2009 AD Pay by Position for Emergency Workers (Casuals), aka ADs
Posted 4/10/09, Expire 3/31/10

These wages vary by location based on the AD contract for 2009 (USFS 2009 AD Rates), so I included the rounded off range between low and high. ...Casually AD

AD level

Fire Positions: Redcard &
Non-redcard (? all risk, detection, prevention ?)

per hr
per day (8 hr)
per 21 day assignment
AD-M ACDR (Area Commander)
ICT1 (Incident Commander 1)
DPIC (Deputy IC)
53-65 444-520 8904-10920
AD-L PIO1 (Public Info Officer 1)
SOF1 (Safety Officer 1)
FSC1 (Finance Section Chief 1)
ACAC (Area Command Aviation Coordinator)
OSC1 (Ops Section Chief 1)
ACPC (Asst Area Commander, Planning)
PSC1 (Planning Section Chief 1)
ACLC (Asst Area Commander, Logistics)
LSC1 (Logistics Section Chief 1)
BUYL (Buying Team Leader, National) *
IBA1 (Incident Business Advisor 1)
THSP (Pilot)
44-55 440-352 7392-  9240
AD-K ** AREP (Agency Rep)
ICT2 (Incident Commander 2)
PIO2 (Public Info Officer 2)
LOFR (Liaison Officer)
SOF2 (Safety Officer 2)
FSC2 (Finance Section Chief 2)
AOBD (Air Ops Branch Director)
OPBD (Ops Branch Director)
OSC2 (Ops Section Chief 2)
PSC2 (Planning Section Chief 2)
LSC2 (Logistics Section Chief 2)
SUBD (Support Branch Director)
SVBD (Service Branch Director)
ARCH (Archaeologist) *
BUYL (Buying Team Leader, Geogr Area) *
CONO (Contracting Officer) *
ESFL (FEMA ES4-Primary Leader) *
FUM1 (Fire Use Manager 1)
IBA2 (Incident Business Advisor 2)
THSP (Lead Instructor S400 +up) *
MCCO (MAC Group Coordinator)

