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  • 06/13/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi everyone
Great to see everyone is back and healthy! I am doing well. We moved to Colorado last December. Then the SO decided he had to go back for another year. He got a promotion he couldn’t turn down. He left early May and now I’m holding down the fort by myself for now. I visited him in AK a week ago and we got to spend two weekends together. 

I decided to turn lemons into lemonade for the summer (I was NOT happy about his decision to leave, since we are new here and haven’t been here very long) so I am going to Costa Rica for 6 weeks come August 1st. I’m taking a spanish immersion for two weeks, traveling around for a few weeks, mostly w/ my brother, and then spending a week at a timeshare w/ my mom and brother. I am really excited!! I will be leaving my job here in Colorado in late July and then will spend the rest of September back in Texas until the SO is done w/ his season. I made sure I had a lot of things to look forward to make the long absence much easier! :) 

I have not been playing roller derby in Denver, even though they do have a new league. I miss it really bad, but it just isn’t in the cards for now. I put a LOT of my time in the last few years into it, and need to focus on other things for now. 

Hope all is well and wonderful w/ everyone and I will be checking in again regularly.

TaZ Girl

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