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  • 05/31/2005
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Howdy AB…greetings from Colorado.

I came across your website wildlandfire.com in an effort to locate some written history about smokejumpers and specifically about smokejumpers or forest fire fighters wives…and widows. I am trying to find some specific accounts of wives and widows of fire fighters and their stories, preferably from the earlier years of the Forest Service, that I can use to write a couple songs for a friend of mine in the Forest Service who is also working on this project.

Your website was very interesting to go through, and it was also very interesting to read the emails from today’s wives (in familysaid) about their lives going on while their husbands and boyfriends are out on the firelines. I am certain that the communications between wives in the days before email probably read pretty much the same, with the concerns for the safety of their loved ones and the joys and tribulations of having babies and raising families without their loved ones around, plus all the other news, like the wives health issues, sharing recipes, talking about where their partners are working, etc etc….

If anyone in your ‘family’ there has any information they would care to share with me or any info on books or reference material I can get my hands on in regards to stories of wives or widows of forest fire fighters, I would be most obliged. Please feel free to email me at pattyclayton@msn.com. 

Thanks for your time!

Patty Clayton ~ Performing Songwriter
Female Performer of the Year for the Western Music Assoc.
website: www.cimarronwind.com

Patty Clayton

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