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  • 11/18/2003
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re: Wildland Firefighter Foundation fundraising:

Jim of The Supply Cache makes some good points on fundraising for the WFF.
This summer I had the opportunity to attend a number public meetings of the
various complexes in the Northern Rockies. At almost every meeting someone
in the crowd would ask what they could do to help firefighters. WFF was
always on my list of options of things they could do to help. We even made a
small poster on the topic for display at meetings and the incident
information officers. There is no reason we cant take this idea home to our
home units. Collectively how many fairs, prevention/education programs do we
do in a year? Lots I would say. It doesn’t take much effort to develop a
small poster asking for support. If nothing else it raises the awareness of
the Foundation.


Nice looking poster. I did the best I could on saving the word file to html, but the program jammed it to the left. If anyone wants the original word document to use as a template, we’ll send it. (Update: this seems to be a popular mini-poster in Word. They’re flying out over the ethers like hot cakes. Let me know if it prints out. If not, maybe we can modify it. Thanks, Pulaski and All.)


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