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  • 07/30/2004
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Hey gang,

Is anyone besides myself desperate for fire season to be over??? Geez, c’mon already!! Fire season for me and my SO starts in late April and goes until early October and in that time I see him about 9 days…well, that’s a projection for this year. Last year it was two. I am starting to come unraveled and wondering how I’m going to make it through the next two months b/c they are going to drag by. Things could be much worse I suppose and I shouldn’t be so impatient, I know. But this is the venue to vent these things freely right? So here I sit and type my frustrations to all your compassionate ears… 

I am so anxious b/c we are moving to Colorado in the fall and starting a life together on even ground, new place, new friends, new life, etc. Pretty exciting stuff right? So there you have it, my excuse for being so on edge and anxious. Plus I am not currently working, I’m couch surfing at my brother’s, and money is tight…which all translates into a lot of extra time, with little extra money, and a tiny space to spend it all in. You feelin’ me yet? ;)

I am road tripping to AZ and CO in late August and will go visit the Grand Canyon for the first time. So I’m pretty pumped about that. It will be a two week trip with my roller derby girlfriends to go visit the other leagues in AZ and CO. We just had a bout on Sunday and I have been hurting ever since. This is my third and probably final season. I don’t think my body can take much more.

My HS is on Boundary fire. He’s only been there a few days but is already itching to leave b/c it is done (lots of rain) and there is only mop-up to be done. You know how the HS’s attitude is when it comes to all that. Looks like they’ve already sent most of the Lower 48 crews back down south. I will be happy when he is sent down as well, more cell phone coverage and talk time, and a visit to see him on R&R. As it goes lately, I have had to call him from Mexico, which you can imagine we didn’t talk long, and the five minutes we get at the end of the day now that he’s on Boundary.. and that’s after the 45 min. line. The thing about missing someone that frustrates me so, is the absolute lack of anything to do about it, to relieve the symptoms. Yeah, I know…pictures, letters, phone calls, etc. But that just isn’t the same right? Anyway… I go see lots of movies.

Nerd, sure wish I could come help with firewood. I can’t wait to be back around the mountains again. Going to AK was just a tease. I’m hoping we can find a house in CO that is in the mtns and maybe even some space for my dog w/ boundless energy. It will have to be rustic to fit our budget, but that’s okay. I’m ready to get out of the city. Remind me that I said that later on, when I miss all its amenities.

I have blathered long enough. Hello to everyone. Sammi, hope you are still on the road to recovery. How is the baby Fire wife? Hi Dawn. How are you feeling Poet? And hello to Fire Chica, Heligroupie and FireMomma wherever you all may be. Let me know when we are setting up a chat night.

Taz Girl

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