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National Area Command Teams

ACT National Rotation Schedule (pdf).

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Team Commander et al.
  updated for 2014
Area Command Team 1 Dugger Hughes ACDR
Paul Summerfelt ACPC
Yolanda Saldana ACAC
Area Command Team 2 Boo (Charles) Walker ACDR
Jim Jaminet ACPC
Butch Hayes ACLC
Mike Dudley ACAC
Area Command Team 3 Jim Loach ACDR
Mike Edrington, ACPC
John LeClair ACLC
Bob Cunningham ACAC
Area Command Team 4 Bill Van Bruggen ACDR
Joe Ribar ACPC
Martin Maricle ACLC
Paul Linse ACAC
Others available:
Mark Ruggiero ACDR (t)
Kelly Gouette ACRD (t)
Tim Sexton ACRD (t)
Joe Stutler (Trainee) ACDR
Tim Murphy ACLC
Webster Rich ACAC
Paul Hannemann


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