near Julian CA. Compliments of Jerry S.
Ab note: You can see the heavy interface component to this fire (burning 8/27-8/29/02). The community of Julian had just gone through evacuations less than a month before for the 62,000 acre Pines Fire, and now they had to evacuate again at 3AM for this fast moving fire. While only 275 acres in size when contained, this fire destroyed 2 homes and 5 outbuildings and further stressed the community.

Williams IA: Here's a photo of the Williams Fire. We flew this fire on the IA. Photo compliments of E.

Wolf Fire Photos: The Wolf Fire burned 21,645 acres 10 mi N of Ojai CA on the Los Padres NF between 6/1 and 6/14/02. The fire threatened private land and ranches which have numerous structures, recreation areas in the Pine Mountain region, and adjacent wilderness areas and historically significant Thorn Point Lookout. At one time 1,767 firefighting personnel were on the fire. No residences were lost. For the last photo in the series, see Fire 14 descriptions. Photo contributed by LB.

Fire 14

Wolf Fire Torching: The Wolf Fire burned in June of 2002 following 4 years of drought on the Los Padres National Forest. Photo sent in by LB and guys on the LP. (For more Wolf Fire photos, see Fire 13.)

Firewhirl: Here is a cool picture of a firewhirl. Photo compliments of Garett.

Cannon Fire & AT Crash: Cannon Fire, Walker, California, June 17-21, 2002. The darker smoke middle-right is the column from the crash of T130 - this was taken just 3 minutes after the crash. Photo taken by Bill M.

Iron Mt Sunset: Iron Mountain sunset was taken from the reload base, Pueblo, Co. Photo compliments of William J. Harrison.

Dillon Fire: Here is a photo from the Dillon prescribed fire in Badlands National Park. It's actually 3 photos
"stitched" together. Photo compliments of GW.

Chedeski Fire: Here's a pic from the Chediski fire this summer, a column and bomber on Division S, 6\28\02. Photo compliments of Northeast CWB.

Cannon Fire, Cannon Fire Torching, Cannon Fuels, Cannon Sunrise: Here are a few pics from the Cannon fire. Hope you can use them. The sunrise was from the IC camp in the morning!! Photos compliments of jb.

Riverside Brushfire '75: Brush Fire in Riverside County, 08/75. Note the dozer tracks. My dad was an HEFO for the CDF for 34 years so I particularly like the dozer pics and other photos that show the essential part dozer operators play in fighting fire. For more dozer pics see the Equipment 5 and Equipment 3 photo pages. Photo compliments of B.M.

Furrowing in WI: DNR 450 furrowing on an active fire. Minutes after this photo was taken the SEAT arrived and knocked down the head enabling the tractor/plow unit to get a line across the head and contain the fire. Unfortunately the pilot failed to get a photo of the SEAT drop. Photo compliments of JG.

Gate Fire Icecap 1 & 2: Both photos from the Slinkard Fire within the Gate Complex (Coleville, CA & Topaz, NV - August, 2002). If you want to show someone what an icecap is, here are two good examples! Photo compliments of Bill M.

Rex Plume: Here is a picture from the Rex Fire in Washington 2001. I was the FBAN on the Icicle Fire Complex looking at the Rex Fire. Photo compliments of KW.

Ponil Firewhirl: RE: tornado-like fire behavior: Here's a pic from the Ponil complex in northern NM in June, 2002. It topped out at about 20K feet and ran around for about 20-30 minutes. Photo compliments of SB315.

Hippy Fire 1-3: Hippy Fire, 425 acres on the Havasu NWR 2002, just north of Yuma AZ, on the Lower Colorado River, The fires photos were taken from one of the first engines on scene. Photos found in dispatch. I though I'd send them in so others could see the fire behavior and flame lengths. Sent in by Dispatcher R3. For dozer and helo pics of the Hippy Fire see the Equipment 5 and Helicpoter 8 photo pages.

Fire 15

Pre Bluecut Burnover: This photo (through the windshield of our engine) was taken a few minutes before the burnover/shelter deployment on the Bluecut Fire, 2002. I was on E4465 at this time and we reversed course, called E4473 on tac and told them to get out of there - not more than 30 sec. after I took this pic. Of the 2 firefighters you can see in the middle of the large photo, one deployed in the middle of the road, the other returned to the engine (E4473 CDF Model 1). Unable to get to the passenger side, he went to the rear of the engine and deployed the fire blanket. To read the details of the official CDF investigation, click HERE.

Williams Fire Above and Williams Fire 1-5: These photos were taken at the Williams Fire on the road to LA County FD Camp 19.

The first photo "Williams Fire Above" shows the Williams Fire in the hills above LAcoFD Camp 19. I believe that part of the fire was the result of the burnout operation by camp personnel.

The other 5 photos are after the fire had jumped East Fork Rd and was heading to meet the Curve Fire south boundary. Our ST was advised to find a wide spot while division/branch etc. decided what to do after the fire had jumped. The sequence of photos happened in probably 15-30sec. If you look close, there is a "NO FIRES" sign at the base of the small hill. Also notice how close we were initially until the major run, and then backed up 30ft. (except the one brave soul). Photos compliments of NB.

(Ab note: The fire began 9/22/02 and was contained on 10/1 at 38,094 acres. If you browse back through the fire photos, you will find other Williams Fire photos. Many interface communities near Los Angeles were threatened.)

Daley Column: Daley Fire smoke column (2001 or 2002). Photo compliments of the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation Crew, Kansas.

Burn Canyon: Burn Canyon smoke column (2001 or 2002). Photo compliments of the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation Crew, Kansas.

Battle Creek Evac, Battle Creek, Battle Creek 2: Battle Creek Fire (2001 or 2002). Photos compliments of the Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation Crew, Kansas.

Fridley Fire: Kaboom! A little in-camera magic makes this nighttime torching on the Fridley Fire look as though it is "explosively spotting". Photo taken by Ben Croft / U.S.F.S.- M.T.D.C.

McNally Fire: Here's a pic from the McNally Fire on the Sequoia National Forest. It's one of the plume coming toward our structure group that we were protecting and successfully did so. The McNally burned from 7/21/02 and was contained on 8/28/02. Total acres 150,696: 130177 SQF and 20,519 INF. Photo compliments of "Just a Driver".

Hunter Fire 1-5: I took these during the Hunter Fire, Mariposa County Aug-Sept 2000. No joke... it had drizzled on the way to this line assignment, cloud cover to the point the airtankers were grounded, copters were up though, RH 50%. We, the firefighters from ST, were about 2500-3000ft into a 5000ft hose lay. When we started, this column was very small, we didn't even think twice about it. Picture 4 is prior to the fire jumping the dozer line, Picture 5 is the fire after it crossed the line. Photos contributed by Brad.

Flame Wall: Hot hot hot on the Purdy Fire. Photo taken by Ben Croft / U.S.F.S.- M.T.D.C.

Fire 16

Fire Goblins: On the Purdy Fire. There are many fire goblins/faces in this photo. How many can you see? Photo taken by Ben Croft / U.S.F.S.- M.T.D.C.

Monument Flames 1&2 and Monument Column: On the Monument Fire. Photo taken by Ben Croft / U.S.F.S.- M.T.D.C.

Hyampom Fire: Column from the Hyampom Fire, Shasta Trinity NF, 2001. Compliments of FedFire.

Dido Fire: Dido Fire, ELKO BLM, Nevada 1999; not sure if it will show up but on my original you can see a firefighter silhouetted by the fire. Compliments of FedFire.

Fires at Canberra OZ and Canberra House: Here are some fire pics from Canberra. Photos sent in by OB.

AU Parliament 10-2-3: Today the Parliament House at 1000, 1400 and 1500. This is the equivalent of your Congressional Building. It's located in Canberra. Photos sent in by OB. Once again it's heating up this weekend with 39 deg C (102 F) for Sat, & 42 (106 F) for Sunday. You don't have to be nuts to do this job but jeez it helps!!!!

Snowy Mt Fire AU 1 & 2: Here are 2 pics from our Aussie Snowy Mt Fire sent thru to me by some in my Communications Group who had the forward comms van. 1/17/03. Photos sent in by OB.

Wilson Canyon: Yerington NV. Photo contributed by David V.

West Dome Fire 1-4: These are photos from Arizona State Land Departments Engine 36. This is a Type 6 engine stationed out of the Tucson district during severity season. The pictures are from the "West Dome" fires southeast of Tucson, which burned 970 acres and was the largest "state" fire of 2002 I believe. E-36 was IA on the fire, and was there till the fire was controlled 4 days later. Photos contributed by AZfirefighter.

U Idaho Burn: University of Idaho, the place to learn about fire! The College of Natural Resources (formerly the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Sciences) at the University of Idaho has a long history of educating natural resource management professional about fire, fire ecology, fire management and how to use prescribed fire. Up until recently we were the only university conducting hands-on education in prescribed fire. Our prescribed burning laboratory began in 1978 and continues today. UI students in action. Want to know more, just write!!

Pines Firewhirl: A fire whirl: note the telephone pole to the right. Taken during the Pines Fire Julian Ca, Aug 2002. Photo compliments of Dan P.

Hayman Plume: This photo was taken on June 21, 2002 at the Hayman Fire. Photo sent in by J.

Incendio: A fire photo from these Spanish Forest Firefighters sent by Pablo Doval. For their logo, take a look at Logos 8. For Helicopter photos, see Heli 10.

Fire 17

Everglades Ring o Fire: Here is a shot of a grass fire from the mid 80's in the coastal prairies
near the west coast of Everglades National Park. Photo sent in by MG.

West Pines Column, Everglades, West Pines Fire, West Pines Fire Everglades, Panorama. West Pines Dark Column, & No Sun: Here are a few from some prescription burns that we did during two weeks in May 2003. The images with "WestPines" in the name were from our biggest Rxburn to date- 7,400 acres! The other picture is from a second prescription burn that encompassed 3300 acres and was taken just after dark. Target areas were forests of Dade-County Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii v. densa) and some of the surrounding fresh water prairie (Sawgrass dominant), with a goal of reducing understory hardwood vegetation that encroaches upon the pineland plant community. The photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 and panoramas were made in ArcSoft PanoramaMaker 3.0, or Adobe Photoshop. Photo compliments of David.

@#$haybales on Fire! & Headspot, Wisconsin: Some crazy stuff here. Photos compliments of JG.

Tiller Fire: Picture is from the crew PA-7 Maul's Maulers. Taken along a road in the North Umpqua ranger district of a tree torching while doing a burnout operation. Photo compliments of Todd Z, PA Specialized crew.

Apex Fire Series: Last week (6/28/03) the Apex fire ignited about 8 miles from my house and burnt approx32,000 acres (cost 1.97 million) making it one of the biggest wildland fires this part of Utah had seen in the last 25 years. Steep terrain and 100+ daily temperatures certainly didn't make life easy for the crews. My hat goes off to all those who were out there working to contain the fire. (thru 7/21/03) Photos compliments of ScuffyJ.

Hot Creek 7/22/03: Here's a shot of the Hot Creek fire on the Boise NF. It's taken from my house, about 75 miles away at 1800 this eve. Just "guessing" -- but my money's on it being a Type I. Photo compliments of de-Throned Cache Queen.

Harkness Fire 1 & 2: Pictures from Harkness Fire, south of Mccammon ID, 7/21/2003 4,500 acres. Lost two houses but saved many more. Photos compliments of SG.

Project Fire: Here is a photo that I took after doing a back burn in Iowa. Compliments of Kevin R.

Fire 18

Sheep Creek Column: Here's a photo that I took of the Sheep Creek Incident outside of Battle Mountain in 2001. Photo compliments of Rebecca P.

Redding Fire: The Twin fire occurred in Redding City limits, at the intersection of Highway 299 and Interstate 5. Picture by Andrew H.

