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  • 11/17/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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This was posted on theysaid the other day and we want to keep family members up to date also. The Wildland Firefighter Foundation does us all a great service. Ab
Hi Ab,

I want to up-date folks on what has been happening at the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and to ask for some help. • Early this week we sent a statue and a 1000 pins to the Steve Rucker memorial service. â—¦ We will be sending funds later this month to Steve’s widow. (I used to send funds the day I heard of the accidents, but have found that people in grief are usually in an emotional blackout, and do better with funds received just a little later.) • We will also be assisting Captain Doug McDonald who was critically injured in the same incident and who is still recovering in the San Diego burn center.
On our web page www.wffoundation.org we have set up a link to a new donation page to help 4 wildland firefighters with special needs resulting from the southern California fires. â—¦ Two accounts have been set up. One account will help 2 wildland firefighter fallers who were injured while working on the southern California fires. The other account will help 2 wildland firefighters who lost their homes in those fires.
We have already sent out some moneys to the firefighters who lost their homes because their financial need is so immediate.
We are sending funds to both wildland firefighter fallers. One faller is still in the hospital. He signed on as a Contract Faller and will be receiving no benefits to help with medical expenses. The other faller was an AD Hire who will receive some Workman’s Compensation to help with his bills. My experience with Workman’s Comp is that they are very slow to send funds. In both cases, we are assisting our fellow firefighters as best we can. I want you as a community to know that when we send our wildland firefighter memorial statue to be presented at memorial services, or when we send funds to a firefighter or their family, we always explain the following to them in our letters:
“This statue and these funds are from every wildland firefighter across the nation who cannot get to you and let you know how much we care about you.”
We have many who applaud our efforts, and we have some who reach out and help with donations. We could use more help.

I would like to see if there are more of you who can give a hand to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation to help our wildland firefighting community. It takes donations to help our community members in need.

We invite you to join us in whatever way you can. • For some of you, it will mean making donations and getting family, friends and service organizations to donate.
For some of you, it will mean brainstorming and coming up with a workable idea for a funding project, maybe something you’ve seen done before in a different context, or maybe something entirely new and “outside of the box”.
For some, it will mean creating an event or project in your community. Most of us who work here at the Foundation are volunteers. We love what we do. We’d like more company. What are you willing to do to help our fellow firefighters in need?

Vicki Minor
Executive Director
Wildland Firefighter Foundation

For those with ideas and/or a willingness to help, please share your ideas with us.
For those wishing to help ALL wildland firefighters by making a credit card donation to the Foundation, click HERE.
To make a credit card donation to help the 4 firefighters Vicki described above, click HERE. There are TWO donation buttons on this page. Don’t overlook the bottom one.
The donation process is simple and convenient. Thanks for caring and acting to help our community.


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