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13 Overhead Situations that shout "Watch Out!"
Sent to me by a friend on another mailing list. It was part of a note
discussing line of duty deaths on wildland fires.

 1. Elected officials are involved in operational decision making.
 2. Local line officers tour the incident without command staff and direct
    tactics or objectives that are not consistent with your assignment.
 3. You are expected to be at shift briefings but are not able to get a
    copy of the shift plan.
 4. After the shift briefing there is an Operations briefing held away from
    the incident base that routinely makes significant changes to
    assignments and objectives.
 5. Division Supervisor does not make a personal tour of the entire
    division during an operational shift and does not have other apparent
    means of collecting intelligence.
 6. Significant part of Operations overhead is two time zones or farther
    away from home.
 7. Your assignment includes obvious fireline "Watch Out!" situations which
    are not addressed during briefing.
 8. Your questions about how Standard Fire Orders can be observed in your
    assignment are answered in terms of important tactical tasks or
    timelines instead of firefighter safety.
 9. LCES for your resources are being arranged by someone not under your
    control, and they are not ready for use at the start of your shift.
10. You report to someone whose agency you've never heard of.
11. You report to someone who doesn't have a shift plan.
12. fill in two of your own


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