Kinishba 1-4: These photos were 4 of about 30 that came in as the Medical Center at White River AZ (Fort Apache Indian Reservation) was being evacuated during the Kinishba Fire. Next day, my computer ate the emails. Contributor, if you would let us know who you are, we'd give you credit. Ab.

Canada Allison, Canada Bellvue, Canada Sky: These pictures were forwarded to me by one of the staff at the Allison Brood Station, give you an idea of our view at times. From Lower Allison Road, Entrance to Bellvue, looks of the sky behind Laine's house. Photos compliments of Tessa O and Sammi.

Canada Day, Canada Firetree, Canada Night: Osoyoos Fire, British Columbia, Canada. Here are some shots of some suppression action a few weeks ago (mid-August, 2003) on a fire just north of our common border. Photo compliments of Ian Smith.

UT Fire 1 & 2: From the Centerville Utah fire, summer 2003. Photos sent in by Catskillsdog.

Poet Fire Blowup: The Blow Up of "The Poet" Fire out of Elk City, Idaho this last Thursday (8/21/03). The picture was taken from the Slims Fire Camp. Photo compliments of Fire Momma.

Fiddle Fire: Idaho, August 22, 2003. Photo compliments of Fire Momma.

Wilcox Fire Running & Wilcox Fire Torching: Wilcox Fire on the Okanogan Highlands. Spot fires were running faster than we could pick them up on this hot summer afternoon. Spots would land in the receptive grass fuels and run into the timber. A torch, some embers and it happens again, and again. Soon there's a bit of a problem... Photos compliments of J. Foster. (Look also on the wallpaper photo page for another fine Wilcox Fire photo.)

Red Point Fire, SD & Red Point Fire Flames: Here are some photos of the Red Point Fire in South Dakota, July 2003. Photos compliments of JB.

Fire 19

Red Point Fire: Here are some photos of the Red Point Fire in South Dakota, July 2003. Photos compliments of JB. More on Fire 18, AirTankers 8 and Helicopters 12.

Ontario Fire Canada, Ontario Flames & After the Fire: Here are some pics I thought you might like. We do things a little differently up here but thought you all could relate. Photos compliments of Brian Allen, Pickle Lake Fire Base, Ontario. For more go to Engines 7 and Equipment 6 photo pages.

Craig II, MT: This is a pic I took while in MT. The fire was in Lame Deer MT. on the Cheyenne BIA agency. Fire size, around 12,000 acres. Fire name, Craig II. Date photo was taken, 08-14-2003. Photo compliments of Brian W.

Mineral Primm series: Mineral Primm Complex, Lolo National Forest, Montana, 8/03. Photos taken by Bill Kettler.

Bolivian Dragon: From the Bomberos Forestales of Bolivia. For more photos from Bolivia, look at Handcrews 10 photo page.

Big Ernie Salutes Deschutes: We were on the highway between Sisters and Crooked River Ranch on Thursday Sept 4, 2003 when I caught this once in a lifetime photo. I was watching the B & B Complex column when this appeared. I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot, then in a few seconds it was gone. Photo compliments of BLM Tom.

Loma Fire Start Hwy 299 Closed, More Loma Fire: Here are some fire photos of the del Loma Fire that had just started (9/14/03). We saw this on 299 today heading west at approx 3.45 pm and were turned back. We then had to go on the underwood mt rd from big bar to burnt ranch to reach willow creek this evening. very exciting! Photos compliments of Cat and Stein.

Deafy Column: Pics of Deafy fire on Grindstone Complex from 9/13/03, a particularly active fire day. Photo compliments of TC. For more Deafy Fire photos, see Helicopters 12 photo page.

Rhonda Fire: Here is a photo of a fire burning up a gully. The Rhonda fire started off of Interstate 5 and burned to the West for about 2 acres. Picture by Andrew H.

What's This? Isabel, That You?: Not a fire, but still great pictures.... Photos compliments of TC. These photos are a hoax, or at least not photos of Hurricane Isabel.
Here's what one reader says:

Ab, the first picture of what appears to be Hurricane Isabel as viewed from a tanker bridge on the Fire 19 page is definitely a hoax. Please click http://urbanlegends and read about it. I suspect the second picture might also be a hoax. It looks like a picture of a mesocyclonic (SEVERE) thunderstorm getting ready to drop a funnel. I used to see those occasionally when I lived in the San Antonio, TX area. from SBNF Lookout Vollie.

More from HeliGroupie
Hey Abs,
Just for the record. You're in good company with the "Isabel" pictures. The first time I saw the first Isabel picture (the one with the front of the ship in it) it was aired on Fox know the "Fair and Balanced" and ACCURATE news station.

Fire 20

Fire in Spain: Hello, I am an agent of the environment in Huelva, Spain, and I work for the Brigade of Investigation of Forest Fires, within the organization INFOCA. Here is a photograph of a fire in Manzorrales. photo compliments of Alfredo Lineros.

Aspen Fire: Here's an Aspen Fire photo from up top at the Observatories. Photo compliments of NC Crew.

MNF Fire Column: Photo taken looking east from Ukiah, CA on Hwy 101 on 9/28/03. Photo compliments of Mellie.

Canoe at Myers Flat: the Canoe Fire backing down through the redwoods onto the Eel River at Myers Flat on 9/28/03. Photo compliments of Mellie.

Canoe Burnout: Burning out on the Canoe Fire from Kerr Peak down to Eel River, end of September '03. Heavy fuels, High Temps, and low RHs challenged us for many days. Some very hard work and long days were put in by the troops. The level of dedication to suppress this fire was awesome to see. CDF Team 5 did an outstanding job under the leadership of Chief Hawkins to give the troops the tools they needed to do the job. Salmon River and Helena Hot Shots put in some awesome work for us. Photo compliments of RC.

Blowup on Winslow: Blowup on Division X-ray, Winslow Fire, southeast Idaho. August 2003. Photo by E. A. Wright.

Fire in Portugal Series: I am a Portuguese firefighter and part of a group of all-risk, volunteer firemen that also has a web page: I wanted to send you pictures of the fires of 2003, our engines and helicopters so you can see how we operate and fight fire in Portugal in the summer. Photos compliments of Antonio Josť Pina. More of the 16 photos on the Helicopters 12 and Engines 8 photo pages.

Lightning at Mt Laguna and Mt Laguna Autocam: automatically taken by a motion detection camera. Photos sent in by Hans-Werner Braun. More can be viewed at

Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone 2003, the East Fire with bison in the foreground. Photo compliments of Burns B, Engine Foreman, Shoshone National Forest, Cody WY.

East Fire: Fishing Bridge Yellowstone 2003, the East Fire. Photo ompliments of Burns B, Engine Foreman, Shoshone National Forest, Cody WY.

Fawn Column: The Fawn/Farewell complex, 2003 near the Thirty-Mile Fire - underneath the column - just so you know, we were on a road very close to a still-running vehicle. Photo compliments of Firepup91.

Davis Fire, 2003: The Davis Fire from near La Pine OR, obviously burning out at night. Photo compliments of Firepup91.

Fire 21

Olinda Active Head: This is one of the two active heads of the Olinda Fire. It stared around 10:00 AM and quickly spread through dry grass and brush.. The main fire was split into two heads by a house. The house was saved and the fire burned around it. Photo by Andrew H.

Smoke Laying Over: This is the first picture I took when I got on scene at the Olinda Fire. The wind was so bad that the smoke was laying flat. This is a photo of the left flank as the fire is blowing across the power line road. Photo by Andrew H.

Fire in Socal '02: Picture of the Placerita Fire in Santa Clarita, CA, 002, compliments of MTD.

Socal '02: A section of the Pines Fire in the vicinity of Julian, CA, 2002, compliments of MTD.

Active: A spotfire on the Pines Fire, 2002, compliments of MTD.

Evening: The sun sets on basecamp at the Pines Fire, 2002, compliments of MTD.

Trigger Point: Tahoe Terrie says, "According to Doug Campbell's definition, the trigger point occurs where and when the fire arrives at a point where a fire behavior change is predicted and a change in tactics is warranted. For example, the trigger point would be predicted when the fire reaches a south or southwest facing slope, after noon when the slope is warmest, and the local wind is upslope. You'd expect the fire to move upslope. Slope, time of day and wind would all be in "alignment" for the fire to take off. Fire managers should be considering whether a change in tactics is warranted at such a time." Photo compliments of Doug Campbell.

Firewhirl: Photo is Division Yankee, Winslow Fire, Targhee National Forest, August 2003. Photo compliments of E A Wright.

Fire in Potrugal, Portugal Fire: Portuguese photos compliments of Antonio Josť Pina. Visit his fire department at

Isabel Fire, Robert Fire in Montana: Here are some pics. of my crew. PatRick Crew out of Ellensburg WA. Burnout of Isabel Fire, Concunally WA, Robert Fire in MT. Photos compliments of Chad James.

From this Small to this Small: Photos from Australia, compliments of OB.

Modoc Lightning: Some of the lightning responsible for the Dome Complex, Modoc NF, Sept 2003 Photo compliments of MR.

Mann Gulch & Cramer Fires Side by Side: Would be interesting to have another photo of South Canyon. An overlay of the three would be interesting. Sent in by DF.

North Carolina '04 photo 1 and 2: Several photos from a prescribed fire we did here in North Carolina on 3/20/04. The burn went well, it cleared a lot of the over growth and produced some good fire. Amazingly we had some group torching and a nice run during the burn, just might have impressed the westerners. The weather was: RH 48%, temps were in the upper 60's, and winds were 4 mph. photos compliments of NCCrew. There's another one on Handcrews 12 photo page.

Saw Tac: Photo compliments of DCT.

Estacada Burn: Pile burn out of 10 this one seemed the most pissed. Hope you like it, it was not set up just happened that way. Photo compliments of YS.

Fire 22

Dragon: The photo shows it all. Photo compliments of Lakerschamps.

Buffalo Fire: Here's a view of the Buffalo Fire on the East Montana Complex, Custer NF (Nice scenery). Photo compliments of Todd Meeker.

Picnic Rock Fire series: Breaking story of the early season fires of Colorado, 2004. Photos sent in by CJD of the RCVFD who says, "Got these pics forwarded to me by a fellow VFD officer from a resident (whose house is in the pics). Pretty disturbing fire behavior for this time of year. We are supposed to get snow tonight so hopefully Mother Nature will help us put this one out. Updates on the fire are posted at"

Picnic Rock Origin & Picnic Rock Plume series & Picnic Rock at Night: The first plume photo and the origin photos were taken by Kelly Close, FBAN with the Poudre Fire Authority. The photographer of the second plume photo is Rod Moraga, the FBAN with Blume's Type II IM Team. The Picnic Fire at Night was taken by Jim Lynxwiler of the Poudre Fire Authority.

Comments that came in from AL along with Rod's plume pic, Kelly's origin pic and Jim's night pic:
Here's a picture of the Picnic Rock Fire plume, Fort Collins, Colorado. Currently at 8900 acres and 65% contained as of today (4/7/04). Some pretty spectacular fire behavior for this area, and especially for March. Folks are more than a little nervous... The fire started right across the river from the Picnic Rock Day Use area that's along the Poudre, if you know where that is. A guy was burning small piles of trash behind his house next to the base of a hot, dry, steep south aspect, and, well, that was that. In the perimeter map, that's Seaman Reservoir in the middle, Grey Rock to the center left, and Bonner Peak subdivision is NW of Seaman. Amazingly, only one house and one garage burned. What really blew people away is how this thing burned as well during the night as during the day for the first 3 days. Single-digit RH in the day, and recovery to 20-30% at night and windy. Photos sent in by AL.

