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  • 11/16/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Who is CRW(SAC) and what am I looking for? I went back and read all the posts 2x from the time Captain wrote his VERY controversial post. There are several posts in rebuttal that make me feel the thing about stupid “we’ll win, no matter what” attitude does still exist in the leadership, but, we all knew that, just no one would admit it…. other than that….. what am I missing????? sammi

CRW asked that his email be posted on familysaid as well as theysaid. I didn’t do that, but you can find it in theysaid. Here’s how: With theysaid open, put your cursor at the top of the page. Hold down the control button (Ctrl) and then simultaneously hit the f button. It’s the keystroke combination for “find”. In the find window, type in CRW. Hit return. If you hit return 3 or 4 times you’ll see the post from CRW (SAC) — if you’re interested.


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