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  • 09/13/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well, leave it to me to find an excuse to get out of town. I bailed on Florida for now, and I’m in Alaska!! Just couldn’t hold out any longer. Two months is long enough to go w/o seeing your SO. The hurricane was looking like it was coming right over Sarasota as of Friday so my SO got me a ticket to AK (we found a really good deal) and I left the next morning. Of course, now the hurricane is headed more towards the panhandle, so my excuse isn’t as justified. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not wishing that thing on anyone just so it will ease my decision to leave town. It was quite the long trip. An hour car ride to catch the Greyhound in Tampa, 2 hrs from there to Orlando, taxi to the airport, 4 hr wait for flight to Chicago, 4 hr layover there, and 6 hr flight to Anchorage. Yeeessssh!!! It took forever. But it was all worth it.

Fire Wife, my HS has been on the Taylor Complex for quite a while now, Porcupine and then Gardiner. I actually had to send him off again this morning for his LAST tour, just doing rehab work. I’m really bummed he has one more, since it really screws up timing for our plans, but there’s no sense in dwelling on that, as you said. I think they will end up bailing early anyway b/c the weather is supposed to be horrendous and he said they won’t stay if that is the case. I’m driving to meet him tomorrow night. They are in a hotel and only on twelves so I can see him at night. It’s kind of intimidating being around that many HS’s….but I’ll get over it. ;)

I think I forgot to tell you guys that Texas Rollergirls, five of us, were on Good Morning America a few weeks ago. I’ll be really embarrassed if I already did, but I don’t think I did. It was pretty exciting for us. We had an article in the NY Times and CBS called us right after that. Big things are happening for flat track roller derby and it’s really exciting. Can’t wait to meet the Denver girls when I move there. I’m sooooo sad to be missing the last two finals games of my season, but there was just no way around it. It is my last season w/ them, so that’s why it was so important.

Sorry I can’t give you the blow by blow Ab. I will relay what I hear from my brother though, who is there. You guys take care and hope you are managing to get some rest, Jess.

Taz Girl

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