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  • 04/24/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi All!

Nerd – Domesticated? I’ll start taking bets.

Tonya – What exactly is your FF looking for? Maybe you can put in a request describing exactly what he is looking for through familysaid and see what some of us can come up with.

Fire Moma – glad to hear from you. Was wondering if you fell off the board for a bit there.

Ab’s – Could I get a look at that foal, too?

Fire Wife – congrats on the upcoming little one. You should put in a request for any near by Family Said members to help you either pack or move in.

AH – Welcome to the family! My FF might even start posting soon. He became interested in what I had been doing all last fireseason, and is very impressed with this forum. Oh, he said to say thank you to all of you for all the help and support you gave me! We both know it helped.

As for me, I am doing OK. I am tired, but recovering nicely. Looks like I will be on disability through November, so I am trying to get my sewing business going again (I make and design stuffed animals), as well as dabbling in painting. I am on call at work, so still have some income coming in. My FF has been at my side ever since this came about, and has been WONDERFUL. I think I like this guy. Understatement, right? Anyhow, I will keep checking in on Sunday nights to see who is at the chat, and will be checking the board every couple of days. Good luck on the upcoming fireseason all, and be careful out there!


I’m sending a pic of the foal.


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