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  • 05/12/2004
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Hey everyone,

I’m sure those of you who have read theysaid know about the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, our community’s organization for helping wildland firefighters and their families when terrible things happen. Every year the Foundation struggles to raise adequate funds to fly family members to accident sites and home again, to pay motels and car rental fees and to provide funds the family can use for their immediate expenses. Almost everyone who works at the Foundation donates their time so all the donated money can go where it’s needed most — to support our fire families
There’s a new program for donating to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. The webpages went up today.  I think (and hope) this fundraising effort is about to “go gunneysack”. It’s called the 52 CLUB and is based on the idea that everyone can afford a dollar a week (52 weeks in a year) to help fellow firefighters and their families in times of unthinkable crisis. One $52 check from one person (or 52 – $1 checks) can do some good. Many $52 checks from lots of people can do a WHOLE LOT OF GOOD.
I sent in my check. I just noticed on the donor’s list that Ab did too for wildlandfire.com. Hey, FWFSA, get your members to join the $52 club! I sent a check – I like a stamp and an envelope. PayPal is good, but they take their cut. ‘Sides, I love the mental image of all the checks piling up on the Director’s desk. Vicki Minor, the Founder and Director of the Foundation deserves to have a year when she doesn’t have to stay awake nights wondering if there will be enough money to take care of folks. And she deserves to have the actual pile too! For those who don’t know, she waw a need and began this creation in 1994 after Storm King. It’s now almost 10 years. She’s kept it going and it’s been getting better since then. Yeah, she deserves to see the Foundation really FLY.
Vicki says to remind you “Whatever the Foundation does for any person, we tell that person that it comes from every wildland firefighter out there.” To injured firefighters and firefighter families who need a hug and some practical support, that’s a whole lot of hugging from our community.
I won’t tell all the stories or share all the details, go to the website for that. But one structural department firefighter from near Storm King came into the foundation as the website was being created, he was touched, he signed up and pledged to sign up 51 more structural firefighters who want to support their wildland brothers and sisters.
Now there’s a concept! Tell your coworkers, tell your crewmates and teammates, tell your extended family. Ask your boss to create a way to deduct it from your first fire paycheck (or your second one if you really need those boots). Offer some challenges to friends, family and competitors! Get kids in your community involved. Service organizations. Bump up! Let’s make this something big that provides a cushion for the Foundation and for our community!

Mellie (Thanks Vicki, Thanks Original Ab, I love you Dudes! and I am so thankful for this firefighting community.)


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