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  • 08/11/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Living in the woods is a pleasure and a considerable blessing for many families. We have lived in the mountains of the Northwest for many many years. All our kids were free to ride horses, motorcycles or just go for hikes. They were free spirits who were taught many life skills and lots of rules. One of the most important was “if you kill it you eat it”!!!! That saved a lot of little birdies from BB Guns. Even tho we did lose a couple of windshields. One son even came in and asked me how to cook glass……One year my turkey died by ricochet, at least that is what I was told. So that kid (man) is still proud owner of a cap with turkey feathers and the wishbone in the band.

We have 10 acres, down from 40 and we are very responsible land owners. But I will admit we do get behind sometimes in clearing the slash etc, because my work force is out saving the next guy who is a dummy and does not even try to be fire safe. My land gets its “haircut” after everyone comes in from the fires usually Nov and by then it is snowing but they spend about two weeks, making mom safe. So they are pretty fast and the competition is enormous. You put a jumper, a couple of hotshots, a medic and two Engine bosses plus their kids and we have a wild time with everyone killing themselves to outdo the next guy or gal. Everyone welcome to join this year, I have lots of bug kills standing. I do have a large green barrier and I keep it watered very well. We also have a tin roof even though the house is log. One thing I want to do is install sprinklers on the roofs. My brother did that in Arizona last year and was glad he did this year when a few weeks ago the fire was on the Tonto Forest.

We did have a Fire Safe crew come out two years ago to do their thing so our neighbors could see what a good job they do and no charge to them. That worked real well and most of the people around us signed up and are glad they did. Some of my family have gone out for several years now and burned the slash from Fire Safe for the elderly or handicapped. We really do try to set a good example especially since our road is named Firefighter Lane.

There are always going to be idiots. One of our daughters went to a MVA and the dud she took care of was drunk and killed three people. After he was in the ambulance I was told later she verbally really let him have it because he was so plastered and claiming it was the other cars fault. I think she had had many back to back calls that day and was just full of the crap….another daughter is a medic and she was on scene of a drunk driver, a woman, and the DOA was a six yr old……when this POOR Victim (the drunk) started cussing and trying to spit, she hit our daughter with a closed fist in the face, and hit the medics before they could get her secured (duct tape) I heard a rumor that the vicious woman was politely subdued by a well planted securing processing on the face. Of course there were no witnesses and none of the officers on scene were aware of what happened.

These emergency crews who go out for a bizillion reasons every day and night are just people. They get tired. they get grippy and disgusted and then they go back to the barn and yak a while and then go again. This is very difficult work and they all do it for different reasons. I have no idea why and I am mother and wife to a herd of them. My grip is…..WHY DOES THE PUBLIC NOT GET WISE and do what they can to protect themselves and their families? For Heavens sake, clean up the ladder fuels, clean up under the eaves and gutters. Move that ten cord wood pile away from the house and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE or toss cigarette butts out the car window.


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