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from Theysaid 6/19/09

Re: New Forest Service Chief

"He is the third consecutive person promoted from Region 1 Regional Forester to chief." ~ Forest History Society

Hopefully the "Boone and Crockett" folks realize a RED FLAG has been raised upon their wrongful influence within the Forest Service selection for key Leadership positions relating to Fire Management..... and the "stellar" performance rating of 206 out of 216 federal agencies tells all to those interested or following the news..... and an even more dismal rating from the public hits the message home.

Actions from Jack Ward Thomas and his staff in response to the South Canyon Fire (even though well intentioned, but completely off track) got us into the mess we are currently facing without recognizing the complexities of wildland fire and changing environments that we work in. I fully understand the anguish and pain the JWT and staff had in his background and decision making, but I advanced through the ranks focusing on firefighter, community safety, and protection of the natural resources, not protecting the NW Spotted Owl.

I personally think that the new Chief might make positive changes and do some good if constructive communication is maintained, but I am very suspect at the processes that put him into the process of Leadership. We'll see.

/s/ Not a Conspiracy Theorist... But a Conspiracy It Is.....

P.S. - I would be great to hear Q's comments as a past and current Leader of federal wildland fire management. I doubt we'd ever hear anything from Ed.

P.S.S. - I'm writing this post out of pure frustration and lack of action from Leaders from above who sit/sat silent and saw the right course, but still allowed the ship to sail into the rocks.


Tom had a very short stay in Region 5 (2006) as the Deputy Regional Forester for Fire and Aviation Management, Recreation, Engineering, State and Private Forestry and Tribal Relations, before being promoted to the Regional Forester in Region 1 in 2007.

He replaced Kent P. Connaughton who was "promoted" to Associate Deputy Chief of State and Private Forestry in the Washington Office under "a person" who was promoted above him with other views. Kent was instrumental in the 2003 Safety Protocol Review along with Region 5 Fire Director Ray Quintanar. To emphasize significance, I am breaking down the weblink into pieces in how it is stored on the FS external web server:

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