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  • 08/04/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey Taz Girl,

I grew up in CO and I think it’s the best place on earth, but my opinion
is a little biased as it’s the only place I’ve ever known. I spent most
of my life in Fort Collins, 60 mi north of Denver, and it is a great
place to live. It’s not too big, it has a small town atmosphere, and CO
State is there, so there’s an exciting night life, if you’re in to that.
There’s a great little community near Horsetooth Reservoir, only about
10 or 15 minutes from town, it’s like living in the hills with
Horsetooth Mtn Park and Lory State Park to the West and the res to the
east, there’s usually something available there, to rent or own. If you
want to get even further away, Red Feather is a nice mtn town surrounded
by nat’l forest. There is a lot of great recreation within an hour of
town, Horsetooth area, Poudre Cyn- beautiful!, Red Feather Lakes, Estes
Park and Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park and 1.2 million acres of nat’l forest.

As far as Denver is concerned, I’m not really the best person to ask.
Most people in CO are not city people, and Denver is a city, so the only
people who tend to like it are the one’s who live there, but I can tell
you a little bit about some areas.

Wheat Ridge is still suburbia, north central Denver, I wouldn’t
recommend it. Morrison/Golden area isn’t bad, it’s a little yuppiesh,
but it is not far from Boulder, which is a VERY liberal place to live, a
lot of people find it too extreme for their taste, in short, it’s full
of hippies. The Evergreen and Conifer area is mixed, there are a lot of
rich people with big houses pretending to be nice mountain folk, but
belong in the city. It is pretty to expensive to live there, but there
are smaller towns in the area which aren’t bad, I have some family that
lives in Indian Hills, just north of the I-70 corridor, I don’t know the
cost of living there, but it is a very nice place to live. You might
check out the Lyons/Nederland area, neither town is very big and it’s
definitely mtn living, but it is only 45 minutes or so from Denver. It’s
just west of Longmont on the map. There are a lot of great mountain
communities in the foothills of the Front Range from CO Springs to Ft
Collins, you just have to know where to look, but honestly, I think the
farther you get away from Denver, the better.

Unfortunately, growth, mostly from CA, has caused real estate prices to
sky rocket in the last 10-15 years, especially on the Front Range and
foothills. I don’t know what your SO is doing now, but it sounds like
he’s looking into a structure dept. with some good urban interface?
Competition is very stiff for structure jobs out there b/c, like you
said, fire is very seasonal there. West Metro is the dept for the
foothills of Denver and I’ve heard to application process is long and
hard. Structure and wildland tend to be separate entities and both tend
to leave each other alone.

Anyways, I hope this helps, let me know if you want to know about any
other areas.


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