More comments from Kelly Close, the FBAN with the Poudre Fire Authority:
Having just read some of the discussion on "They Said," here a little more background on the Picnic Rock Fire. It started mid-day on 3/30 northwest of Ft. Collins, CO (near the mouth of Poudre Canyon). It went big, and quickly - steep, rocky south aspect, dry grass (pre-greenup) and dormant brush. It was run with a Type 3 IMT (Poudre Fire Authority and Larimer County) for the first two days. Blume's Type 2 team took it over on April 1. Rod Moraga (Boulder, CO) was the initial FBAN with Blume's team and took the photo. I took over as FBAN for the last few days of the fire. Cooler weather and rain helped bring it to an end, and it transitioned back to a Type 3 on 4/8. For more photos, including some of Kelly's photos of origin and plume check the Fire 22 photo page.

Hot: Photo provided by DG. Upon further questioning, DG said he got it from the photo collection at the Alberta Sustainable Resources Development web site that says it's a pic of the Rolling Fire 2001. However, here's a message that came in:

Good afternoon, Just to let you know, the picture listed as the "Rolling Fire" in the Fire 22 picture page is actually the Chisholm Fire from 2001 in Alberta. I spent a month on that fire, some great behavior. Another Canuck Firefighter

Here's the homepage url: Here's the way to get to the image page it came from: Enter by clicking "CURRENT" and then search on the page "Top 100". Note that a larger and higher resolution version is available for download for non-commercial and educational use. Ab.

Virginia Lake Complex 1 & 2: Here's a picture of the Beginning of the Virginia Lake Complex Fire. I took this when it just started to blow up and BIA was watching it. I am a member of Okanogan WA Dist.#8 VFF and had been fighting it all night. We already had put out 4 fires earlier that night, but could not get to this one. This is behind my house and we lost 8 homes around mine during the fire. It grew to 39,000 acres real fast then combined with another fire totaling 78,000 acres before it was out. The picture you have on your site does not do this fire justice, so here is a good one. Photo compliments of Mark Hendershot.

Snow & Drip Torch and Butte Burn Torching: Live fuel moistures in winter can be deceptive. On a couple burns here in Central Oregon 2 weeks ago (end of March, 2004) we had green Caenothus burning reasonably hot. Manzanita, bitterbrush and mistletoe pine clumps are being spot lit carefully. We've had above average moisture and snow pack this winter. Burning next to snow can be a somewhat false sense of security. In many mid and lower elevation places, the snow comes off quickly and you can be off to the races. Most of our escapes are not like Lowden and Sierra Grande, they happen when the burn is in patrol status. Ab; a couple of photos included. These are from two different but similar burns, both had humidity's in the low 30's when photos taken. Photos compliments of Fuels Guy.

Durango Fire: Here's a picture from the Durango Fires two years ago, 2002. Photo compliments of Tim M. Tim is a firefighter who knows the woman whose house is in the picture. It was saved.

Big Bear Mountain: Here's a picture from the March 29, 2004 of the fire at the Big Bear ski area in California. I'm guessing this was taken after the fire had escaped the prescription. A friend forwarded it to me with the heading: Winter "Wildland" Wonderland. This will work great for public education about the year 'round fire season. Photo sent in by vfd cap'n. Ab said: If anyone knows the photographer, please send the information so we can give credit and ask permission. Ab. Ann Himebaugh says "That photo was taken by Rob Whipple who works for the forestry dept in Big Bear."

Night Pulaski: Photo taken by Tyler Grove on a 40-acre near Asheville, NC last April, 2003. Sent in by Beth.

Night Firing in NC: Another photo I was able to take around here in North Carolina. Photo compliments of -NCCrew.

Fire 23

Yosemite 7/13/04: Here is a picture from 30,000 feet today of the fire in Yosemite. I think the fire is near the Little Yosemite Valley. You can see El Capitan in the upper left. Photo compliments of Mark M.

Coleville Plume & Coleville Fire Whirl: Lots of fires up here in Eastern Washington Region 6. These pictures were taken on the Colville Indian Reservation 4,300+ acre BIA fire, 7/04. Putting that Tender to good use, filled over 100 Brush Trucks and drove 600+ miles in 3 days drafting water from the Columbia River to fill them with. Photos compliments of MH.

White Mountain: Snags within the White Mountain burn, Colville Forest. Photo 2004, fire 1988. Photo compliments of J. Foster, Highlands 26.

Pot Peak:Pot Peak Fire plume near Chelan WA taken 7/23/04. Photo compliments of MH.

Beaver Lake Cplx: '03. Photo compliments of Al Henkel, a Producer for NBC News who covers a lot of fires all over the west. He's a Red Carded FFT2.

Interface & Burnout on Log Springs: Log Springs Fire on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation near Simnasho OR, 7/25-8/4/04. Photos compliments of Ben Croft.

Boundary AK Plume: Boundary Fire, Alaska. July 16, 2004. Photo compliments of Garett.

Taylor Fire AK & Taylor Fire Plume: Photos sent in by AZ FF and taken by the Northern Arizona IMT. More NAZ IMT photos of Taylor. (Available as wallpaper.)

Nickel Fire NV 1 & 2: Nickel Fire 6/04. Photos compliments of Ryan H

Chrome Fire NV: Chrome Fire 7/04. Photo compliments of Ryan H.

Deep Fire Plume: 8/13/04, new fire. They have 3 P3's and 3 S2's on the fire and seem to be getting a handle on it for now. Photo compliments of Red Fire Wife.

Backing Fire: A typical downslope, backing fire. Great time for a containment line. Eagle Rock fire, Okanlgan Highlands. WA DNR NE Region. Photo compliments of J. Foster Fanning, Highlands 26.

Ely Rx 1 & 2: Here are some photos that my crew member took of some prescribed burns that we conducted this year on our district, BLM in Ely, Nevada. We had five plots ranging in size from 167 acres to 400 acres, and the objectives were that they wanted a mosaic burn pattern so that the sagebrush could grow back. The fuel type was pinion/juniper and sagebrush and grass. These burns were conducted in the first part of August 2004, and as you can see from the photos the burning conditions were ideal. See also the photos on the bottom of Engines 11 and top of Engines 12. Photos sent in by NB. (0904)

Sisi Ridge Fire WA: The Sisi Ridge Fire, 8 Miles East of Stehekin, began on 7/22/04 as a result of a lightning strike. For more Sisi photos check the Helicopters 16 page. Photo sent in by Willy-N.

Alaska A** Kicker: A picture of the the taylor complex in alaska, courtesy of Alaska State Forestry, Tok Area Office. Photos sent in by CN.

Fire 24

Bear Fire IA & Bear in Neighborhood: Two photos of the Bear Fire, Redding CA, began today, 8/11/04. Photo compliments of Elaine, Redding, CA.

Pyro Cumulus Day 2: This photo was taken the second day of the bear fire. That night the winds blew from the North and pushed the fire to the South destroying structures that were thought to be safe and out of danger. Photo by Andrew H.

Structures Threatened: This is a photo as the bear fire moved through the residential area of Jones Valley. The fire burnt 10,484 acres over a 4 day period. It destroyed 80 homes, and 30 outbuildings. Photo by Andrew H.

Homes in Trouble: Firefighters found themselves overwhelmed, and out numbered by the shear number of structures that were threatened or involved. Over 1,000 firefighters were called to duty to fight the fire by the next day. Photo by Andrew H.

Wall of Smoke: This photo was taken while the Bear Fire was burning down to Lake Shasta. That is Copter 506 in the foreground. Photo by Andrew H.

CDF AT on Bear: This is Tanker 94 dropping on the Bear Fire. He is trying to protect houses at the top of the hill, as spot fires pop up in the town of Jones Valley. Photo by Andrew H.

Bear Day 2: Photo compliments of Meko.

French Fire -IA: This photo was taken of the French Fire about a half an hour after it started. The lake on the left is Wiskeytown Lake. The fire was about 20 miles west of Redding, Ca. Photo by Andrew H.

French Over the Hill: This is the first photo I took when I got on scene. The fire had already crested the hill and was moving toward the small town of French Gulch. At this point resources were being taken of the almost contained Bear Fire. At the peak of the fire 1,345 firefighters, 34 Hand Crews, 72 Engines, 5 Helicopters, 16 Dozers, and 35 Watertenders were used to fight the fire. Source: CDF. Photo by Andrew H.

French Head: This is a photo of one of the many heads the French Fire had the first day, notice spot fire on the left side. The fire plowed through the town of French Gulch destroying 26 residences, 1 commercial property, and 76 outbuildings. In all 13,005 acres were burned. Source: CDF. Photo by Andrew H.

Heating Up: Photo compliments of Meko9.

French: Photo compliments of Meko9.

Column 8/14/04: A friend sent me this photo of the French Gulch Fire column. Photo sent in by CJ.

SW Flank: Photo compliments of Meko9.

CDF T-91 on French: This is a picture of Tanker 91 trying to hold the left flank, and prevent the fire from jumping Highway 299 west. Because of the rough terrain and lack of ground forces, airtankers were all but useless. The town was down in a canyon and smoke made it impossible for airtankers to be used for structure protection. Photo by Andrew H.

Fire 25

Alaska 100 ft Flames: A picture of the the taylor complex in alaska, courtesy of Alaska State Forestry, Tok Area Office. Photo sent in by CN. Another photo on Fire 23 photo page, last photo.

Boundary Fire AK: 2004. This picture was taken by me on the Boundary Fire, Alaska, 2004. I think when all was said and done, it burned over 500,000 acres. This picture doesn't do what we were looking at justice. Photo compliments of Douglas Savor. (For 3 more of his Boundary Fire photos, check Helicopters 17 and Handcrews 15.)

Fred Fire photos: Fred Fire near Tahoe 10-04. Photos compliments of Doug Kunst.

Coleville Fire: Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

Waterfall Fire 1-3: Waterfall Fire in Carson City NV. July 21, 2004. Photo compliments of Mike Evans.

Antelope Fire: 2004. Photo compliments of Meko9.

Mendenhall Column: & Mendenhall Burnout: This smoke plume is of the Mendenhall Complex (siege of '87) from Howard Forest Helitack Base. (Copter 101) The fire is on the MNF burning some 87,000 acres. Copter 101 and crew were committed 14 days in fire suppression and support activities. The second photo is of Helitack crew 101 and engine crew burning out Eden Valley on the Mendenhall Fire 1987. Photos by: FF Bob Zwicky.

Weird Weather: Weird weather over Cle Elum WA. Photo compliments of Brian W.

Fawn Peak Fire: Fawn Peak Complex, Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest. 2003. Photo compliments of Brian W.

Up Close Flames: Close up on some flamage, Cle Elum Ranger Dist. Wenatchee National Forest. Photo compliments of Brian W.

Lytle Fire Spot: Lytle Fire, San Bernardino NF 2003...nice spot fire taking off below the main head of the fire. Photo compliments of Eric G.

space: Photo compliments of .

Brushfire 1-3: A few pics from a fire out in the training area, Fort Lewis. Aprox. 100 acres. Photo compliments of Ric S.

Runaway Fire '04: Photo compliments of William Steede.

Fire 26

Runaway Flames, Runaway IA: Photos compliments of William Steede.

Runaway Night: San Bernardino county fire Station 10. Photo compliments of William Steede. Here's a special effect for the night crew photo of the San Bernardino County FD on the Runaway Fire.

Burnout IHC: Morning Star Burn-out operation in Carson City, NV July 2004 Waterfall Fire. Courtesy: H.E.

Cole Complex: Rolling log starts blow-up on the Dana fire: Cole Complex. Topaz, NV 2004. Courtesy: H.E.

Alaska Fire Photos: These 3 Alaska photos are among a number of images I shot while fighting some of Alaska's wildfires in 2004 - the biggest fire season in the state's history. Photo compliments of Mike McMillan - Alaska Smokejumper, For more of Mike's Smokejumper and fire images, go to Smokejumper 2 photo page.

