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  • 08/10/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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You have got to be kidding….thank you signs are not a good thing. Let me tell you my guys and gals come home EVERY year with at least a couple of those signs in photographs to put in the scrapbooks. Hogwash….I think I have told this before but I am VERY old right now and forget a lot.

Couple of years ago one of our guys had to make a hurried trip home via airline….he was in his nomex, packs a plenty and enough red gear to flag in anything. He did wash his face and hands but was obviously right off the fireline. When the plane doors shut and the captain did his welcome thing….he said…”and we want to thank our personal FF in row– for all the hard work and effort HE and others are doing”….the whole plane stood up and applauded. Joe was so proud and embarrassed. He still gets ribbed about that when all the guys are here together.

Yea… they are tired and exhausted as they demob but get real. They need to know the community they fought for appreciates them and sends them off with a smile…


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