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  • 11/30/-0001
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hello everyone….haven’t talked to you all in a while. 

Today is hectic around here. It seems like the whole county is on fire. We get one nice day, very unusually nice day (its 70 degrees in central virginia) and the whole county thinks that it is a great day to burn, even though the 4pm burn ban is in effect. I am listening to the radio. My FF got the call at about 12:30 to respond, since that call, he has gone to 3 other fires, and they just called him to a 4th. He is the Forest Warden, its ruined my day so far so I’m hoping that he is writing all of the idiots up! there are 3 other department of forestry employees out there, and they are all running like crazy. Two barns have been destroyed on two seperate fires, and the one he is responding to is a hay bale that started the hay field on fire, that in turn caught a barn and tractor shed on fire….and now it is running toward the woods. Then to top it off, the road that is the only way to that fire is blocked partially because some guy wrecked his motorcycle in the road and one of the engines found him just laying in the road.

I am beginning to be a big fan of rain! I used to love sunny days, but this is getting ridiculous, yesterday he was called out on two fires and didn’t write anyone up. LOL, I don’t mind if he lets them off during the week, but the only time I get to drive up here is on the weekends, and when people have fires and take him away from the 2 days a week that I get to see him…..I want them to pay!

Anyhow, sorry for venting on you guys….but you all know the fire world. Last night we had just got in the truck to go to the grocery store, a fire call came through, so he let me out at the end of the road and took off to respond…..

I do actually have some good news…I may get to dress up as Smokey Bear (for all of you out of staters….Smokey is the fire prevention mascot for the Dept. of Forestry) in one of the local parades and ride around in the back of his DOF truck! Also, I’m going to see Kenny Chesney again….can’t get much better than that :)

Talk to you all soon,


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