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  • 11/06/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Captain Emmett…..

thx for the support. This lifestyle is certainly not for everyone. And I have seen many, many families torn apart by the fall out of the fire service. It is very hard to be the one left at home while the people we care the most about are out in the world coping with life’s tragedy’s. And that can be wildland or structure. Even tho I do worry more when it is structure. My mindset tells me in a forest you have more space to run….just my thinking.

I suppose you are full time wildland…..that’s cool, she does structure? We also have daughters involved in fire and it has been a hard battle for them at times. But they both found their niche and are doing great. Children? It is really a sight when the grandkids are here with us and g’pa’s tones go off. Everyone of them recognizes his tones and start jumping around screaming at him to hurry. A couple of them are so young I’m really not sure they understand where he is going. But they jump around yelling too.

When you are home do you listen to the scanner? I have tried it both ways-listening and not listening. My nerves handle listening better than not listening. I am not happy when they switch to a tact channel and are not close enough to my home I can listen. You’d think I’d have some pull with the guy in charge but nope……because of the weather turning so cold and we’ve had snow……families are using fireplaces. We have had three complete losses of homes in the past week from wood stoves. And one complete loss from a dad that was using a torch to thaw out pipes under his house. That’s four families already without homes. So if the start to our winter is any sign it is going to be a busy, stressful winter in the Northwest.

Wow Dawn,

So sorry about the little ones finger. I remember when my kids got hurt I always wished it could be me. And as if being hurt isn’t enough, they get terrified about going to the ER. I always hated to have to help hold them down for various stuff. I would cry right along with the kid. And now we have a daughter that is mom to three kiddies and she WILL NOT take them for shots. Guess who gets the job,,,,right me.

Their tough FF G’pa fainted when one of our kids went to the dentist for a tooth to be pulled. So he is NO help at all in emergencies with the little kids in the family. Now complete strangers he has no problem. Which by the way he got his second stork pin last week. Now ask me how he did when HIS babies made their appearance into the world.

Oh and I picked up his film from one of the Glacier Fires and he managed to get an awesome picture of a bear cub standing with it’s front paws on the running boards of an Engine. He had told me about it when he called from Glacier. The cub had been hanging around the area where they had his “pumpkin” set up. I guess the FF’s figured the mom bear had been killed. I will try to figure out how to send it in.

So Dawn hope that hubby gets back to you soon. Take care of your self and the kiddies

Now that Calif is winding down I pray everyone makes it home safe and is able to spend some quality time with their families.


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