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  • 09/11/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi Everyone!!! 
Taz… my FF got home last night from his second tour in Alaska. He didn’t stay the whole two this time though because the weather and they got the fire contained around the town so they sent all resources home!!  Like you said what can we do… nothing, but the money is good….   HAHA
If you don’t mind me asking… where is your HS at?? maybe they were in the same area??  I hope the hurricane misses you!!  If not, hold on and tell us all about it after it is gone!! 

Not later, as it hits. Taz Girl, We want a blow by blow description with 150 mile winds pushing you almost horizontal and yer laptop about to fly off to become part of the windborne debris. I bet if you wear yer roller derby costume and skates we can catch you on CNN. They’re always looking for a good human interest story! Those stations also seem to put their  reporters in harm’s way so the reporters become the story. Or do ya think the reporters put themselves in a place where a big piece of drywall or a ceramic dog dish can bean them? In all seriousness, BE SAFE, Taz Girl.


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