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This is an Archive of Comments following the 1994 Stand Down for SAFETY.

A historical note from Ab:  Following the deaths of firefighters in 1994 on Storm King Mountain, there was one day during which folks stood down from activity for an hour or more and reflected on safety. At that time, those who wanted to were invited to send their safety reflections, comments and suggestions to the USFS WO. Many comments poured in from senior firefighters - from both ground and aviation folks. Most of the contributors represented the "wisdom" of the time and are now retired. In '94 these comments were collected by Jim Evans and sent in to the WO. As those who read here know, Jim and Rich Tyler helped create the original IHOG. Rich, a good friend with whom Jim collaborated on the project, died at Storm King.

Well, Jim called today (07/17/01). He was cleaning his house and had come across the 34 of the comments. In light of the recent firefighter deaths on the ThirtyMile Fire, Jim and the Abs decided to take this opportunity to bring these comments back into public view as messages from the past. We present them hoping they will serve to reinforce what many of us have learned since Storm King and want to continue to reinforce today. Please note that these messages are the scanned text of the authors. The capital letters are theirs. 

Thank you very much, Jim Evans, for preserving these historical documents and making them available once again. 


Index of the Stand Down for Safety Archive, 1994

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