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Blessed Wild Land Fire Fighters


Bless these Men and Women
Who risk their lives
Who come together
One team united
To fight the blazing fires

The most Valued & Respected
Group of Soldiers
To even walk this earth
They’re not fighting People
No Governments, no Nations
They’re fighting worthier Battles
They’re fighting Wild Land Fires

Many go out to fight the blaze
Knowing fully well the risks involved
In these battles across the nations
Glad when they can come back home
With heavy hearts remembering
The times when there’s few who don’t

So here’s to those of Many Colors
Who wear the Gold & Green
Give them the Strength, the Knowledge the Endurance that they need
To continue the Fight, of Wildfires
May they return again, Home to Me


"Debra Tonasket; Fellow Firefighter, and Helitack crew member of The Colville Confederated Tribes 1996 ".

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