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  • 08/20/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi Everyone!! I haven’t been around much this summer but I do try to read the posts every so often to keep up to date!! With 3 kids running the house, I don’t have much time for anything.

Taz… It sounds like this fall will be wonderful for you !! I am looking forward to our first winter in our new town also ! I am hoping for lots of snow so we can go skiing. That is saying I won’t be pregnant again !! The last two winters we have said we would go skiing and low and behold there is another little one on the way. So I am keeping my fingers and legs (hahaha) crossed!!

Well my FF is in AK right now and is coming up on his 2 weeks so he will be home the beginning of next week. YEAH!! His girls are getting restless for some daddy time! Not that the baby has any clue that he is gone. I have some things planned for his arrival… We are meeting him at the airport and taking him to Lewis and Clark caverns to spend the night in a cabin. We are also going to take the tour of the cavern itself. I also have a sitter lined up for our first outing in over 2 years alone!! WOOHOO…. I am wondering if he will let me cut up his meat at dinner. HAHA

Jess… I can sympathize with you and your hormones… My latest addition is only 10 weeks old. All three of our daughters have made their entrance in the beginning of fire season and then daddy has been gone for the first 2 months of life basically. I hope he gets to be there for the birth. Is this your first??

Sammi…. I hope everything is good there with you, and your group!!

Well I am off to take care of the baby and check on the rest of the little ones. Have a good evening!!


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