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National Type 1 Interagency Incident Management Teams
and Regional GACCs

Type 1 IIMT National Rotation Schedule (pdf).

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still need to check links for those without stars
Incident Commander/
Deputy IC (or backup)
updated for 2014
North Ops
South Ops

(Regional Rotation) (pdf)
CIIMT 1 (updated for 2013) Jerry McGowan/
Ranger Dorn
Joe Reyes (tr)
CIIMT 3 (2012, looks like the same for 2013) Jeanne Pincha-Tulley/
Paul Hefner
Mark Von Tillow (tr)
CIIMT 4 (2012, looks like the same for 2013) Rocky Opliger/
Scott Vail
Arlen Cravens (trainee)
CIIMT 5 (2012, looks like the same for 2013) Carlton Joseph/
Jim Giachino
Steve Millert (tr)


(Rotation) (pdf)

PNW Team 2 (Supplemental Working Original Site); Roster (done 2013) Chris Schulte/
Rob Allen
Chris Hoff (IC unassigned)
PNW Team 3 (Supplemental Public Info Site) (done 2013) Ed Lewis/
Keith Satterfield
Noel Livingston (tr)
Chris Hoff (IC unassigned)
Alaska Alaska IIMT Type 1 & Roster 2013 (pdf) (done 2013) Tony Doty/
Tom Kurth/
Northern Rockies

(Rotation) (pdf)

Poncin Northern Rockies Team (2012) Greg Poncin/
Steve Fry
Turman Northern Rockies Team (2012) Doug Turman/
Wally Bennett
Great Basin

(Rocky Basin Rotation) (pdf)

Lund Rocky Basin Team 1 & Roster 2013  Nominations 2014 * Beth Lund/
Kim Martin
Mike Morcom  (IC unassigned)
Harvey Great Basin Team 2 & Roster 2013  Nominations 2014 * Rich Harvey/
Paul Broyles
Mike Morcom  (IC unassigned)
Rocky Mountain

(Rocky Basin Rotation) (pdf)

Blume's Rocky Mountain Team (under construction for 2014)  Roster *
Nice Job! Ahead of the curve!
Pete Blume/
Todd Pechota
Mike Morcom  (IC unassigned)

(Rotation) (pdf)

Templin SW Team & Roster (updated for 2013) Clay Templin/
Jerome Macdonald
John Pierson (tr, unassigned)
Sciacca SW Team & Roster (updated for 2013) Tony Sciacca/
Pruett Small
John Pierson (tr, unassigned)

(Rotation) (pdf)

Red Team & Roster (pdf) (updated for 2014 *) Mike Dueitt/
Tom Speaks
Blue Team   (updated for 2014 *) Mike Wilkins/
Mark Morales
NIMO Teams
National Incident Management Organization

(Rotation unknown)

Boise NIMO Team (unclear if 2013) Dan Kleinman (acting)
Portland NIMO Team (2012) Bill Hahnenberg
Phoenix NIMO Team (unclear if 2013) Bob Houseman
Atlanta NIMO Team (unclear if 2013) Mike Quesinberry

GACC = Geographic Area Coordination Center
PNW = Pacific NorthWest
IIMT = Interagency Incident Management Team
NIMO = National Incident Management Team
FUMT = Fire Use Management Team
ret = retired

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