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  • 03/30/2015
  • TJH

Hey I have a couple questions about currency of qualifications and how they relate to applying for Fed fire positions.  I was a wildland firefighter for a number of seasons before switching over to another job for about 6 years ago.   I am considering a move back to wildland but have no idea if all of the quals I had before are still valid for employment purposes (ie meeting the minimum quals in the vacancy announcement) since I have not been refreshed/pack tested  in a while.  For example, if a vacancy announcement said that the minimum qual was a FFT1 does it matter this qualification has expired or does it only matter that I had the qualification at one time in the past?  Do the USFS and BLM have different rules for this?

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  1. RFH 16
    March 30, 2015 Reply

    You are most likely speaking about FS-FPM or IFPM requirements in the job example you give. Technically, currency is not a requirement for FS-FPM. You can reference this in the FS-FPM implementation plan, not the crosswalk. Most fire qualifications have a 5 year recurrence requirement. Yeas You’re most likely expired due to currency. However I am faily certain as long as you were previously qualified you should be fine. Although Once it gets into the world of Forest Service HR all bets are off. Make sure you obtain documentation if having the fft1 qual and go out and work on getting qualed again.

  2. 5000
    March 31, 2015 Reply

    Actually the answer you are looking for is in the IFPM Crosswalk http://www.fs.fed.us/fire/management/ifpm/crosswalk.pdf

    At the bottom of each table look for the Selective Placement Factors.

    For the positions that FFT1 is required its on page 12 you have a year to get your quals back if you lost currency…

    Selective Placement Factors: As identified in the IFPM Standard and Guide for Senior Firefighters on page 2-133.
    • Selective Placement Factors are divided into Primary Core Requirements –AND- Secondary Core Requirement –AND- Additional Training
    requirements (if applicable).
    • Currency: Once hired, CURRENCY IS REQUIRED FOR ALL SFF POSITIONS. Applicants are not required to be “Current” in their NWCG
    qualifications to be eligible for the position, but must attain “currency” within one year of hire. See Wildland Fire Qualifications System Guide (PMS 310-1) for definition of “currency” and how “currency” can be maintained. PMS 310-1 is the parent NWCG qualification document that defines “currency” and is supported by the FSH 5109.17.

  3. TJH
    April 1, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for the info about the USFS. I was just using FFT1 as an example, but it looks like it is pretty much the same case for all other positions out there – quals can be expired but you have to get them current again within 1-year if they were a Selective Placement Factor.

    Is there any info about the BLM?

  4. RFH 16
    April 1, 2015 Reply

    Good catch 5, thanks. Its also listed in the implementation plan. Remember TJH, specific to the Forest Service, your dealing with two different animals here. The developers of the Crosswalk and FS-FPM implementation Plan was fire managers with HR advice. When your applying to positions, HR may be a hurdle. We have a wide variety of skill levels in our HR department and some fire leaders may not known this exception. Some HR folks (incorrectly) may not allow an expired qualification to be used. Others might. The key is understanding the agreed to requirements. Also work on getting that qualification back to qualified status.

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