from TC on theysaid, 10/20/04:

Below are my opinions on the Drinking issue. I've run them by the Human
Resource folks on my forest and they agree.

The Government cannot control your actions when off duty, outside of Fire

However, Fire Camps are considered Government Facilities. As such:

  • Drinking in Fire Camp is not allowed, either on or off Duty.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol (Drunk) in a Fire Camp is also not
    allowed either on or off duty. So Crews or individuals returning to Fire
    camp after partaking may be subject to this.
  • Motels paid for by the government, whether on per diem or pcms card, are an
    extension of the fire camp.
  • Supervisor’s & Camp Security have been trained (or should be) to recognize
    the symptoms of someone under the influence. While this may not be enough
    to stand up in court, it is enough to require further testing, send someone
    home, or reassign them to other duties.

The socializing / crew cohesion part of this is important, however it
should take place on home unit, after hours, and off base, keeping in mind
you need to be fit for duty your next work shift (and not hung over).
Also, if a Fire call comes during one of these crew drinking events, you
would be unfit for duty and should turn the assignment down, or be subject
to an adverse action.

Whether or not you agree with any of the above is not important. What is
important is a number of both Type 1 and 2 IC’s, as well as Human Resource
Specialists, have and will continue to take action in these situations.