Cottonwood Fire '94: This is a picture of the Cottonwood fire in 1994. It is the second day of the fire. Photo compliments of Rex Thompson, Calpine CA.

Fire in Aspens: Aspen stand on SQF on a fire use fire 2003. Photo sent in by DS.

Aspen Series of 4 photos: Photos compliments of Pete D. The aspen underburn photos were requested on theysaid for illustrating a report. Thanks to contributors. Ab.

Campbell Fire: 7/29-8/3/2004. Fire burned around 4,100 acres mostly BLM and Uncompahgre National Forest near Nucla, Colorado. Photo was taken at sunset from the Paradox Valley near Paradox, CO. Photo compliments of Tim MacIntyre.

Davis Fire: Davis Fire, June 28, 2003, Crescent Oregon. Photo compliments of Robert Cunningham who took it from 35 mi away. It was sent in by Dave Lockwood who was the IA Incident Commander.

Torching Tree & Lucky Creek Plume: Torching tree, Boundary Fire AK and Lucky Creek plume, approx 12 hours after it was called in. Photos compliments of Robb C.

Fire in Yosemite: 7/13/04. Photo compliments of Mark Mills.

Mt Thompson Broadcast Burn: A pic brought to you by Medford BLM Oregon. '05. Photo compliments of Jerry S.

Fire 27

Willow Fire: Here is a picture I took of the Willow Fire plume, 2004, from my home in Phoenix AZ. Photo compliments of Old Sawyer.

Spring Rx : Prescribed burn on the North Fork of the Shoshone National Forest. Spring Burns. Photo compliments of Burns C. Brimhall.

Martis Fire -Truckee: Martis Fire, Truckee River, CA 2001. Photo compliments of Esther M.

Eat Fire 1 & 2: Eat Fire LA County off I-5 freeway 2004 August... Photo compliments of Wayne P3.

Shinner Fire Series, 1-4: Arizona. Photo compliments of Dan Hauf.

Harrison Fire: A very early spring fire in SoCal 2005. Discussed on theysaid. Photo sent in by Jerry S.

Cottonville Fire 5/05: Cottonville Fire in Adams county WI, May 2005. Mike Lehman, photographer. Sent in by Steve C.

Munz Fire Series, 1-3: Here are some pics from the Munz Fire on Monday June 27. The fire went 800 acres, location was just north of Lake Hughes on LA County IA. Just a heads up, the fine fuels really helped this fire, along with the wind which was really erratic, had some long range spotting also. Photos compliments of James R.

South Africa Photos sent in by "Brick" Shield, Regional Manager, Working on Fire, South Africa. If anyone knows the photographers, please email us with the info. Ab.

S Africa Interface: This was taken in 2000 at Fire U7, Fishoek on the Cape Peninsular. Both houses were saved and can still be seen today!
S Africa Backburn & Night Line: Both taken at George S Africa.
S Africa Red Day:
Mpumalanga S Africa, Red Day, 2001.

Mason Gulch Fire - Day 1: I took this on Thursday, 7 July 2005 about 20 miles from the fire off of Highway 96. Fire is about 30 miles west of Pueblo, Colorado near Wetmore in the Wet Mountains. Photo compliments of Jamie Urrea.
Mason Gulch - Day 3:
10 July, 2005, State Patrol shut down Highway 96. This one was from an access road off of 96, about 25 miles from the fire. Photo compliments of Jamie Urrea.

Fire 28

Pine Fire Series: These pictures are from the Pine Fire (Los Angeles County) July, 2004. It was during the firing operation that these occurred. Photos compliments of Eric Scovel.

Mason Gulch Fire CO, Column & Sunset: 7/8-7/15/05. Photos compliments of Karin Kyte Romano. Peter and Polly Conlon of Beulah CO sent in a cd of fire photos from this fire. They include these photos and others. They're willing to send cds to firefighters. Contact Ab if you're interested.

Blossom Fire: Photo compliments of Dan Tyndal. For more Blossom photos of fallers that show the size of the timber and the steepness of the terrain, look on Handcrews 18 photo page.

Old Fire 2003: I took this photo after being awakened at 2-am the meet this on the Old Fire. I was there. Photo compliments of KC.

Fire 29

Deer Fire Series: These pictures are from initial attack (IA) on the Deer Fire (Mendocino NF) Aug 9, 2005. Photos compliments of TC.

Deer IA Fly: Deer fire on the mendo, taken from a camera phone, while in the IA stage. Photo compliments of Bard.

Deer IA Rt20: 8/9/05 I had to stop and take a pic of an IA fire with the HUGE column just north and east of Clear Lake on the MNF. I was traveling Hwy 20. What a neat column, one of those large twisting ones that go up and up, creating its own twisting convection. Driving thru that area reminded me of going to the Cabbage and Franklin etc fires there around April Fools day 5 yr ago. Made me think of the Rattlesnake burnover too and how fast and hot those fine dry oily fuels take off. What a brush patch the Mendocino is! Wouldnt you know, as soon as I stopped, the awesome twister collapsed. Lots of CDF rigs on 20 going West. Whooo Hoooo! Photo compliments of Mellie.

Valley Road Fire Column: Photo compliments of Dan Tindal.

School Fire Column: The plume on the Valley Road Fire in Stanley ID. Photo compliments of Matt Branch.

Sierraville & Beckwourth: Harding Fire. The pictures are from the Tahoe NF about 25 miles north of Truckee, in beautiful Sierra Valley. I know this is last weeks news but these pictures show the Harding smoke column shortly after ignition, one is from downtown Sierraville and the other is from Beckwourth. This roadside fire went uphill in the sage rather quickly, once it topped the ridge it got out of the wind and sun and began brewing around up in the mixed conifer on the north-east aspect. Hot, intense fire! Could have been worse. Photos compliments of Dave R.

36 Column, 36 Running & 36 Bumping Road: The 36 fire started on Route 36 west, east of Platina. It was one of 4 fires started by a motorcycle's saddle bags which caught on fire. When air attack arrived on scene the fire was 20 acres with a rapid rate of spread. This photo was taken 30 minuets into the fire. During the IA the winds were blowing the fire to the South. However 1 hour into it the winds shifted from the North to the West. With fire on both sides of 36, the left flank became the head. These photos were taken on the South side of 36 at the moment of the wind shift. Notice the sudden increase in fire intensity. Photos by Andrew Harp.

Sierra Fire Header and Irvine Lake, Feb 2006: Hi Ab, Just back from the nearly 11,000 acre Sierra Fire in Orange County, CA. Our so called "winter" looks more like summer- fall in So Cal. Temps in the mid 80's, RH in the single digits. Last night the RH "recovery" made it ALL THE WAY UP to 8%! Not a drop of precipitation on the horizon even.... Should be one "peach" of a year ahead. But the good news was the cooperativeness of the many agencies involved led to some great accomplishments. This was evident from the initial attack on. Great backfiring and engine & crew work held the line in tough places, including just keeping it out of the back yards of thousands of homes. Success was hard won given that flame lengths commonly ranged from 60-100 feet and Santa Ana winds blew at 40 mph. Just as spectacular too was Rich Hawkins, Fire and Aviation Staff Officer from the CA-CNF. The press was after him at first like wolves on fresh kill, but Rich just stayed cool and professional, representing the facts but doing great stuff for image of the Forest Service. He still had time (and temperament) left over to offer some words of wisdom and kinship to all. He's a guy we could all aspire to be in times of stress and trouble! Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this fire a success! A couple of photos are attached... Photos compliments of Contract County Guy.

Perkins Fire Collage: I took this Perkins fire ( CA-LPF) photo collage yesterday ( 6/20/06 ) at around 1500 hrs from New Cuyama near Fire Camp. Size at the time was around 10000 acres. View is to the south. Photo compliments of Sting.

Tripod Fire 1-3: Just got back (8/31/06) from the Tripod Complex on the Loomis Forest side and let me just say WOW I saw some very interesting fire behavior and tactics. There were about 5 of my 14 days where we were moved to a safe area or Safety Zones due to Fire Behavior. The amount of dead spruce is amazing and inter-mixed with lodgepole in the 80-160 years old range spotting was something you could hardly keep up with and the night time thermal belts made the fire very active from 1900-0400, so as you would start day shift there would be new spots or areas that completely burned. On 1 day the Calif. Team made a wise decision and pulled off the whole branch due to low RHs 8-10% and Very active crown runs that ran several miles. As I left the objectives changed to include keeping the fire south of Canada which I believe was around 15 miles to the north with a continuous fuel bed. These are pics of the fire running north. Photo compliments of JS.

Fire 30

Mutau Flats during the Day Fire: Photo compliments of David V. (1006)

3 Warm Fire Column Photos: Kaibab NF, AZ, the day the Type 2 IMT relieved the WFU Team. Photos compliments of CDW (1006).

Red Mountain Fire: The photo of the crowning run was taken on the Red Mountain Fire Boise NF. Photo compliments of EM (1006).

Potato Fire Burnout: The Silver City Hotshots doing a burnout on the Potato Fire on the Salmon Challis NF. Photo compliments of EM (1006).

Sage Firing & Highland Fire: Securing corner on Highland fire, Douglas Co, WA 10/1/06; Photos compliments of C64 (BW1006).

Bear Fire IA: Bear Fire on Gila NF, NM. Taken about four hours after IA. Photo compliments of JK.

Brins Dragon: Hey Ab, laid the crew off saturday (10/14/06) and life is good again. Here is a photo of a rookie hotshot on a hot burnout, Brins fire, Sedona, AZ. and one this is of the dragon that reared its head on the same night. Photo compliments of DF.

IA2, Dry Creek, OMG & Where Is Dave? -- the Louisiana Burns Series: Hello Ab, I am a fan of your website, I've been with the Forest Service for over 25 years now. I am currently on Assignment In Louisiana as a DIVS working for Louisiana State Forestry, which has been quite the experience. We are doing IA and roll on at least one fire a day that requires structure protection. I am sending some pretty impressive picks I took on Wednesday (3/8/06). The fire ended up a 1000 acres and at one point about 50 structures were directly in the path of the fire. I did not use a zoom on these picks and "bugged" out safely after taking the last one. The only other person present was the dozer operator and he rode it out in one of the vehicles. He was not hurt and amazingly enough only minor damage to the remaining vehicles. If you think it don't burn in Louisiana.....Think Again! Photo compliments of Rogue/Siskiyou Dave.

Columbia Burnout: Division N Burnout, Columbia Complex, Umatilla NF, WA 9/6/06. Photo compliments of Rob.

Columbia Fire Run 1 & 2: Fire runs on Division L, Columbia Complex 9/3/06. Photos compliments of Rob.

Shake Table Fire 1 & 2 and Shake Table Fire Run: Photos from the Thorne Creek Fire, Shake Table Complex in Oregon, 2006. Compliments of  Dave H.

Fire 31

Day Fire Column: The Day Fire column on the evening it went from about 30,000 acres to over 60,000. The first assault on Mutau Flat, looking west from Whittaker Peak. Photo compliments of Misery Whip.

Ulm Peak Ulm Peak Fire making a run in subalpine fir. Flame height was easy 250-300 feet. Photo compliments of Misery Whip.

Torching on Bar Complex & More Flames: September 12, 2006. Photos compliments of Meko9. (EK1006)

Initial Attack: Airport Fire, Wisconsin. This was from the one of the two significant (significant for us) fires we had this year. You can see the two IA dozers peeling back in the upper right to double up their furrows as the fire begins to crown. JG. (0506)

Red Mountain Column MT & Burnout Navajo Mountain UT:  First is the Red Mountain fire on the Boise N.F. and the second is a burnout operation on the Navajo Mt fire in Southern UT. Photos compliments of EM (1006).

