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  • 08/17/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Jess and Sammi;

I guess the very best thing we can all do is lead by example, as Sammi is obviously doing, and as Jess’ father did. My SO and I are currently spending every spare moment clearing a defensible space around our place (which as far as we can tell hasn’t been touched since 1966). We actually made almost two cords of firewood OUT OF THE BACK YARD. We’re also delivering little ‘treat loads’ of oak (for barbeque) and cedar (for nice evenings by the fire) to people we like. Of course, the enthusiasm got a little out of control, and I have no idea what happened to that power pole, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, right? All I have to say is that I wasn’t the one with the chainsaw right then.

You know, I’ve seen a really great poster (yellowed and tacked to a firehouse wall) showing the effects of fire suppression on a fire-adapted ecosystem, between 1905 and 1989. it showed a healthy pondo stand, which was then cut and regrew without fire…the change is truly dramatic. Has anybody else seen it? Does anybody know where I could get a copy?

Nerd on the Fireline (p.s. Jess, aren’t you expecting a new micro-firefighter any time now? How’s that going?)

Nerd on the Fireline

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