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  • 10/30/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well add me into the lonely club. My husband and a son have headed south. I wish it had been Colorado. I am not going to watch any more of the news. Like Abs said we are getting a very slanted picture of the real world down there. I for one do not need to be seeing or hearing the “look at me” FF bragging about how close he came to eating flames. Makes me wonder if these idiots will have a job after their superiors see the clips. If they do.

Do we know how the Engine that got burned over happened? I sure hope it was not them just waiting too late to get out. I have been squawking for a couple of years up here to get the shelter covers for the Engines and tenders. Of course they are way expensive. Maybe in my spare time I could start a fund raiser.

Maybe Abs can answer…..do these people that work in Calif have shelters assigned to them? I assume the wildland people do but what about the structure people when they are involved in a war like this. Up here every FF on every dept has structure gear and wildland gear, with shelters of course. My husband has put shelters in every Engine, tender and brush truck. And I think the ambulances. That is in addition to the ones the FF personally carry.

hey Dawn and anyone else. If our families are still gone Thanksgiving we will do a Turkey chat.

hang in there, sammi

The wind shifted.


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