Brins: Brins fire in Sedona, Arizona in 2006. This photo is from the east side of the fire, as it headed down into Oak Creek Canyon. Photo comes from an engine Task Force which included a Tempe FD T1 engine, Angeles NF T3 engine, Avra Valley FD T3 engine, Mohave Valley T6 engine, and a Flagstaff FD T3 engine. Photo compliments of T. Foster (0607)

South Mississippi !!! Fire Series: These photos were taken in south Mississippi after hurricane Katrina ripped through our area. If you would post these photos on your website to show people the kind of fires we have in the South, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, David and Bert, Mississippi Forestry Commission

Little Venus Fire, Fire Shelter, & Burnover: Pictures taken during the Little Venus Burnover on 7/18/06. Photo credit to Ryan Jordan (Firefighter, GJFD) who took those photos from his fire shelter during the burnover. Here is the Little Venus Peer Review (pdf file) that includes 2 of the 3 pics and some more that weren't sent in to us.

Original message that came on 8/2/06 with the photos:

Hello All,

I'm sure there are plenty of rumors going around the fire world in regards to the burnover on the Little Venus Fire in Wyoming last week so I wanted to give a few basics on what went on. The burnover did involve 2 members of Krassel Helitack that were on a detail to the Uniweep Fire Use module. There were no serious injuries to anyone involved. It took place roughly 4 miles into an 8 mile hike. The fire ran downslope/downriver with some very impressive fire behavior (that was not predicted). It moved from about 1 mile away when the crew first saw the fire, to the deployment site in about 15 minutes. One person deployed in a separate location from the other nine after a pack string passed through the area creating a short stint of chaos resulting in the first person being ahead of the rest of the crew during the retreat.

I flew to Cody the day after the incident and spent the following days with the crew. In listening to what folks had to say and reading the information that they received the morning of the burnover, I believe any of us would have been in the same place when the fire made its move. There were a hundred variables that could have resulted in a very bad outcome, but somehow everything lined up. These folks all performed very well in a very bad situation.

I'll attach a couple of pictures that were taken by the crew. Unlike the training videos, these are not simulations, these are real people, in real shelters, in a real fire.

Please forward to anyone you wish and please be careful out there. There's a lot of fire season left.

1 Mile Away (See attached file: 6.25.06 008.jpg)
Minutes later..................... (See attached file: 5880-R1-16-9A.JPG)(See attached file: 5880-R1-05-20A.JPG)

Cactus Burns: If anyone has details on this photo, like where it was taken (probably May, '06 or prior) and who the photographer is, please let us know so we can give credit. Ab.

Warm Fire, WFU: Ab, I am in Kanab, UT, 30 - 40 miles north of the Warm WFU on the Kaibab National Forest, on the north side of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The pictures below were taken at 8:15 PM this evening. I am wondering when the WFU fire will be declared a wildfire. There are some beautiful stands of pine and fir up there. My summer ATV riding country. We are having a hot spell here in southern Utah and hate to see what the Firefighters are having to suffer through. Photo compliments of Hunter. (0606)

Perkins Fire, 062006: Ab, I took this Perkins fire (CA-LPF) photo collage yesterday ( 6/20 ) at around 1500 hrs from New Cuyama near Fire Camp. Size at the time was around 10,000 acres. View is to the south. Photo compliments of Sting. (0606)

Sawtooth-Millard: Plume. Photo compliments of Jo Tunnell of Junction Image Co. in Big Bear Lake. (0706)

Fire 32

Sawtooth Plume: Photo compliments of Jo Tunnell of Junction Image Co. in Big Bear Lake. (0706)

British Columbia, High Altitude Smoke & BC, After the Fire: My name is Wyatt Boothby and i'm a wildland firefighter from B.C Canada. These photos i've taken over the course of the last four seasons in the coastal fire district. I hope you enjoy them. Photos compliments of Wyatt Boothby. (0606)

Millard Fire & Mad Dinosaur: One mad dinosaur, and the Morongo Casino with Millard fire in background. Photos compliments of Chuck G. (0706)

Taylor Complex: Alaska '04. Photo compliments of Jesse W. (0706)

Alaska '04 - 1 & 2: Photos compliments of Mad Red Zeke. (0406ZF)

Orleans Column, Pearch Creek & Somes Mountain: The Orleans Complex of fires started by lightning on the Six Rivers NF 2006. The 2 pictures of columns are of Somes Mtn, taken from Orleans Ranger Station. The Pearch Creek pic is from Hwy. 96, looking East form Pearch Creek campground. Photos compliments of Icefire (0806)

Derby Fire: Near Big Timber, MT, 8/30/06. Photo sent in by Loryl B. If you know the photographer, please let us know so we can give credit. Ab. (0906)

Red Mountain Column: This is another angle for the Red Mountain (Boise NF) fire pic which you already have up on the photos page. Aug. 22nd, 2006, I was doing lookout on Div. Tango. They were calling for significant growth to the northeast. Yup! Photo # 25 was taken looking NNE @ 1555 hrs. Photo compliment of Kicks. (1006WNH)

Sawtooth-Millard Header: 8/1/06. Photo compliment of Cy. (0806)

Golf Fire, Flames and Plume: 8/8/06 CA-RRU (Riverside County: Photos compliments of Cy. (0806)

Cavity Lake Fire MN Series: Pics from the Cavity Lake Fire in Northern MN. July/August 2006. (Boundary Headwaters area of MN containing extensive pine tree blowdown from 1999 winds.) Photos compliments of R.N. (0806)

Fire 33

Cavity Lake Fire MN Series (continued), View Over Cupid 717: Pics from the Cavity Lake Fire in Northern MN. July/August 2006. (Boundary Headwaters area of MN containing extensive pine tree blowdown from 1999 winds.) Photos compliments of R.N. (0806) For another series of photos of working in the blowdown post-fire, see Handcrews 21 photo page.

Oven Fire of Bar Complex: Most crews were stationed in Denny Spike Camp. Photo compliments of Mellie. (0806)

End of Fire Season '06: Here is a pile burn of 140 acres near some homes I burned on 11/09/06. I might have to make it the Family Christmas Card lol.... Photo compliments of JS (1106)

Warren Grove Fire & Pine Barrens 5/15/07: Photos from the Warren Grove Pine Barrens Fire 5/15 - 5/18/07. The first is the head of the fire hitting Recovery Rd. The second was taken May 15 at approx 1600. Photos compliments of William (Bill) Edwards. For more NJ Pine Barrens fire photos see Engines 16 photo page. (0507)

IA on Zaca Fire & Zaca on Wildhorse: 1st photo is of the Zaca fire from Foxen Canyon road. This fire was reported July 04 around 1030, photo was taken at 1109 hours. Zaca Peak and Figueroa Mtn are to the right of the picture. 2nd photo taken from Wildhorse Peak looking northwest at the end of Catway Road as the fire approached the LP Forest boundary on 7/6/07. Photos compliments of  sting. (0707)

Wheeler Fire: The Wheeler Fire is one of a very large number of fires that started across the West as a result of dry lightning storms just after 4th of July 2007. The Wheeler began on 7/6 is one of a complex of fires called the Antelope Complex. It quickly became very large. This photo is compliments of Scott R. (0707)

Wheeler Fire 1-3: This series of photos was taken as the column developed. The photographer's vantage point was the Crystal Lake area. Photos compliments of Jason Erwin. (sr0707) Several of these are available in larger size for wallpaper.

Peak Fire, Napa CA 1 & 2: This fire started about 3 hours after the fog lifted 7/11/07... 50% contained now with minimal structure threat. Started by a tree chipping crew. Photos compliments of  MG. (0707)

Fletcher Fire 1& 2: #1 The Fletcher Fire CA-MDF (Modoc) was first reported at 1315 today (07/15/07). This is a picture of the column approximately 3 hours later. #2 This was taken at 1806 this evening 07/16/07. Photos compliments of DriftSmoke. (0707)

Fire 34

Fletcher 3: Taken at taken at 1548 on 07/16/07. Photo compliments of DriftSmoke. (0707)

Fletcher 4 & 5: Taken a few minutes ago......westside and eastside, respectively, of fire 07/16/07. Photos compliments of DriftSmoke. (0707)

Fletcher, 2 pics @ 1555 and 1557: These are all from the afternoon of 7/16. Taken approximately 15 miles away. First Pic is taken at 1555. Notice the change in the column compared to the pic that was taken at 1548. I believe the second is the fire tornado that has been spoken about. Taken at 1555, too. This last one was taken at 1557. Photos compliments of DriftSmoke. (0707)

Fletcher Firewhirls: Taken by Kellie Carlson (ODF) on July 16, this is an example of extreme fire behavior that occurred on the Fletcher Fire. Don Smith (Retired ODF Unit Forester) and Kellie Carlson (ODF) have sent in more Fletcher Fire photos demonstrating the extreme fire behavior. Other posters have sent in more photos and a short video. Kellie reports that the IMT Fire Behavior Analyst and Meteorologist estimated the winds to be Category 2 on the Fujita Scale, based on the evidence on the ground. That would be a "Significant Tornado" with wind speeds from 113 - 157 MPH. (0707)

Hawken Fire 1 & 2: Pics taken this afternoon (071707) about 1700-1730, across I-80 from the fire. Photos compliments of hazman. (0707) Hotlist on Hawken 

Goodman Fire: July 30, 2006 CRAIG, Colo. – Federal fire managers managed the 788-acre Goodman Fire, which burned in a remote area 42 miles north of Dinosaur, Colo., under a "confine and contain" strategy. Under this strategy, firefighters closely monitor the fire, but do not actively suppress it. This strategy was deemed the most effective because of the fire’s remote location, inaccessible terrain, lack of threats to structures or other property, availability of resources, and presence of natural barriers to aid containment. Fire managers use natural barriers, such as drainages and barren areas with little fuel, to contain the fire. Should the fire cross pre-established perimeters, firefighters begin active suppression. The Goodman Fire was one of 27 fires ignited by lightning in northwestern Colorado July 26, 2006. It burned in pinyon, juniper and sagebrush on Cold Spring Mountain. Photo compliments of BE. (0707)

Moonlight from Quincy: The smoke column from the PNF Moonlight Fire as seen from Quincy (9/4/07). Photo compliments of sr5401. (0907)

Moonlight from Keddie Ridge: Pic of the Moonlight fire from atop Keddie Ridge today (9/4/07) at 1600. Photo compliments of Ron Lunder. (0907-zl)

Moonlight from Susanville: The Moonlight fire from Susanville on 9/4/07 at 1400 hrs. Photo compliments of K6. (0907)

Moonlight from Division C: The Moonlight fire from DivC fireline on 9/4/07. Fire turned the corner and ran 180 degrees after cold front passed. 6 mile run after dark. Inversion broke a bit ago 9/5/07, 1400. Now fire moving out on all sides! Photo compliments of squeebo. (0907)

Rattlesnake Complex 06: September, 2006, Boise National Forest, ID. Photos compliments of Sean Minnis and Brush 911 of the White Mountain Lake Fire Dept, AZ (06)

Day Fire '06: Firefighter's Christmas tree. Photo compliments of Tom P. (1006)

Zaca II: on the Los Padres NF, August, 2007. Photo compliments of Ryan Johnston, E-15 BDF. (0907)

Cascade Complex: August, 2007. Boise National Forest ID. Photo compliments of Dave Williams, Lightning Ridge Technologies. (0907)

Fire 35

Early Stages Santiago, Santiago 200, and After- above Modjeska,: See hotlist thread on Santiago Fire. Photos compliments of Contract County Guy. (1107)

Moonlight Header: Header on the Moonlight Fire in Plumas County. A thunder cell merged with the smoke column to produce this awesome header. Photo compliments of JS. (1107)

Moonlight: Moonlight Fire near Susanville, Cal in Sept 07. This photo was taken looking into 40" dbh tree that had burned out.  It was taken with just a Bushnell outdoor camera with 3.2 mega pixals. My wife made the comment that it looked like the entrance to hell or some beast opening its mouth. Photo compliments of  Jim Adams. (1107)

Slide Fire Series: Slide Fire burned near Green Valley Lake near Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead (CA-BDF-Slide). Burned 12,759 acres; destroyed 272 and damaged 43 homes between 10/22; was contained 10/31/07. One of the SoCal, Fire Siege 2007 fires. Probably arson started. Photos compliments of Cy Phenice. (1007)

Butler 2 Fire Series: Butler 2 Fire burned north of Big Bear and near Lake Arrowhead (CA-BDF-Butler2) from 091407 and was contained on 092007. Probably arson started; fuel 10 Timber (litter and understory) grass, brush and timber with lots of standing deadwood due to bark beetle; 14,039 acres burned  and cost of $7,050,679. Highways 17 and 38 were closed for some time. Photos compliments of Cy Phenice. (1007)

Phoenix Fire 1 & 2: AZ-AZS-A1S photos. A few from the fire in phoenix today (3/22/08). Photos compliments of Mark G. (0308)

Fire 36

Phoenix Fire 3 & 4: AZ-AZS-A1S photos. A few more from the fire in phoenix today (3/22/08). Photos compliments of Mark G. (0308)

Zaca 2 Column, Column Again and Zaca Burning: Zaca 2 Fire burned on the LPF, 2007 in early-mid August. Photos compliments of ACW. (0907) For more photos from ACW of the Zaca 2 Fire, see Engines 18 and Engines 19, Equipment 11 and Airtankers 24.

