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  • 06/29/2004
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52 List (cross posted from theysaid
Hey folks – check out the list. For such a good cause, this page ought to
be flooded.

Remember, with over 25,000 of us alive and kicking during the summer months
of battle, it’s these members of the 52 club who are going to help YOU when
and if something goes wrong. Let’s grow this list. With only 192 people,

Friend of the 52’s

Everyone, We do need to work on Wildland Firefighter Foundation donations. Think of it this way…

So far this program has netted $ 9,932 (today there are 191 members at $52 apiece). I know some have sent in more, but let’s figure the “income” this way, using the “power of one” numbers…

OK how about “expenses”? When someone dies or is injured, how much money does the most rapid Wildland Firefighter Foundation response require? Well, I have heard that family members are often flown to the site, and motel, car rental, etc may be arranged. There’s also $$ (often $2,500) for family members’ immediate expenses to tide them over until insurance payments kick in… with injuries, some funds may be needed to fly the injured firefighter home on a plane with medical capabilities… Statues are another large expense and 14 just went out to the families of the Storm King fallen.

So our 52 Club with less than $10,000 so far, at most will help 3 or 4 wildland firefighters this year (or just about cover the statues that were shipped out). Unfortunately if history is our guide, it’s not enough. We need to do better. Ideally, we need to do well enough that our director Vicki doesn’t dip into her own bank account when the money runs out toward the middle or end of the season (as she’s done since 1994 following Storm King!). Ideally, we need to get a cushion so that support for firefighter families is paid out of the fund’s interest, not the principal. The Foundation needs to be self-sustaining. I hope that as you receive your first checks this fire season you remember to send some in our Foundation’s direction. The Family you help is your own. Our Foundation is a funnel of our support!

Those of you who have been helped, please speak up. I have heard several say that to offer thanks or otherwise publicly endorse the Foundation would possibly be viewed as a conflict of interest by their (federal) employer. I say BS to that! As public citizens you can honestly say you were helped if you were. First Amendment rights! Let’s get real here! We need to do better. Please tell your stories! We want to hear them. Tell your friends and family members. Say your thanks here or on the Foundation website. If anyone wants some editorial help, get in touch. The Abs will help you write your story.
We’re pleased to see that the number of Organizations that have 75-100% of employees enrolled is growing. 52 Gold Club Firefighters, please suggest to your employers to encourage their employees to join… $52 a year out of the thousands earned is bootlace and incidentals money. Employers, we challenge you to donate some more on top of that. You make lots of money on the back of fire suppression. Please support the fire family. To those who do already, many thanks!!!

Let’s make this 52 Club work for ALL our sakes.


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