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  • 08/15/2016
  • Voltaire's Bastard
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The claim that businesses,corporations, and governmental bodies care and provide family-ethical valuable substitutes for your own value is wholly deceptive.

At the very least it causes an unbalance with your real priorities. When you accept the policies, doctrines,like a religion forced upon you not only is that egregiously illegal.

It is” family discrimination” in the legal sense that these employers hiding behind a divisive ethic is like the Mafia offering you protection if you do their bidding and follow their spineless code of Omerta’

P.S. don’t get me wrong I am for gov’t which is supposed to be for us and since I pay dearly with hard earned taxes,that mostly go to the sacred mantra of “business man” who get big breaks, the owners, and corporations without which “poor little us couldn’t survive.” They made it so we are poor supporting the medical industry, the psuedo form of patriotism tithing for a giant police force claiming all sorts of bollocks. It’s not that bad if you don’t think about it and since we have to work we rarely do. Best regards and I hope I see you out there. VB

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1 Comment
  1. Brandon Price
    December 3, 2016 Reply

    So…..what’s your point?

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