Moonlight Sun through Smoke, Moonlight Flames 1 & 2: Moonlight Fire, PNF / LNF Sept 2007. Photos compliments of ACW. (0907) For more photos from ACW of the Moonlight Fire, see Engines 18, Equipment 11, Handcrews 22 and Airtankers 24.

Day Fire Column, '06:  Photo compliments of Brennan. (0207) More of Brennan's photos of the Day Fire are on Engines 19.

Warm Fire: Kaibab NF, AZ 2006. Photos sent in by KL. (1106)

Ft Carson Fire 1, 2 & 3: Fort Carson Fire, Colorado 04/16/08. Please see the wallpaper page for a large Ft Carson fire photo suitable for wallpaper. Photos compliments of Trevor "Bubba" McConnell. (0408)

Trigo Fire Blowup '08, 1 & 2: The Trigo Fire (NM) as it began a 5000 acre run. This on April 30 @ 1630 taken from I-25 just south of ABQ. There was so much dust in the air from the high winds that the photo is a bit washed out. That is the Rio Grande Bosque in the foreground. Photos compliments of Tim. (0508)

Leoni Meadows Rx '07 series: Leoni Meadows RX Burn, May '07. For a view of the meadow and residences see Handcrews 23 photo page. Photos compliments of JG. (0508)

Light, Tree & Smoke: Taken on the Ralston Fire, 2006 on the Tahoe N.F.. Photos compliments of JG. (0508)

Zaca Fire '07 from Santa Barbara: As the fire season approaches, I've been going through some pictures that I took of the Zaca fire last year (8/14/07) from our front yard in the foothills of Santa Barbara. Joe Melendez wrote in his article for the Santa Barbara News Press on August 15th that these plumes were 23 miles from the city limits in Judell Canyon. Photo compliments of EA. (0508)

Joe Melendez, News Press Staff Writer, August 15, 2007 12:00 AM:

A large plume of smoke from the Zaca Fire was visible for all to see from downtown Santa Barbara on Tuesday, as it emerged from Judell Canyon on the north side of the blaze, 23 miles from the city limits. The significant cloud of smoke was caused by dense brush within the interior of the fire burning well inside the containment line to the west of Little Pine Mountain, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

Fire 37

Zaca Fire '07 from Santa Barbara: Details, see above. Photo compliments of EA. (0508)

Taylorsville Column:  Photo compliments of CH. (0508)

Cold Fire IA: Here's a pic of the Cold Fire as it was taking off the other day 6/21/08. It was taken from Hwy. 70, east of Quincy near the LaPorte Rd. The Cold Fire was part of the Canyon Complex resulting from a lightning strike. Photo compliments of sr5401. (0708)

Watsonville Fire IA 1, 2 & 3: Officially named the Trabing Fire, it burned in Santa Cruz County near Watsonville CA, starting about 1400 hrs on Friday, June 20, '08 in the area of state Highway 1 and Buena Vista Drive. Before being contained, it burned around 630 acres and between 5 and 15 structures. 650 firefighters fought it. Fire officials initially evacuated about 2,000 residents in the Larkin Valley and Buena Vista areas. Photos compliments of John Dunzweiler. (More photos are not posted.) (JG0608)

Dripping Springs Fire and Fire Road 1-3: Sent in 6/20, Las Cruces BLM. See also the Dripping Springs / Soledad Canyon Area photo on Engines 20 photo page. Photos compliments of TMK (0608)

Hells Half (l) & Cedar (r), Hells Half -telephoto 1 & 2: With the north winds today (7/22/08), the CA-SRF-Hells Half and the Cedar Fires took off. The Hells Half is the plume in the distance to the left and the Cedar is the large column, more in the foreground to the right. The photos were taken from a road off Hwy 299 as my brother headed to the coast. He drove out the Titlow Hill Rd to get a good shot, then took 2 telephoto pics. Mellie. Photos compliments of RPE. (0708)

Cold Springs Fire Series, 8 photos: Pictures taken of the Cold Springs Fire on July 12-13, 2008. This fire is on the Mt Adams Ranger District side of the Gifford Pinchot NF. Pictures by Steph S. 'Clean Air Steph'. 2 of the photos show the bug killed timber that's fueling the fire. Photos sent in by FireBill (0708); credit to Steph S.

Fire 38

Corral Fire Series: Photos of the Corral Fire on the California LMU. These were taken when my engine was called to aid CALFIRE due to major spotting on 6/28/08. That afternoon the fire had a thunder cell blow over. The fire gained 5,000 acres in less than four hours. A lot of crews had to pull off the lines to safety zones due to erratic fire conditions. Photos compliments of Russell Haynes. (0708). There's another photo of Coral Fire firefighters (not taken by Russell on the Handcrews 23  photo page.

Larson Fire 2007 1-3: Some pics of the Larson Fire near Coleville CA June of '07. Photos compliments of Mike K. (0607)

Monsoon Lightning 06/25/08 and Ethan Fire: Here are a few pics of last nights (6/25) first monsoon show.... and a pic of the Ethan Fire (Phoenix AZ). Photos compliments of Mark G. (0708)

Eagle Burnout 1-3: Here are a few photos from the ICP in Junction City while a burning operation was in progress to protect basecamp for the Iron Complex. Photos compliments of Troy Vaughn. (0708)

BTU-Craig: Current photo of CA-BTU-Craig @1400 hrs from partner on incident. Heavies just leaving Redding air attack base: 1430. Photos compliments of Squeeb. (0808)

Burnout Ops: Silver State Hotshots burnout on Silver Creek Fire. Photo compliments of Mike Kidder. (0808)

Gap Fire Series: Gap Fire 7/08. More Gap Fire photos on the Engines 21 photo page. Photo compliments of Craig C, OCFA. (0808)

Fire 39

Gooseberry Fire NV: First 30 minutes of the Gooseberry Fire. It was submitted on 7/30/08. A bit more info: The Gooseberry fire was NV-CCD. Southeast of Doyle CA. It went for 3500 acres or so, into extended attack. Photo compliments of Mark G. (0708)

Dripping Springs NM: Dripping Springs Fire in Las Cruces, NM on the first night. We closed that Type 3 fire out yesterday (6/19/08). Only thing that saved our bacon was a Rx from Feb. Picked up a Type 2 fire out in the eastern part of our District. Picked up a Type 4 fire up north yesterday as well. We called in severity engines, etc. SEATs coming in tomorrow or the next day. We are getting hit with lightning every night now. Lots of fires and starts in NM now and same projected for at least the next 7 - 10 days. Yup! love fighting fire when its 107! Photo compliments of BLMboy. (t0608) More Dripping Springs Fire photos on Fire 37 photo page.
Another person who sent it in said: Attached is an amazing pic of a lightning-caused wildland fire that occurred in Summer, 2008, in the NM-BLM managed Organ Mountains of Southern New Mexico. The Organs are in the background, Las Cruces NM is in the foreground. Notice that this is a time-lapse photo with the star streaks. It is a perfect example of how things get in this part of the world from time to time. As I remember, no structures were lost.... just a blessed event. Tim

Trigo Fire 1 & 2: Hi. I'm a recently certified Wildland Firefighter from Flagstaff, AZ. On my way home to Carlsbad, NM. On April 30th, I saw my first wildland fire through a firefighter's eyes. It was truly beautiful. I wanted to share some pictures with you for your website. Thanks. (More Trigo Fire photos on Handcrews 24 photo page.) Photos compliments of JM. (0508)

Chalk Fire CA: Los Padres NF, 9/29/08 Photo compliments of Mark. (0908)

Night Pendleton Fire Series: Photos from the recent Camp Pendleton fires, taken Oct 8th, 2008 about five miles from the southern edge of the fire. Photos compliments of RS0802. (1008)

Juliet IA & Juliet IA @ Pendleton Initial Attack on the Juliet Fire, Camp Pendleton 10/13/2008. Several more pics on Engine21 photo page. Photos compliments of Ryan J. (1008)

MN Cherry Fire, 2007: A pic from the Cherry, MN fire in 2007, taken while providing structural protection. Photo compliments of Scott Lesnau. (10/08)

Lonesome Complex: This photo of the Lonesome Complex Wildfire near Prospect, OR was taken on the afternoon of 9/9/08 by one of our employees that lives in Eagle Point, OR - Photo sent in by Debbie K. (0908)

Good Fire and OR Rx '06: The titles say it all. Photos compliments of JS. (0206)

Medford OR BLM Rx: Spring of '06. Photo compliments of JS. (0506)

Fire Jumped I-5 & Grapevine Fire '07: A few pictures from a fire we came across while en route to Santa Barbara County to a fire right before the Zaca Fire started. [More HERE] I don’t remember the name of this one but it was on the Angeles at the end of June 2007 on the Grapevine at Interstate 5 near Smokey Bear Blvd. The fire started in the RV and then spread to the northbound side vegetation as the vehicle rolled down the road towards us and came to rest in the median. While we were battling the NB side, the propane tank on the RV blew across all the lanes of the SB side and started a fire on the other side. It was a pretty exciting day to say the least. The crews in the pictures are us: ST9476G, CAL FIRE Tuolumne Calaveras Unit Vallecito Crews 1 and 3.Photos compliments of CDFFBC. (am0408)

Howard Hyatt Units, OR: Here is a pile burn of 140 acres near some homes. I burned it on 11/6/06 (Thursday). Might have to make it the Family Christmas Card if C<snip> will let me, lol.... Photo compliments of JS. (1106)

PA Fire: This was taken at a fire in Butler Twp, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania on 4-19-08. More photos of this fire and equipment involved in fighting it on Airtankers 28, Equipment 13 and Engines 22. Photo sent in by Trucksville Fire. (0408)

Fire 40

Roosevelt WFU 0707 Smoke Series: Some pretty dramatic photos of the smoke from the Roosevelt WFU (pdf file) (Hotlist, July-Sept 2007) being pulled over the "south" edge and down into the Grand Canyon. A storm's downdraft created the suction, almost looks like waves foaming over a break. Photos taken by Kirk Hively, hivelyke @ Sent in by AZ 148. (SW12/08)

