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  • 11/22/2004
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For the last week I have been researching brain cancer treatments and FDA clinical trials. What I’ve found is some info that is very hopeful for many who are battling cancer
There’s an alternative to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that bears looking into. The treatment, the infusion of antineoplaston, is in Phase II Clinical Trials (100-300 people) right now for many kinds of cancer. It has legally been given to patients in Texas with some success for more than a decade. Actually, it’s had dramatically marked success for those whose cancer responds to it. (At Phase III Trials, the treatment will be given to 1,000-3,000 people, the FDA will rule on the results, and oncologists will be able to prescribe it.)

A little background:
It is thought that 50% of all malignant tumors have a mutated tumor suppressor gene. If the tumor suppressor peptide (P53, product of the tumor suppressor gene) is not produced, cells divide unchecked, the tumor grows. Oncogenes, another class of cancer causal factors, also stimulate tumor production, again via peptides. In addition to these two groups of cancer causal factors, other genes can mutate resulting in unchecked cell growth, so there is no “one size fits all” treatment for cancer. However, the tumor suppressor gene and oncogenes are some of the big players causing the unchecked growth called cancer. (Some cancers can also be caused by mutations in genes that regulate growth factors, cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors, DNA repair, carcinogen metabolism and immune response.)

The clinical trials going on now at the Burzinski Medical Clinic involve administering antineoplaston to patients for whom no other treatments have worked. (Anti-neoplaston means “against neoplasm” or “against cancer”.) The patient is infused (every 4 hours) with a combination of non-toxic, naturally occurring peptides, amino acid derivatives, and organic acids that fight cancer with few side effects — besides sleep deprivation and multiple trips to the bathroom to pee, which go on for months… While the exact mechanism is not known, the peptide ingredients (short chain of amino acids) may allow the tumor suppressor gene to heal itself, thereby suppressing the tumor. Other peptide ingredients can stop oncogenes, thereby putting the brakes on cancer cell growth.

Here are some things to read from people who have had success with the treatment and have survived; some had the most deadly brain cancer and have survived 10 to 12 years so far. Some had breast cancer of different types. Remarkable stories…..
Paul’s story, he had a deadly cancer in his brain stem: www.cancerguide.org/pleverett_story.html
Survivors of other cancers using Burzinsky’s method: www.burzynskipatientgroup.org/stories.html
Link to the Burzinski medical group. Start with “what is cancer” and browse.  www.cancermed.com/patient_information.php?table=patient_info&page=8

While the antineoplaston treatment is not yet available to the general public, small amounts of the ingredients are available in tablet form for those with cancer in remission. Others take them as an anti-aging “supplement”.


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