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  • 08/19/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi gang. I haven’t been very good about keeping in touch lately. But I have been dropping in pretty regularly. Jess, I wanted to thank you for all of your information about Colorado. I sent a post that got lost, thanking you…so I just wanted to make sure I communicated my gratitude. You can spend hours on the net doing research, but it is never the kind of information that someone can just tell you about a place and the feel for it. We are looking for somewhere laid back and fairly cheap. A friend suggested Nederland too, but I don’t know much about it. Anyway, many thanks again. Your info helped a lot. Good luck with that not-so-micro FF of yours that is on the way!

I have had a big change of plans. My brother and I are in Florida now, handling property insurance claims stemming from Hurricane Charley. I haven’t seen the damage myself yet, since we haven’t been here long. My brother is out in Punta Gorda today and he said it looks like a bomb hit. Mobile homes just completely leveled. I have been calling our insureds and many of them have lost everything, with no place to stay, no water, electricity, etc. It’s completely nuts. There is a major shorting of housing around here as well, with all of the displaced victims, as well as all of the workers and volunteers needing places to stay also. We are having a tough time finding something for the few months that we will be here, with dog no less. At first we were thinking we would be here a month or so, but as much work as there is, we could be here three or more. It was very short notice to leave for such a long time. I was sad to leave all of my roller derby girls, especially since I will be missing our two week road trip to visit other leagues and probably can’t play in my last two games, the semi-finals and championship games. Doh!! But hey, I can’t complain because I am much better off than the folks down here. And as much as they have been through, they have been as nice as can be and patient over the phone. A lot of them are snowbirds that are up north right now, and coming down to survey the damage to their winter homes. My brother just told me that he heard the people in Punta Gorda might be out of power for another SIX weeks!! Let’s all pray that that will not be the case. Ice and water are precious commodities down here. And MAN is it hot!! It is the hottest 90 I have ever experienced, and I’m from Texas. The humidity is stifling and I worry about all those elderly people and how they are getting along. And people with children.

It was pretty funny when my SO called and I told him I was in FL. I hadn’t talked to him in a few days, so he had no idea. He was pretty happy about the news though, because we will have much more money to start off with in Colorado and because that means he will be down here when season is over. He has never been to Florida and I think would rather come here than Austin. Maybe he will get a taste of summer down here, since he never gets one. I don’t know how we’ll get him down here. We were driving down from AK to TX…but AK to FL sounds plain crazy!! He is still in AK and almost due for his R & R. This has been such a weird season. He seems pretty sure they will going back out on another tour their next week, which means it will be almost mid Sept. when that ends.. which leaves me to wonder if they will be coming down to Lower 48 at all that late in the season. Guess that depends on what is going on down here. Is there much demand right now for HS crews? I mean, are they in short supply at all or dying for work? It will be weird if he doesn’t come down here, b/c that might mean his season is done early. Early?! Yeah, who am I kidding, that’s way too good to be true!!

That’s what’s up with me. Hope everyone is having a good summer. It’s almost over!! I can’t wait for fall myself, for obvious reasons

Everyone take care. And I’m going ahead and including some FF related Hurricane Charley info, if you feel like donating:
Suncoast Firefighters and Paramedics Local 2546 and Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Fund for firefighters and paramedics. Tax-deductible. Send to Firefighter Relief Fund – Hurricane Charley, Account No. 73478-173 at Sarasota Firefighters Benevolent Fund, PO BOx 147, Sarasota, FL 34236; or Suncoast Firefighters and Paramedics Local 2546, 740 Commerce Dr., Suite 1, Venice, FL 34292. For information, call 941-485-5193. (This is all straight from local paper)

Taz Girl

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