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  • 11/02/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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10/31 it rained in Cali southzone; and snow in higher elevations northzone…… snowboarders @ Boreal on last nite’s local news.

most likely, fires in southzone are 100% contained today weather permitting – unless Santa Ana’s return. lots of equipment (saws & dozers) & personnel many locations with MOP UP.

to Sammi doubtful local gov’t structure engine ppl carried “shelter” for personal protection or left their rig; that is not their normal expectation for any fire assignment even as part of a strike team. Considering the sheer enormity of this “mess” no agency was truly prepared for what would be facing any FF deployed last week. most CA wildland folk DO carry personal shelters, including inmate crews. these fires didn’t start in inaccessible regions or high elevation country… I’d bet most fires started in urban areas. since Ridge visited CA fire on Sat, maybe the WAR focus will return to the US fire problems at a higher gov’t level.

Gals & Guys, enjoy their “war stories” when they return…. expect them to PACE after Sunday dinner, and listen to their tales – they have the “calling” and do their jobs. warn them: smelly stuff outside!

odd/old River

Most fires started in the wildland interface along roads and moved into more populated areas.

Wildland firefighting teams under the incident command system (ICS) have the most efficient and efficacious way to handle multiple incidents. I don’t think there is any other group adept in handling MULTIPLE incidents, not FEMA for sure. Many groups study how we do it. Not surprising that Ridge came to check it out. Also, the use of fire teams has been moving more and more into “all risk” and in the case of a national emergency, priorities that are now set by the MAC groups would also have direction from Ridge’s Department of Homeland Security.


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