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  • 07/18/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I know exactly how you feel…when I started volunteering, I didn’t tell my family for about six months. My mother’s reaction was classic…”You get to wear the hats and everything?” “Yes, Mom.” “Well, don’t go into any burning buildings” “It’s WILDLAND fire, Mom.” “Well, don’t go near any forest fires, then.” I love my mother, but she openly admits that she has absolutely no idea what I actually DO. On the bright side, my family as a whole has been far, far more supportive and enthusiastic than I had ever hoped…hopefully your family will be the same way. I’ve found that a good way to ease worries is to emphasize how important safety is on the fireline and how much you trust your crewmates. I actually gave my dad a five-minute lesson in fire shelter use that really made him a lot happier with what I was doing.

I attached a sketch of the graphic I tried to show in my last post…hopefully this works better than my last attempt.

Nerd on the Firelin
Many thanks, Nerd, for not giving up on that graphic. I moved your earlier explanatory post forward and now it’s just below with your graphic inserted. As you can see I made it much smaller.


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