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  • 09/09/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Congratulations Jess!! What an exciting, and tiring, time for you. I don’t have any little ones yet so I wouldn’t really know, can only imagine.

I am still hanging on down here in Florida. I thought things were nuts down here last week w/ Frances and now it looks as if things might get even nuttier. It is just unbelievable, all this hurricane business. I was out doing inspections last week, a couple of hours away from home, and went to get gas…and there was none. After passing quite a few empty stations, I found one w/ a line, but gas nonetheless. I filled up and promptly headed home. I was going to spend the night to do more inspections the next day, but decided to head home. There was just hordes and hordes of people heading north evacuating. I’m really concerned, as is everyone here, about what is going to happen now w/ Ivan. There are still people w/o power from Charley, many more w/o from Frances, gas supplies still trying to replenish and now this, a category five. We are in Sarasota on west coast and it looks to be headed this way. But a lot can change between now and then, so we are crossing our fingers it misses. These poor people down here cannot sustain another. It’s looking like we will be down here for quite a few months.

My HS started his R&R today, thank heavens. I’ve talked to him for all of ten minutes in two weeks. Today was the day I was to find out if this was his last, or one more tour. Well, the nasty word came back and they are going out for one more, even though it is all rehab work and it is 25 degrees where he is. A huge disappointment b/c the days are really creeping by right here at the end. But what can ya do right? And it’s more money. I’m doubting they will stay the entire tour since the weather is supposed to get really nasty, ice, rain and snow. So maybe I only have a week or so left to my “sentence” as I like to call it. Then I will fly up to Anchorage and we will drive down to Salt Lake, and fly to FL from there. Home stretch….finally. It’s been long enough. Won’t be able to start things in Colorado until late fall.

Is it still pretty cold there Nerd? How are ya Robbie? Good to hear from you. Hello to everyone, Sammi, Mellie, FireWife, Dawn, Poet, Heligroupie wherever you are, Fire Chica (ditto). Hope everyone is doing great. Keep those posts coming. I check in daily. Just haven’t been posting all that much.

Taz Girl

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