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  • 07/08/2004
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi everybody….I’m sure with the fires starting there are lots of people looking at these pages. If you are new to the fire scene, whether, mom, wife, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend whatever. Welcome. Those of us who have been in the fire arena for a while will gladly answer any questions.

We love to give advice and support. If you are not hearing from your significant other, we have lots of ideas and helpful hints and send great e-mail hugs. We talk about anything here, family, food, hotshots, engines, structure, babies, 2 yr olds that miss their dads. We have moms that are anxious about their FF going out the first time. Heck we even talk about what kind of boots to get and how to reach them in emergencies etc.

We help each other keep up with where the FF are. That’s a biggy. So join in, no statement or question is considered not important, believe me, some of us have been doing this a bizzion years and we still ask crazy questions. So introduce yourself, join in. Time to get the list moving gals and guys . Dawn, Poet, Firewife, FF MOM, Nerd, catskilldog, Robbi, Shari….wake up….we need to get moving here. Our FF are out or leaving and we need to get the list moving for the new people…..so do we need an update from the oldies about how their winter went. We know a few were doing medical things but what about everyone else?????? Where is our roller derby queen? start talking,,,,I’m getting lonesome here all by myself.


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