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  • 01/21/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey gang! How is everyone? I haven’t posted in ages. I swore I wouldn’t fall off the wagon after fire season and just look what I did. I was pretty stressed for a while between Thanksgiving and Christmas and didn’t feel much like posting. But I’m back! 

I have been poking around looking for a job on a new crew for my FF. I am so excited he’s going to switch crews, since that will make him closer. We are devising a new plan to move to Colorado and I’m pretty excited about that. No more Texas summer for me! Not this one anyway. The hardest part will be moving away from my brother and from roller derby. But I’ve done it before and I suppose I can do it again, right? I can’t stay here just based on that. This town just doesn’t have much else to offer me right now. It’s time for a change. My FF and I are going to get our own place and I can at least see him every 14 days. It will still be a real adjustment, but nothing compared to five months! And I will be busy anyway because I’m going to take some summer comm. college courses. My plan is to try and get my teaching license, via an alternative program where I can teach while acquiring it. I’m pretty excited about it. It might not happen as quickly as I want it to, but that’s alright. I might even look into dispatching this summer since there is a dispatching office in the town where we’ll be.

Sammi, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s son. I can’t imagine. Did you enjoy the holidays with your wily bunch? They sure sound like fun.

Has anyone heard from FireMomma? I have not seen her post in ages. We were going to see each other here in October b/c she had that conference, but it got cancelled. Bummer… Is anyone ever chatting on Firechat at all? I would love to catch up with everyone.

Hi Nerd. Sorry you had to work on a holiday, but at least it was slow right? My FF and I went to Mazatlan for New Years and I got to meet all of his family finally. It was sooo much fun. We took a 26-hour bus down there! I didn’t want to leave.

Hope everyone is doing well. Take care,
Taz Girl

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