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  • 08/16/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Sorry- I get a little fired up sometimes, plus I’m pretty bored out here in the desert all by my lonesome, so I have a lot of time and energy to put forth on my opinions.

I have been especially frustrated lately because my Dad lives in beautiful log home he just finished building 2 years ago. It is built on 40 acres which is quite secluded with the exception of a select group land owners that have all been there since this chunk of land was divided and sold in the 70’s. I hold this place very dear to me; I spent most of my childhood there and consider it my true home.

4 years ago after a 10k acre fire came uncomfortably close to us, a small chunk of nat’l forest that runs through the main road was declared a high risk fire area. A thinning project was done by a contracted logger who did an excellent job with low impact machinery. Now my Dad is trying to get all of the land owners along the road to thin their property with grant money from the state to create a large fuel break. Not only would we all be protecting our land, but a huge amount of nat’l forest that surrounds this area of private. Most have agreed, it is a great offer, the state pays for everything and does all the work, but a few still refuse because they don’t like the way a thinned forest looks.

This mentality just really fires me up, mostly because it affects me personally, but also because it is just the way people are in Colorado, every body wants to save the trees.

My first fire was next to a close friend’s property down the road and I was on the Mt. Zirkel complex near Steamboat Spgs, CO in 2002 where I spent six summers backpacking as a teen, and I am very thankful to be able to protect places that hold sentimental value to me, so I suppose my karma is intact too.

At any rate, just get rid of the signs, I think we all know they are thankful. It’s pretty obvious to me, I mean, who is not going to be thankful that some one saved their home? Most of them probably end up as trash on the side of the road any ways.


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