PETL (Prevention/Education Team Leader)
37-45 296-360 6216-  7560
AD-J ICT3 (Incident Commander 3)
ASGS (Air Support Group Supervisor)
ATGS (Air Tactical Group Supervisor)
THSP (Air Tactical Group Supervisor, Mil) *
DIVS (Division/Group Supervisor)
STPS (Structural Protection Specialist)
FBAN (Fire Behavior Analyst)
LTAN (Long Term Fire Analyst)
EMTP (EMT Paramedic) *
CORD (Expanded Dispatch Coordinator)
FUM2 (Fire Use Manager 2)
INTL (Intelligence Lead) *
THSP (Instructor S400 and above) *
THSP (GACC Meteoroligist) *
PETM (Prevention/Education Team Member)
34-42 272-328 5712-  6888
AD-I ** PROC (Procurement Unit Leader)
FALC (Faller Class C) *
HEB1 (Helibase Manager 1)
HLCO (Helicopter Coordinator)
THSP (SEAT Coordinator) *
THSP  (Aircraft Coordinator) *
ESFW (FEMA ESF4 Wildland Support) *
THSP (Lead Instructor S400 +below, etc) *
READ (Resource Advisor)
31-38 248-304 5208-  6384
AD-H SOFR (Safety Officer Line)
COMP (Comp/Claims Unit Leader)
COST (Cost Unit Leader)
TIME (Time Unit Leader)
THSP (Air Space Coordinator)*
DOZ1 (Dozer Operator) *
HEB2 (Helibase Manager 2)
STCR (Strike Team Leader Crew)
STDZ (Strike Team Leader Dozer)
STEN (Strike Team Leader Engine)
STLM (Strike Team Leader Military) *
STPL (Strike Team Leader Tractor/Plow)
TFLD (Task Force Leader)
TROP (Tractor Plow Operator)
DMOB (Demob Unit Leader)
FEMO (a kind of dough kids play with)
HRSP (Human Resources Specialist)
RESL (Resources Unit Leader)
SITL (Situation Unit Leader)
COML (Communications Unit Leader)
FACL (Facilities Unit Leader)
FDUL (Food Unit Leader)
GSUL (Ground Support Unit Leader)
IMSM (Incident Medical Specialist Manager) *
MEDL (Medical Unit Leader)
SPUL (Supply Unit Leader)
THSP (Air Space Coordinator) *
ACDP (Aircraft Dispatcher) *
ATBM (A/T Base Manager) *
CTSP (Computer Tech Specialist) *
THSP (Cost Apportionment Tech Specialist) *
EDSP (Expanded Dispatch Supervisory Dispatcher)
IADP (Initial Attack Dispatcher)
THSP (Instructor S400 courses and above)
MABM (MAFFS Airtanker Base Mgr) *
MAFF (MAFFS Liaison Officer) *
THSP (Mil Installation Logistics Coord (for Battalion)) *
PA25 (Purchasing Agent, $25,000) *
38-34 224-272 4704-  5712
AD-G IARR (Interagency Resource Rep)
PIOF (Public Info Officer)
CREP (Crew Rep)
HELM (Helicopter Manager)
SEMG (Single Resource A/T Manager)
GISS (GIS Specialist)
COCO (Computer Coordinator) *
EMTB (EMT Basic) *
EMTI (EMT Intermediate) *
IMSA (Incident Medical Specialist Manager) *
IMST (Incident Medical Specialist Technician) *
COTR (Contracting Officer Technical Rep) *
CRNW (Contract Rep Nation Wide) *
GMEC (Mechanic, Automotive Heavy Eqpt) *
INTS (Intelligence Support) *
IRIN (Infrared Interpreter) *
THSP (Lead Accounting Tech) *
MXMS (Mixmaster) *
24-31 192-248 4032-  5209
AD-F ** ICT4 (Incident Commander 4)
AOBS (Aerial Observer) *
CREWB (Crew Boss)
DECK (Deck Coordinator)
DOZB (Dozer Boss)
ENGB (Engine Boss)
ENOP (Engine Operator)
FALB (Faller Class B) *
FELB (Felling Boss)
FIRB (Firing Boss)
HELB (Helicopter Boss, single resource)
STAM (Staging Area Manager)
TRPB (Tractor Plow Boss)
WHSP (Water Handling Specialist) *
DOCL (Documentation Unit Leader)
FOBS (Field Observer)
TNSP (Training Specialist)
CDSP (Cache Demobe Specialist) *
COMT (Incident Communications Tech)
BUYM (Buying Team Member) *
COOK  (Cook, head camp) *
ESFA (FEMA ESF4 Admin Support) *
EDSD (Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher)
PACK (Packer) *
RAMP (Ramp Manager) *
THSP (Voucher Examiner) *
WHLR (Warehouse/Cache Leader) *
23-28 184-224 3864-  4704
AD-E ICT5 (Incident Commander 5)
CLMS (Claims Specialist)
CMSY (Commissary Mgr)
EQTR (Equipment Time Recorder)
INJR (Comp for Injury Specialist)
PTRC (Personnel Time Recorder)
ENOP (Engine Operator)
TOLC (Take Off & Landing Coordinator)
SCKN (Status/Check In Recorder)
WOBS (Weather Observer) *
BCMG (Base Camp Manager)
EQPM (Equipment Manager)
INCM (Incident Communications Center Mgr)
ORDM (Ordering Manager)
RCDM (Receiving & Distribution Manager)
SECM (Security Manager)
DRCL (Driver, CDL Required) *
WHHR (Warehouse Cache Worker) *
21-25 168-200 3528-  4200
AD-D FALA (Faller Class A) *
FFT1 (Firefighter 1, Squadboss)
THSP (Fire Lookout) *
HECM (Helicopter Crewmember)
CACB (Camp Crew Boss) *
EQPI (Equipment Inspector) *
CDER (Computer Data Entry Recorder) *
DRVS (Driver >1 up to 4 tons) *
FUEL (Fueling Specialist) *
19-23 152- 184 3192-  3864
AD-C ABRO (Aircraft Base Radio Operator)
FFT2 (Firefighter 2, Crewmember)
DPRO (Display Processor)
THSP (Camp Crew Squad Boss) *
CASC (Supply Clerk) *
SECG (Security Guard, not LE) *
TESP (Tool and Equipment Specialist) *
THSP (General Support Clerk) *
DRVP (Driver up to & incl 1 ton) *
EDRC (Expanded Dispatch Recorder)
FWPT (Fixed Wing Parking Tender) *
THSP (Laborer) *
17-21 136-168 2856-  3528 
AD-B ** RADO (Radio Operator) 15-19 120-152 2520-  3192 
AD-A ** CAMP (Camp Help) * 14-17 112-136 2352-  2856 

 * positions not in PMS 310-1
** exception position could be established at the AD-A, AD-B, AD-F, AD-I and AD-K classification levels at the local unit by an appropriately delegated hiring official.  A brief description of duties must accompany the Single Resource Casual Hire form for audit purposes. See USFS 2009 AD Rates for details.

Last years AD rates from 3/18/08 theysaid:

1. Rates Paid Per Hour for Work Performed at Classification Levels AD-A through AD-M.


Pay Rates (Per Hour)


48 Contiguous States























































*These pay rates will remain frozen until the calculation formula aligns with the annual cost of living adjustments (COLA).


History of AD pay:

Briefing paper on issues relating to Forest Level Agreements with Local Fire Departments
in the archives from 11/12/08

There was some discussion on theysaid at that time including comments from Chief Daniels on 11/16/08 and Groundpig on 11/14 etc.