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Wildland Firefighter Education

from theysaid

Lobotomy here.... since several folks have been sharing what they feel is necessary for a "wildland fire" education, I thought I'd share what my degree field is. My degree field is Fire Science and is not recognized by the 0401 standard. I have worked for the wildland feds for 22 years and my degree field is directly relevant to the positions that I currently hold and will hold in the future... but the words "Fire Science" are taboo to many ologists in the Agencies.... I am not saying that other degrees are not important to the wildland fire community... I am saying that "Fire Science" is very important in a mixed complexity/responsibility career as a wildland firefighter. Agriculture, Biology, Natural Resources, and Forestry should not be the only "Natural Sciences" that qualify for 0401.

The student who graduates with a major in fire science will be able to:

  • Recognize the legal basis for public safety responsibility and product liability.
  • Explain fire fighting and disaster planning as practiced in other parts of the world.
  • Write reports and make presentations of the quality expected by senior management.
  • Use computer technology to inform and enhance operational and strategic management decisions.
  • Use current information technology to access relevant managerial and educational resources worldwide.
  • Develop a comprehensive hazardous materials management program, including pre-incident planning, on-site emergency response, and post-incident analysis and investigation.
  • Apply skills in analysis and evaluation to complete fire-risk assessment.
  • Apply project management strategies to design disaster and fire-defense planning.
  • Apply design principles to detect, control, and suppress fires in buildings and other structures and use fire modeling to analyze fire propagation.
  • Apply a systems analysis approach to solving problems of incendiary-fire investigation and fire protection.
  • Apply risk assessment methods to analyze pre- and post-occurrence factors.
  • Apply skills in human resource management to deal with the psychological effects of emergency situations.
  • Evaluate fire-prevention techniques, procedures, programs, and agencies.
  • Think critically and constructively and perform research in fire science using appropriate quantitative and qualitative analytical tools to understand and evaluate fire and emergency situations and scenarios.
  • Apply analytical and problem-solving methods in resolving fire and other emergency problems and issues.
  • Analyze the domestic and global dimensions of fire science.
  • Develop effective written and oral communications consistent with the fire-service and related professional environment.
  • Understand and apply current computer applications and technology in the workplace.
  • Develop innovative leadership and team-management skills necessary for success in a diverse and changing workplace.
  • Apply appropriate information technology to analyze problems and issues, develop business research, report key data, and recommend management strategy and action plans.
  • Describe the history and development of theories and concepts in fire prevention and emergency management and their application to various situations.
  • Evaluate ethical, social, civic, cultural, and political issues as they relate to fire prevention and management, human resources and human factors, information systems, and governmental regulations.

Required Core Courses (15 s.h.)
Students must take the following core courses:

Supplemental Major Courses (15 s.h.)
Students must take five of the following courses:

Additional Required Coursework (3 s.h.)
To complete the general education requirement in computing, students must take one of the following courses:

The following courses are recommended; credit may be applied to general education or elective requirements, as appropriate.

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