CA-VNC-Grande Fire: Dec 9th: Don't let early season rain (low amounts) fool you. NWS LA /OXN had posted red flag for this day. Have a happy holiday season. From LGW. Message on Ventura Co FD Intranet: Last call for fire season? At about 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 9, a brushfire was reported on the Conejo Grade near the truck scales. The first-arriving units reported a half-acre fire running uphill with the wind and the fire was named the Grande Incident. One lane of northbound Highway 101 was closed to accommodate fire apparatus. By 3:40, the fire had grown to about six acres. And by about 6:00 p.m., the fire was at 30 acres with 50 percent containment and starting to lay down. Crews remained on scene overnight and reported 90 percent containment by 9:30 the next morning. (Photo courtesy of Robert Navarro.) IA Hotlist thread

St Marks NWR Rx Burn, Florida 1-4: A few from a RX burn held at St Marks NWR in FL. More on Equipment 13. Photos compliments of Mark G. (0209)

Whiskey Fire 0608: I took this picture with my cellphone on june 12th 2008 near Paskenta CA on the Mendocino National Forest. its eerie because there is two faces in the picture one in the smoke (an old man with mustache and beard) and one in the flame looking towards the one in the smoke. Photo compliments of Brandon A. (0808)

Honeydew Fire '03 & Lost Coast Start '08: The Honeydew fire burned in 2003 down to the Pacific Ocean. A lightning fire started here, right where I'm standing, on sunny California's Lost Coast last June 2008. Photo compliments of Jesse Knox. (0209)

Hog Fire Series: Arizona,  Coronado National Forest 3/4/09. Credit USDA Forest Service. (0309)

CA-Carrizo Plain 5/05: "The Day God spilled the paint" A reminder of why we fight fire. The east side of the Carrizo plain, in the Temblor Range, about 50 miles due west of Bakersfield , California . Photo taken by Barbara Mathews May 14. 2005, sent in by Dan Fiorito, then  supt of the Union Hotshots. (0406)

146 Fire, IA: 146 Fire start, from house on Pariaso Vineyards West of Soledad CA. Photo compliments of Matt. (0609)

CA-KNF-Sims 6/23/09: Sent at 2100 hours, the day it started and now "making the rounds".  Message with it as follows: My mapping skills show 165 acres at this time... Div A fire did not slop down off the ridge by much Div Z continued to be an issue with spots and extreme torching..... Tanker application was not conducive due to the steep terrain and no safe exits out to the east or west.... Crews should make good progress tonight along with rotorwing application in the morning....... Briefing map (0609)

CA-RUU-DeLuz: Yesterday's Temecula Fire pictures (Deluz Fire) from 7/2/09. Sent in by Q. If anyone knows the photographer, please let us know so we can give credit. (0709)

Fire 41

CA-RUU-DeLuz: Temecula Fire pictures (Deluz Fire) from 7/2/09. Sent in by Q. If anyone knows the photographer, please let us know so we can give credit. (0709)

Elkhorn II: NV, June '08. Photo compliments of LP. (0709)

Grapevine Fire: In June '09. Photo compliments of Mark G. (0609)

CA-SRF-L17 Fire: Lightning Fire L-17 on the Six Rivers NF in the western Trinity Alps Wilderness (old Megram Fire 1999) blew up about noon on July 4, 2009. These photos were taken about 6 miles in on the "Bluffs Road) after the worst of the blowup had subsided due to the air attack on the fire. Photos compliments of Mellie. (0709)

CA-SHF-Tooth Fire: Lightning Fire on Beartooth Mt on the Shasta Trinity NF near Denny and the Trinity Alps Wilderness was discovered yesterday. Many of the other SHF Lightning fires were out or contained. Soon after discovery, ATs dumped retardant. The photos were taken on July 4, 2009 from the "Bluffs Road".. Helicopters were still working the hot spots. Because of the extremely steep terrain firefighting was an air show. Photos compliments of Mellie. (0709)

CA-SRF/SHF-Backbone: Fuels & Fire in the Trinity Alps Wilderness: 7/11/09. Photos sent in by JM. (0709)

NV-Trailer/Redrock Fires: Photo of the Trailer/Red Rock fires from Cold Springs, NV. Second pic: Capping out around 5 pm 7/15/09.  View from Cold Springs Valley, looking north. Photos compliments of reno-met. (0709)

NV Trailer 1,2,3: My brother lives VERY near the Trailer Fire in Nevada. He sent these to me from his house and 2 blocks up.....   Neighbors are very nervous, however the wind tends to blow away from them towards the fire. Photos sent in by Robert. (cp0709)

Yuba Fire, August 2009: Yuba Fire from my living room deck 8/15/09. Photo compliments of Martin Light (0809)  Hotlist thread

La Brea Column, Capping Out & Nuclear!: Taken during the La Brea Fire, First photo taken on 8/9 and second and third taken on 8/11/09. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows. (0809) Other photos by Mike Meadows of La Brea air and ground attack on Fire 42, Airtankers 30 and Airtankers 31, Helicopters 27 and Engines 24 photo pages. Hotlist thread

Fire 42

La Brea Blowup and Canyon Blowup: Taken during the La Brea Fire, on 8/14 and on 8/15/09. Photos compliments of Mike Meadows. (0809) Other photos by Mike Meadows of La Brea air and ground attack listed above.

Sugarloaf Fire, 1 & 2 pics: Old Station, CA. Another photo of the Sugarloaf is on Engines 25 Photos compliments of Ray Manley. (0809) The Sugarloaf Fire was part of the Hat Creek Complex, a lightning fires on the Lassen National Forest that began 8/1/09. Hotlist thread

Red Rock Fire series: On the Klamath National Forest. Red Rock Crane, Day 2 spots and Burnout. Photos compliments of JS. (0809) Hotlist tread on the CA-KNF-Red Rock fire is HERE.

Pacheco Column: Photo compliments of TH. (0809) More CA-SCU-Pacheco Fire and engine burnover photos HERE.

Station Fire from 210 Freeway: This is the station fire from the 210 freeway. Initial Attack 08/27/09. There are 2 heads. The picture doesn't do it justice. Photo compliments of P. (m-orange0809) Station Fire Hotlist thread

Station Fire 08/29/09: From Castaic, CA. looking towards the east at the Station Incident. Photo compliments of CAFFPM. (0809)

Station Fire Blow-up and Detail 08/30/09: Photos are from the Acton side of the Station Fire at about 4:00pm on Sunday. Photos compliments of birdchirp. (0809) Helicopter photos on Helicopters 27 & 28 photo pages.

NASA -Station Smoke 8/30: Thanks to the fine folks at NASA.

Mt Wilson Firecam, 08/31/09 2151 hrs: Webcam image of the Station Fire from the Mount Wilson Observatory. Link and photo capture compliments of David Snetsinger. Photo of Mt Wilson was captured as the Station Fire threatened the observatory at 2151 hours and before the thick smoke set in.

San Gabriel Fire, 1924: Blast from the past. Ab, From the collection of Gordon Rowley, ANF Ret. Prevention Officer. Gives some perspective of the areas fire history. Sent in by John Bennett (0909)

Mt Wilson Firecam, 9/4/09 1605 hrs and on 9/6/09 and Station Fire: Mt. Wilson, 9/4/09 2000 hrs: From UCLA Dept of Physics and Astronomy for comparison with the previous 1924 historical San Gabriel Fire photo.

CA-YNP-Big Meadow:  From the Big Meadow fire on the Yosemite National Forest, began 8/26/09. Photo compliments of Crol DS. (0909)

Silver Fire: Silver Fire as seen from Quincy, taken around 1700 hrs on 9/19/09, approximately 2 hrs into the IA. Photo compliments of sr5401. (0909)

Fire 43

WY-YNP-Arnica: Screen-capture photo from the Mt Washburn webcam in Yellowstone. 9/25/09 at 1539 hours. (0909) The Arnica fire is burning 5 miles west of the Bridge Bay Campground, and a few miles north of West Thumb. hotlist From the news release on 9/23:

It is located 5 miles west of the Bridge Bay Campground and the northwest shore of Yellowstone Lake.  The lightning-caused fire is burning in a flat area of mature lodgepole pine forest.  As of late Wednesday afternoon, it was estimated at 4 acres in size and growing slowly. Firefighters are monitoring the fire and developing management strategies. This is the 20th fire reported in Yellowstone National Park this year.

Arnica From Space: 9/24/09 NOAA page (0909)

Angeles NF Burning Sign: Taken during the Station Fire. Sent in by bp with a question on photographer. SB contacted the PIO on the Angeles NF who replied: "Photo courtesy USDA Forest Service / Nathan Judy."(1009)

CA-BEU-Sealy IA: Sealy Fire ca-beu, aromas ca from hy 101@ hy 129, taken at 1350 hrs on 10/4/09. Photo compliments of Kevin C. (1009)

CA-BEU-Ft Ord Rx: Screen capture from the Salinas weather cam 10/6/09 @1017 hours from Mellie. (1009)

Station Fire from Pasadena: Column from the Station Fire. Nice capture between the palm trees. This was taken from Pasadena. Photo compliments of GP. (dw1009)

Rainbow Fire, OR: Our wake up surprise of an undiscovered "Rainbow" fire near the Boze Fire about 3 air miles off to our South. This was taken 30 minutes before we pulled ALL resources off of the Boze fire. For more photos see the Equipment 16 photo page. Photos compliments of Robert, Xtreme Wildland Inc. (0909)

Station Fire, Increasing Fire Behavior, 3 photos: Pretty amazing to witness this kind of fire behavior on a daily basis. These pics were taken on Div Q from the south side of Cogswell Reservoir. LA County dozer walking up to start pushing indirect line between Pine Mtn and Monrovia Pk. Drainage shown is the mouth of Devils canyon as it spotted across and started chewing up some real estate to the north towards Chilao and Mt Waterman. Photo of Texas Canyon HS walking up Cogswell Reservoir to try to anchor in and try to get direct line up out of river canyon and keep fire from spreading any more to the south of San Gabrial River. Increased fire behavior in that area caused the HS Crews (Mendo, Dalton, Truckee and Little T to pull back for a bit while the helitankers put it back in check. Photos compliments of FOBS 99. (0909)

CA-LPF-La Brea 1, 2 & Sunset: La Brea Fire on the Los Padres NF on 8/13/09, between 1800-1900 hours. Taken by Black Eagles 5 from here on the Sequoia N.F. Photos sent in by RB. (1009)

La Brea Firing: Little T Shots firing out Bates Canyon. Photo compliments of Bruce Bailey (1009) For more photos from Bruce see Airtankers 32, Engines 25 and Engines 26 photo pages.

Oak Glen Flames: Photos compliments of Cy Phenice. More Air Tanker photos on Airtankers 32 photo page. (0909)

AZ-Reno Fire MRB 1 & 2: Hotlist thread for this Managed for Resource Benefit fire. Photos compliments of Mike (11/09)

OR Tumblebug, 8 hr Rainbow Column, Rainbow Fire 2: First pic is of the Tumblebug Complex 2009 on the Willamette NF taken on the day Boze, and Rainbow on the Umpqua were doing the same. The second closer column is Rainbow on the Umpqua NF about 8 hours after it started. Third is also of the Rainbow. Photos compliments of Eric M. (0210)

Fire 44

Rainbow Fire 1 & 2: These pictures are of the Rainbow fire on the Umpqua NF in 2009. This fire started right next to the Boze Fire also on the Umpqua. Photos compliments of Eric M. (0210)

Badger Creek Fire: The Badger Creek Rx, working for Ducks Unlimited, Nov 14-15, 2009. Photos compliments of Wayne. (1209)

Unknown Fire, historical: Marty Alexander (0310) is trying to find info on this photo. Any ideas? 3/28/10 theysaid: The photo is at LAC FS 70 the fire is the 1993 Old Topanga Fire. Mike Meadows is in the photo as is Alan Simmons. JP Harris.

