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Type 2 Interagency Incident Management Teams and
Regional GACCs

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Regional GACCs &
Team Incident Commander/
Deputy IC (or backup)
(updated for 2013)

North Ops
South Ops

Regional Rotation (pdf)

NorCal 1 (Overhead updated for 2013) website content deleted, but still in regional rotation; they may be updating. Mike Minton/
Pete Duncan/
TR-Jay Kurth
(Paul Whitcome*)
NorCal 2 (Overhead updated for 2013) Matt Johnson/
Joe Molhoek/*
TR-Rick Young
Central Sierra (Overhead updated for 2013) David Cooper/*
Deron Mills/
TR-Michael Strawhun
Central Coast (Overhead updated for 2013) Mark Nunez/
Jim Smith/*
TR-Mark von Tillow
SoCal Team 1 (Overhead updated for 2013) Norm Walker/*
Dave Kerr/
Shawna Legarza
SoCal Team 2 (Overhead updated for 2013) Don Garwood/
Ron Woychak/
TR-Dave Kelly
(John Truett*)
SoCal Team 3 (Overhead updated for 2013) Mike Wakoski/*
Ken Kempter/
TR-Michael Sandwick

WA Teams Rotation (2012) ?

OR Teams Rotation (pdf)

WA IMT 1 (Overhead updated for 2013) Bob Johnson/
Gary Jennings/
TR-Michael Ciraulo
WA IMT 2 (Overhead updated for 2013) Nathan Rabe/
Rex Reed/
WA IMT 3 (Overhead updated for 2013) Bob Allbee
WA IMT 4 (Original site) (Overhead updated for 2013) Larry Nickey/
Brian Gales
WA IMT 5 (Overhead updated for 2013) Dave Leitch/
TR-Richy Harrod
OR IIMT 1, (Original site) formerly Northwest OR IMT (Overhead updated for 2013) Ross Williams/
Carl West/
TR-Shawn Sheldon
OR IIMT 2, formerly ORCA (OR / CA) IMT (Overhead updated for 2013)
(ORCA IMT historical photo gallery)
Brett Fillis/
Eric Knerr
OR IIMT 3, formerly Central Oregon IMT (Overhead updated for 2013)
(COIMT -historical)
Doug Johnson/
Tim Keith
OR IIMT 4, formerly Blue Mountain IIMT (Overhead updated for 2013)
(Blue Mountain Interagency Fire Team (OR) -historical)
Brian Watts/
Nick Lunde/

(Rotation) (pdf)

Green Team -Roster (pdf) Roster of Alternates for all teams, T1 or T2 (pdf)
Rob Allen/
TR=Doug Alexander
Black Team  -Roster (pdf) (2013) Tom Kurth/
TR=Dave Whitmer
Northern Rockies

Rotation (pdf)

Heintz's Northern Rockies (Eastern MT) Team (2012) Tom Heintz*
Benes' Northern Rockies (Eastern MT) Team (2012) Stan Benes/*
Tim Reid/Jess Secrest
Pearson's Northern Rockies (Northern ID) Team (2012) Shawn Pearson*
Kusicko's Northern Idaho Team (2012) Rick Kusicko*
Fry's Northern Rockies Western Montana Team (2012) Bob Fry*
Great Basin

GB Rotation (pdf)

Team 3 Rosenthal's IMT & Roster (2013) Nominations 2014 * Mike Whalen*
(new Rosenthal*)
Team 4 Kidd's IMT & Roster (2013) Nominations 2014 * John Kidd/*
Joe Freeland
Team 5 Wilde's IMT & Roster (2013) Nominations 2014 * Mike Wilde/*
Tom Romanello
Team 6 Dunford's IMT & Roster (2013) Nominations 2014 * Tracy Dunford/*
Tooter Burdick
Team 7 DeMasters's IMT & Roster (2013) Nominations 2014 * Marty Adell*
(new DeMasters*)
Sierra Front Team (under construction) (2012) Marty Scheuerman
Rocky Mountain

Rotation (pdf)

Rocky Mountain Area Team A & Roster (pdf) (2013) (upcoming 2014*) Todd Richardson*
Rocky Mountain Area Team B & Roster (pdf) (2013) (upcoming 2014*) Dan Dallas*
Rocky Mountain Area Team C & Roster (pdf) (2013) (upcoming 2014*) Jay Esperance/*

On-call order

NM IMT & Roster (pdf) (updated for 2013) Rich Nieto*
NAZ IMT  Roster (pdf) (photos) (updated for 2013) Matthew Reidy*
EAZ IMT & Roster (pdf) (updated for 2013) John Philbinn
CWZ IMT & Roster (pdf) (updated for 2013) Bea Day*

Rotation (pdf)

SA Type 2 IMT & Roster (pdf) (updated for 2014 *) Marshall Bentley/*
Steven Parrish*

GACC = Geographic Area Coordination Center
IMT = Incident Management Team
FUMT = Fire Use Management Team

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