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  • 07/14/2004
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Hi gang!! How is everyone? Wow, it is so good to be back. I have checked in here and there but not all that often. And then a few weeks ago I was all pumped to send in a note and my e-mail was inaccessible. Anyway, the roller derby queen is back. And thanks Sammi for makin’ me feel so wanted and all. ;)

Things are good. Roller derby season has been in full effect since February, but we will be getting a month off in August. We’re kickin’ butt all over the place. And, AND, I just got back from Alaska!!! Woo-hoo! For those of you that don’t know what all my fuss is about, that’s where my SO is from and where he currently is. Man, AK is blowin’ up right now! Even still, I got to spend SIX days with him and it was absolutely wonderful. Also got to spend a lot of quality time with his mom and see a wee bit of AK…I’d never been before. The day my HS was supposed to get in, his flight was put off until the next day b/c the smoke was so bad. So he and a buddy hitchiked to get back by that night, about 400 miles!! How sweet is that? He got in that night after all and I was impressed and moved by his determination to come see.

We are planning to move to Colorado together in the fall. Who the heck knows how long this season will last. Seems like everyone is gearing up for it to be a nasty one. I imagine he will be up in AK quite a bit longer than usual before coming down to the Lower 48 since it is just raging up there right now and doesn’t look like letting up any time soon. I’m hoping I will get to see him on an R & R somewhere in August. The yucky part is that there are no phones on the fires up there and no cell coverage. So that part is hard…having absolutely NO communication. We went 10 days w/ no communication the last round and it will probably be 14 or 15 this time. But before you all start to feel bad for me ;), I am leaving for Cabo San Lucas this Saturday for a week with my family. I won’t be suffering too much. I will have to buy some phone card so that I can reach him on his days off from there.

I am going to try to teach in Colorado on one of the alternative track programs and my SO is looking at various options. His latest idea is paramedic school to become a paramedic with a FF dept., which is really ideal for him since I don’t think he would be able to make the adjustment of not working in a non-crew type environment. The camaraderie is one of the most important aspects for him, team work and all that. So we’ll see what happens right? it will be nice to start off somewhere new together so that things are more even, than instead of it being my turf and my friends like it was when he was here last winter. And sitting around for six months and not working won’t happen again. I’m sure some of you can identify with living with that. ;)

So all is well and I’m so glad to see all the posts from everyone. Glad to hear that you ladies are recovering and in better health I hope. Count me in for the rest of the season. I’m back with the family. And it’s good to be back.

Taz Girl

***Gee, can you tell I miss my FF? Sorry, that is why I talk about him so much. It’s all you can do right? Thanks for listening anyway.

TaZ Girl

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