Rainbelt Complex, AK: This was the Rail Belt Complex in AK taken around Aug 2, 2009. Photo compliments of Nate H. (0310)

Gloria Fire 1&2: CA-BEU, 6000 acres, taken 8/27/09. Photos compliments of Matt. (ms0310)

Antelope Complex, PNF, 2009: On the Plumas National Forest. Photos Taken Just below Antelope Lake Dam. Photo Credit Ryan Arnovick. (0709)

WI: Airport Column 06: Flames on Fire 31 photo page. Photo compliments of JG.

Michigan Meridian Boundary Fires Series: Photos taken 5/18-19/2010 of 2 forest fires in dry and windy northern Michigan: one fire Crawford County's South Branch Township, near the Oscoda County line (7,900+ acres; 10 houses or more); and one in Kalkaska County within Camp Grayling National Guard base (Range 9 Fire or Grayling Fire; ~900 acres; 3 houses or more). One photo with engine shows the Meridian Boundary Fire near South Branch Township, in Crawford County. The fires forced people to leave their homes. Fire behavior demonstrated very rapid ROS. At one time, the fire was burning so hot and fast it consumed 100 acres per hour. Fire Perimeter Map (488 K pdf file) Incident report (158 K pdf file) Photo Credits: Michigan DNRE, DNRE Fire Officer Randy McKenzie. Hotlist thread

NV-BMD-Callahan 1&2: Callaghan Fire, NV-BMD, 07/19/08. We were the first IA outside of the seat to arrive. This is what we found on arrival. The fire running up the side of the Canyon on the left is a spot fire that really took off. Photos compliments of Matt Zumbrunn. (0710)

CA-SQF-Bull 1&2: Photos compliments of Polo. (0710) More Bull fire photos on Airtankers 33, Helicopters 28 and Fire 45 photo pages.

Fire 45

CA-SQF-Bull Column & Bull Fire @ Night: West side of the river. Began 7/26/10. Photos compliments of Polo. (0710) More Bull fire photos on Airtankers 33, Helicopters 28, Handcrew 27 and Fire 44 and 45 photo pages. Hotlist thread.

Schultz Fire Initial Attack, 6/20/10: I was SITL(t) on the Hardy Fire which we were flying to map as the Shultz Fire (AZ-COF) got going.. This is within the first hour or two of the Shultz fire. Photo compliments of Todd Foster. (0810) Hotlist thread

T-storms from Big Hill Lookout/Heli base ENF: 7/9/10 during the lightning busts. Photo compliments of JG. (0710)

LA, Dry Creek Fire, Flames, OMG!: Here are some photos. Louisiana, Dry Creek fire... DeRidder. Photos compliments of  Mike D. (0910)

2003 Firestorm, San Bernardino Range Fire Series: Taken from about 10,000 ft taken the morning of Oct. 26 2003. Photos compliments of Keith Eyler. (0106)

Hunter Fire '06: Hunter Fire on Mendocino NF on 07-29-06. Seen from Anthony Pk. with Hull Mtn. & Bald Mtn. on horizon. Photo compliments of Jeff McD. (0910)

Hwy 18 Blowup '03 Old Fire: from Fire Geek on Theysaid 10/25/10. The Old Fire stated along Old Waterman Canyon Rd. on BDF. The news crew was rescued by NPS Strike Team Leader Steven Elenburg from Joshua Tree National Park. He received the Department of Interior Valor Award for his actions:  From jcil: Seve Elenberg (Old Fire 2003, Chuck Henry rescue). I was an eye witness to this rescue and Steve truly earned the DOI Valor Award that day. Extremely brave actions on Steve's part. If you ask Steve about it he'll tell you it was nothing compared to a flood rescue that was really scary... Photo and comment compliments of marbear (1110): For those of you who actually witnessed Chuck Henry being rescued and those who don't know, here is a picture of the event. The only portion of the news van visible is the aerial boom in front of the Joshua Tree National Park engine.

Ft Davis Fire from McDonalds (U Texas) Observatory: Texas firestorm, 2011. Sent in by a firefighter from Lawton OK. Credit: Frank Cianciolo/McDonald Observatory.  (tm0411) Some other great TX and OK fires 2011.

PK Fire TX, 1 and 2: These are pictures of the blow up on 18 April 11 at the PK complex in Palo Pinto County, Texas. Pic 1 was at the start of the run, taken from the BRA Hdqtrs at Observation point. Pic 2 was taken under the plume from the YMCA camp as it approached the houses on Gaines bend. The PK West Fire began on April 13, 2011 west of Possum Kingdom Lake in Stephens County. Photo of blowup is April 18, 2011. 2,000 homes were threatened and 167 homes and 124 outbuildings were destroyed, 126,734 acres burned. What became the PK Complex was the combination of the following fires: PK West, PK East, Hohertz, and Jackson Ranch. (These fires burned in Palo Pinto, Young and Stephens Counties, TX). Photos of the blowup compliments of Logan Loftin. (0511) Inciweb information & Info on FF Simmons LODD on the PK Complex.

Tire Fire: The Tire Fire (Curry and Roosevelt County, New Mexico) burned 17,000 acres by 4/17/11 and was 70% contained at that time. Photo compliments of Ryan Ainsworth. (0411)

Fire 46

Texas - Edwards Fire 4, 5, 6: Pics from the IA on the Edwards Fire 2011 which later merged with the Batch and became the Dicken's County Complex. More on Handcrews 28 photo page. Photos compliments of Ryan. (0511)

Arizona - Wallow Fire Elk, 2, 3: Pics compliments of TFDD Bill M. (0711)

ID-EIX-Drive In Fire: Picture of Pocatello area wildfire from Casey's deck. Fire is just over the mountain. Pic compliments of Casey Judd (8/15)

CA Canyon Fire 1 & 2: These are from my Grandson who is on one of the crews on the Canyon Fire. His crew is a KRN crew based in Tehachapi. It's burned into oak creek and antelope canyon by Mt Park. Heck of a fire. Photos compliments of Rick and his grandson. (0911)

AZ-Wallow Evacuation 1-3: Wallow fire pics. These were taken as we were evacuating the Springerville/Eagar area, the morning of 6/7. First two are from the highway to Show Low, and third is a view of the plume from the Vernon area. I hope to never witness this again!!  Photos compliments of Kathy Sieloff. (0911) For some fine photos of elk near the helibase, see Helicopters 29 photo page.

ID- Salt Fire Column 1-2: Salt fire, we passed thru Salmon ID on Tues Aug 30, 2011 and this was the header to the south. Photos compliments of  RM. (0911)

NV-CCD-Tre Fire: Photo taken 5/22/12 of the Tre Fire about 4 showing the winds. Heading south to kernville. Photo compliments of  Firebeeman. (0512)

ID-Charlotte Fire: Photos of the Charlotte Fire in IA taken by Casey on 6/28/12 near FWFSA Headquarters near Inkom ID. (0612)

WA Storm Cells and WA Lightning: Enjoying the 8th of July! The attached photos are from Spokane Weather Service last night showing the storm cells moving across our forest and through our valley, and a post from Facebook. From my house it looked like 5 cells firing across the ridges.... I have never seen anything like it...except in movies! This lightning show went on for 3 hours last night... Amazing. Fierce. Humbling. Photos sent in by Firefox1. (0712)

Colorado High Park Fire, 2012: More dramatic Colorado fire photos are located on Engines 28 photo page. Photos compliments of JH. (0812) Hotlist thread

Fire 47

CA - Volcano Fire 1&2: These photos and map came in a round-robin email from John Hawkins, Chief of RRU, who gave us permission to post them. The two photos of the fire were taken from Air Tac 310 (BC Justin McGough). The first was taken 10-12 minutes after the arrival. The second  was taken before the fire hit the structures in the lower left side of the picture. An orthophoto fire perimeter map is also attached: Volcano Fire map John's heartfelt message to the firefighters can be found on the Hotlist - CA-RRU-Volcano. Photos credit: Justin McGough. (JH0712)

Oregon Long Draw: Taken 7/10/12. Photo compliments of JS. (0812) Hotlist thread A photo of an airtanker dropping on Long Draw by JS is on Airtankers 37.

Wyoming Fontenelle: Fontenelle Fire was in Big Piney WY, taken 6/28/12. Photo compliments of JS. (0812)

Oregon Crack in the Ground: Crack in the Ground was in Christmas Valley OR. Photo compliments of JS. (0812) Hotlist thread

WA-BLM-Antoine 2: These two photos are from my station approx 10 to 15 miles as crow flies. Photo compliments of RH. (0812) Hotlist thread

Liz Butte Fire and Weitas Column: From 500 Road or Lolo Motorway, 23 mi E of Pearce ID. (See Liz Butte Cabin Wrap on Engines 29 photo page.) Following description from Inciweb: The Liz Butte fire was ignited by lightening and detected on August 12, 2011. The fire is located on the North Fork Ranger District, Nez Perce/Clearwater NF, ID, approximately 23 miles west of Pierce, Idaho. This fire was allowed to burn in closed litter timber (Model 8) and was managed for multiple resource benefits. Objectives included returning fire to a fire adapted ecosystem, improving forest health and enhancing wildlife habitat. The fire was 861 acres in size when winter came. It burned in mixed conifers and brush. Photos of fire and wrapping of the historical cabin are compliments of Cecil Riley. (0512)

CA-Chips Fire Blowup: From near Quincy; CA-PNF-Chips, 080612. Photo compliments of TA. (0812) Hotlist thread link below

Chips Fire Blowup: Column from Chico; CA-PNF-Chips, 080612. Photo compliments of JO. (0812) Hotlist thread link below

Chips Fire Blowup: CA-PNF-Chips, 080612. The fire went from xx acres to xxx acres. Photo compliments of Cafban. (0812) Hotlist thread

CA Mill Fire - Elk: Mill Fire on the Mendocino National Forest. Elk on the move. Photo compliments of Eric C. (0812)

CA-CCD-Jawbone 1 & 2: These are of one of the Jawbone Canyon Fires in KRN.  Taken coming in from the west of the fires, from Sand Canyon on 8/11/12.  Photo compliments of Rick. (0812) Hotlist thread

WA-SES-Washington Fires: From space, compliments of NASA on 9/20/12. (0812).

WA-SES-Table Mountain Series, including Buffalo and from Cle Elum - Beautifully terrifying…: Taken on 9/20/12 just after 2PM. Photos compliments of a WA firefighter. (0812) Hotlist thread

Fire 48

NV-CCD-Carter Springs Column: A photo of the cap, day 1 (09/21/12) from the station. (I was on recall.) Photo compliments of AW. (0812) Hotlist thread

CA-MVU-Valacito Lightning Complex (Wilson Fire & Stewart Fire): Series of 5 photos. All images are from Borrego Springs.  There are a few images of the Wilson Fire 5-8 hours after the lightning strike on 8/13.  The pyrocumulus was early evening, 8/16.  It was a matter of minutes that it built up and then dissipated.  It's not much by big fire standards but for a "small burn", likely a firing operation on the Stewart Fire in Grapevine Canyon south of Ranchita. Photos compliments of Lone Ranger. (0812)
8/13 1807 hours (+5 hrs) after strike
8/13 1807 hours (+5 hrs) dropping into Tubb Canyon
8/13 1914 hours (+6 hrs)
8/13 2110 hours (+ 8 hrs)
8/16 Pyrocumulous cloud 1930 hrs

More Valacito Lightning Complex: Series of 3 Vallecito Complex fire photos. MVU. Afternoon run on 8/13. Made for a nice picture. Anza Borrego Desert State Park 08/13/2012. Photos compliments of "we". (0812)

Australia Fire, 2012: Photo sent in by Robert W, photo credit: Astronaut Chris Hadfield. (0415)

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